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He watched her as she dug a hole in the ground, placing the sunflower seeds carefully in it. She seemed happier than she’d been in a while.

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Okay, point your finger like this, and slip it around, like this. Then pull on this part, and be sure to take careful aim.
He taught her how to shoot a rubber band that day. Next would be a gun.

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She took out the long steel knife and sliced into the tender and ripe mango. Droplets of yellow and orange slowly slunk out of the fresh cut and along the blade of the knife. She continued cutting the fruit into cubes, carefully slicing around the pit. Her hands now sticky with juice, she licked her fingers and thought of it as blood from the mango. She smiled at the thought sexual vampiric fantasy and rubbed a piece of soft mango fruit over her pink, sumptuous lips. She sunk her teeth into the yellow cube and felt the sweet and think syrup slink down her throat, coating it with sugar and tang.

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I wonder how to reveal myself to others sometimes. I feel vulnerable but I can’t allow other people to help. I think of myself sometimes as “stupidly independent,” to the point at which I can no longer let someone in my life because I’m too concerned with my own issues. Others reveal themselves to be utterly different people than I am–and this does not help the situation.

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