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The Christmas tree was packed away deep in storage. Piled under ornaments, the pie pans were in the box on top. The tree had rusted apart and fallen to pieces. The ornaments were shattered but that’s not what Christmas is really about. Glory be to the newborn King!

» Posted By Ginger-Girl On 12.23.2016 @ 12:17 pm


The car swerved in front not looking before it pulled out. The van was totaled. Front end crunched up, and the air bags puffed out full of air.

» Posted By Ginger-Girl On 12.14.2016 @ 12:48 pm


The sky over the valley was dark that night. No stars shone from its blackness, but the moonlit the trees over head and the rocky path was clear. In the valley where the sky was dark.

» Posted By Ginger-Girl On 12.13.2016 @ 9:18 am


I have never been out of my country. Never left the states.I have looked at my parents passports, and though, and wondered at all the places they have been.

» Posted By Ginger-Girl On 09.29.2016 @ 11:47 am


the pockets were turned out before I put the jeans in the wash, a few dollars, a used up Kleenex and lint. there was some lipstick in the other pocket with a used up Kleenex.

» Posted By Ginger-Girl On 09.28.2016 @ 9:10 am


Upward, onward, to the sky, falling, downward, upwards, high, small an’ white, and stars so bright.

» Posted By Ginger-Girl On 09.27.2016 @ 9:03 am


The tempture is fall, the degrees falling, warm at light, cold at dark. The lights lasts shorter and the nights stretch longer.

» Posted By Ginger-Girl On 09.26.2016 @ 9:41 am

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