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He used to own her. Her hands, her heart, her breasts, her delicate finger and balanced complexion, all held together by his hands, by the pulsating love through his veins. He’d say where and she’d walk there. He’d say what and she’d do it. He was as his as the mole on his left hand, as the scar on his forehead.

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beginning door window warmth cold winter freezing light sun heat fire ice leaves alive and dead harmony chaos disruption corruption interruption collection comprehension you me

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Saddened by the way they destroyed everything they loved, they ultimately hated themselves the most, cracked and frayed at the seams of their bodies joined in unison, loosening threads

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i wanted to be transported to a place with no worries. i feel like i need to get out of here. im so stressed about work and school and im only 19. not only that i want to be transported away from here but with pablo. i love him and i know we can work things out and be together some where that is not here at all. oh well i hope that we can be happy one of these days.

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I like to repeat and repeat and repeat. I dont event know what to write… this is so awkward writing about the word “repeat” … Whats gonna happe . Repeat repeat repeat repeat repeat repeat repeat repeat .

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i would like to buy some bongos. The other day i played my friend’s bongos and it seems like i’m a natural at it. My friend said i lokked like Tito Puente.

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uncertainty for sure knowing no way out boring don’t know what else to write comfort zone pillow tired celery nothing is certain certainly what’s the point?

» Posted By Gisela On 06.24.2008 @ 8:27 am

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