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I was walled in, an enclosure. The claustrophobia setting in making it harder to breathe and think. I tried not to scream or panic, but it was to no avail. The hysteria set in.

» Posted By Gilltyascharged On 12.12.2015 @ 12:12 am


His wealth made him greedy and selfish. If he grew up with less money he may have been more humble and nice. Instead he was pompous and arrogant. Thinking he was better than everyone he came across.

» Posted By Gilltyascharged On 02.13.2015 @ 6:42 pm


We fought like animals underneath the blazing sun. I had enough of our fights. He would smack me around thinking that he had a hold of me. Our petty fights were putting a strain on our relationship. I knew that our five year old son had begun to notice it too.

» Posted By Gilltyascharged On 05.05.2014 @ 8:01 pm


It was miraculous, the explosion of fireworks lighting up the sky. Reds, pinks, blues, yellows setting everything in my vision on fire. The booms blasting in my ears making them ring. I was captivated by the sights and sounds that were bombarding my system.

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He disappeared into the crowd. I knew I would never see him again. The thought saddened me. He had meant everything to me. I had tried my best to apologize, but failed miserably. The tears streaked down my cheeks and dropped down to the ground.

» Posted By Gilltyascharged On 02.13.2014 @ 2:28 am


Her pupils were dilated from the copious amount of drugs she had consumed over the past hour. She was on the precipice of passing the fuck out. She was ready and willing, nothing seemed to matter anymore. Her memories had been plaguing her for the past few years.

» Posted By Gilltyascharged On 11.22.2013 @ 9:22 pm

Her pupils were dilated from the copious amount of drugs she had consumed in the past hour. She was on the precipice of passing the fuck out. She was ready and willing, nothing mattered anymore. Her memories had been plaguing her for the past few years.

» Posted By Gilltyascharged On 11.22.2013 @ 4:28 pm


I made up my braid struggling with the intricacy of the hairs trying to get it just right and perfect for the day. I have always hated wearing braids, I grew up with this hairstyle now I can’t stand even seeing someone else wearing their hair like a braid.

» Posted By Gilltyascharged On 10.19.2013 @ 4:32 pm


The whole image was a mirage created by my sleep deprived brain. I couldn’t think, I couldn’t do anything. I was paralyzed by the fear of my own emotions and thoughts. Lying on the brink of despair of an abomination worse than my greatest fears.

» Posted By Gilltyascharged On 09.27.2013 @ 8:56 am


“To infinity and beyond!” A quote from a childhood that has long been forgotten. Lost among the stars and the universe is Buzz Lightyear. I used to think that it would last forever.

» Posted By Gilltyascharged On 08.18.2013 @ 11:33 pm


The raven flew around the house driving the man crazy wishing he could have his long lost Lenore back for good. The raven was an ugly reminder of her demise, haunting him day and night. He couldn’t take it anymore, he knew he needed to kill the raven.

» Posted By Gilltyascharged On 07.14.2013 @ 11:41 pm


It manifested itself in so many ways. A monster trying to get out of its cage. I knew that I was about to lose my temper, I could feel it in my bones and leaping out of my skin. I could feel myself turning into something else. I was upset and I didn’t know how to handle it.

» Posted By Gilltyascharged On 07.04.2013 @ 11:13 pm


Everything was in a frenzy. They were acting like animals at a zoo. I didn’t realize having eight kids would really be so hard that they act like they don’t have any manners. We were in a hurry to get to the airport for our trip, but the children were making it more difficult.

» Posted By Gilltyascharged On 06.23.2013 @ 12:10 am


I tumbled and fell to the bottom of the stairs. My parents always said I have two left feet, I never believed them until now. The tumble gave me a fractured leg putting me in a cast for about a month. I was so pissed to be missing the soccer season.

» Posted By Gilltyascharged On 06.19.2013 @ 12:18 am


I was strung out to dry. She didn’t want me like I thought she did. She had just been using me to get closer to my friend. I felt so betrayed, but I was pretty happy when my friend turned her down for using me so shamelessly like that. I didn’t like her keeping me on a string like that.

» Posted By Gilltyascharged On 06.17.2013 @ 12:28 am


The memories flashed past me like a montage. Going down memory lane is never a good idea. All my memories are filled with pain and the idea that I don’t belong. I have always felt out of place no matter where I am or who I am with. I have always felt different from everyone else.

» Posted By Gilltyascharged On 06.06.2013 @ 9:39 pm


It shattered, my whole world had gone up in flames right before my very eyes. They had taken everything that I had ever loved, everything that had meant something to me. I swore I would get my revenge, one way or another those bastards would pay for what they did. They would lose everything too and they would cry I would make sure of it.

» Posted By Gilltyascharged On 05.26.2013 @ 11:48 pm


He was catapulted out of the kingdom. Poor boy died on impact. The king stated that it serves him right for impersonating as a royal prince. The king had searched high and low for a perfect man for his daughter who was nothing but a prissy little princess.

» Posted By Gilltyascharged On 05.20.2013 @ 6:50 pm


The lullaby put the baby to sleep. Finally we could get some rest. We were up all night trying to figure out how to quite the child. We were told that having a child would be a lot of work especially a baby, but we never expected it to be this exhausting.

» Posted By Gilltyascharged On 05.19.2013 @ 10:44 pm


I signed the contract despite all of my reservations about the deal. It was supposed to be helping our company build up our name. It just seemed more like I was selling my soul to the devil. I knew I had no other choice though, my boss told me that we needed this contract.

» Posted By Gilltyascharged On 05.18.2013 @ 11:33 pm


He was a rocker and everyone knew it. He was always in love with that guitar of his more so than anyone else in his life, including me. It made it impossible to talk to him sometimes because he was always so full of himself bragging about writing new lyrics and trying to share his music.

» Posted By Gilltyascharged On 05.15.2013 @ 11:53 pm


The wafer was so good, I was in heaven. I sat at the small cozy cafe wondering why my friend was taking so damn long when I spotted a hottie at a table nearby. I completely forgot about how pissed I was that my friend was over a half hour late.

» Posted By Gilltyascharged On 05.23.2013 @ 12:04 am


It was taboo and we both knew it too. I shouldn’t have done it, it was wrong and uncalled for. I have regretted our torrid affair every day since. I’m still reeling from the regret and shame I can’t even look at myself the same when I look in the mirror. All I see is the shame and regret reflecting back in my eyes.

» Posted By Gilltyascharged On 05.14.2013 @ 6:53 pm


He loomed in front of the driveway menacingly. He was ready to strike with the club in his powerful fists. There was only one way out and that would be to run him over with her car. Frantically she tried to start the car forgetting about the emergency brake in her fear.

» Posted By Gilltyascharged On 05.10.2013 @ 9:31 pm


I spread the soap suds all over my tired and aching body. I had done a lot of work that day. From going back and forth to the office to doing household chores. My whole body was sore and the hot water felt so good on my joints and muscles.

» Posted By Gilltyascharged On 05.09.2013 @ 9:35 pm


I was smashed, from drinking one too many beers. My buddies and I were out on the night having the time of our lives. I made out with a few hotties, or what I believe to have been hotties. I was so drunk there’s no telling how hot they actually were or are, probably not even my type.

» Posted By Gilltyascharged On 05.07.2013 @ 7:17 pm


I stared in disbelief at the rating she gave me. How dare she value me at such a low rating! I wanted to yell, I wanted to scream. I can’t deal with this kind of stress. This rating is going to make or break how others will see me.

» Posted By Gilltyascharged On 05.03.2013 @ 7:27 pm


I knew I was desperately running out of time. The timeline ends with a characters death. How do I make my characters follow the timeline that I want? How do I complete this story before time runs out?

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I could feel myself on the brink of collapse as chaos ensued. My world falling like dominoes around me. What had I just done? I fucked someone else for fun. I knew that it was wrong but I couldn’t stop myself from enjoying that forbidden piece of fruit.

» Posted By Gilltyascharged On 04.30.2013 @ 9:01 pm


We were sworn enemies. We had been for years. What no one knows though is that we also happen to be related. We used to be favorite cousins. A shift caused our friendship to break and we started hating each other. Fighting each other in the hallways and openly showing our hatred towards everyone.

» Posted By Gilltyascharged On 04.29.2013 @ 6:06 pm

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