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The gritty, grey bread wasn’t exactly her ideal breakfast, but in the face of another day of howling hunger, it was better than nothing. Nutritious? Not really. Filling? More so between her teeth than her stomach, but it would have to do.

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The leaves scattered in the breeze. I watched as the trees swayed in wind and around the bushes. I have no thoughts to consider, only peace resides in me.

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I stared at the gasoline stain that had soaked into the flaking concrete. Someone had obviously tried to scrub it off. But there is sat belligerent and ingrained into the concretes very fibre.

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To think of those hands that once beat me down, to think of that stare that let me back away. as if an explosion was taking place, duck in cover from fear; blowing these witnesses away.

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my own involution
volition surrendered

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From the moment I saw him, I knew this boy would break my heart. So I stayed away from him. Then, he proved me wrong….he loved me, he cared for me, and he understood me. But my intuition is never wrong. He broke my heart and he did it without a tear.

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braided = intertwined. most people would think of hair. but braiding really is just about connecting pieces of a whole…intertwining them to make something more beautiful than the original. Like people.

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Nothing is isolated. Everything comes from something. From the deep labyrinth of the mind to the outside, chaotic world, there is still a delicate string that runs through it all and connects everything.

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I am not going to be the bait for others. The bait is on the rod, The fish is fooled by the bai ton the rod of the line.

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You. I can’t figure you out. i’m trying my hardest…giving into all of my fears just to know you. indistinct.

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I want to write one. I need to write one. Why is it so hard for me to get out what I want and what I feel on the inside….my story on paper. I’m not sure why I feel so blocked and so unable to communicate into words whats going on on the inside. Screenplay is how I’ll do it.

» Posted By Gina On 07.18.2015 @ 12:30 am

I need to write one. the perfect one. the one that’ll set everything else into unimportant abyss. i need THAT one. i’m blocked when it comes to screenplay. why do my other friends have the confidence to write these things and i can’t bring out what i want into words…Gin

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it’s silver and flexible. it flows all over the house. it’s great to have but breaks when it’s needed most. handles heat will until heat handles it. is always full of dryer lint. sends hot air outside. sometimes flakes and falls apart in my hands.

» Posted By Gina On 05.18.2015 @ 12:21 pm


One word what does it mean. it could mean any word as simple as hi or hell. What will you if you have to say just one wordd in a moment? for me that tals a lot it would be so dffivult

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It is easy to be gratful for the easy things in life. it is difficult to be gratful for the things that we have to work harder for. We appreciate and learn from the hard stuff. If you find your f

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ohhhh thoughts of working at the mall. i hated that part. except that instead of coming home with a full pay check i’d come home with new clothes. apparently my mother did too when she was a young single gal working at a clothing store. i just dont want to be too much like my mother….
she’s a great lady in many ways and i love her but she can be a pill. not too mention… no, you know what. this is not about her. it always is but i’m sick of it. no more. when is it about me and letting go already? why am i so damn scared?

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Unfortunately with this gun loving culture, many innocent people are caught up in this.

» Posted By Gina On 12.29.2013 @ 1:07 pm

Volley after volley rained down around her. Poor, defenseless, attempting valiantly to bring supplies across the battlements; a medic caught in the crossfire. A sudden cold stabbed her, and she fell screaming in mock agony. A high-pitched cheer of victory went up as her little brother and his friends celebrated. She scrambled to her feet, not bothering to brush the snow from her back. Her girl friends peeked over the ramparts of the hastily constructed barricade, motioning her inside. She sprinted the last few feet to safety, and with a groan, she heaved herself over the wall, sliding down the opposing side. “You’re losing to 7 year olds, guys.”
“Yeah, but there’s twice as many of—” her friend cut off with a squeal as another frozen volley sailed over their heads.

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“Gentlemen?” she scoffed, “Since when? When is the last time any of them even referred to a woman as anything remotely classy, let alone even appropriate?”
She didn’t mean for it to come out as sneering as it did, but it was true. Those three were about as gentlemanly as one could get–and that was saying a lot coming from a town like theirs.

“One-horse” would have been a great improvement over the dungheap of a town they came from. Heck, calling it a town was a stretch. More like an over-grown squatter’s colony. Harsh as it came out, it was better that Beth Anne be set straight now. Mom wasn’t around any more to threaten the local gossipers into silence if she went and did something stupid with any–or all of– those “gentemen.”

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She moved towards him, subtly hitching up her skirt. He would want her. He would want her if it took all her wiles and wits, he would want her. The big, broad-shoulder man eyed her from afar, his supple leather wallet held loosely in his hand and he watched the wispy auctioneer approach with feline grace. His steel-grey eyes traced and retraced the line of her leg, as it grew and diminished with each steps as her sheer skirt rose and fell.

» Posted By Gina On 12.27.2013 @ 12:02 am


television consumes our everyday lives. but it also helps us get lost in the moment. the moment of characters, settings, images. takes up time yet is used in a form of therapy. love or hate it.

» Posted By Gina On 11.21.2013 @ 8:42 pm


The word is a compound word. Worth meaning the sum of all parts. While a time word. When I think of the two words together I wonder what is worth the time and what isn’t worth my time. Things that are worth my time are things that involve meaning and help us learn about the world around me.

What is worthwhile is something that makes you happy and makes the world a better place. What’s worthwhile to you?

» Posted By Gina On 08.07.2013 @ 11:24 am


my grandmother
sausage & peppers
Family dinners
Dads imitation
never enough
stumbles behind
tongues forging thoughts

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Tall shadows, humans and pigeons. Money, water, taxi’s and diamonds in the sky.

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The rolling hills and the blueberries lead the bear to his hideout. There he found a fresh pond to fish at. He was unsettled when he heard another bear come up behind him.

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confessional. platform. drivers seat. beginning. organization.

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and what if we are not destined to be together in a world that fights against every chance we have to break through traditions and normative tendencies? Doesn’t that give us the power to push through? Doesn’t that bind us together in an uphill battle against the world? And won’t that bring us closer in the end? Because we will know we can support each other through the worst of times, all there will be left is the good times.

» Posted By gina On 03.26.2013 @ 3:23 pm


I am the director of my own life, with a wordless script in hand I venture through the unseen scenes trying always to see the light.

» Posted By Gina On 03.13.2013 @ 8:35 am

He stands in front of us
King of the world
He makes beauty rise
Around us
Inside of us
Through us
We trust him
Follow him
This is pure

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At my heart it beats, no, it bangs and pounds; that loss, knocks at my soul and shakes the dream that has been left untouched, intentionally.

» Posted By Gina On 02.27.2013 @ 11:16 am

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