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There was only one thing on her mind. It crept in unnoticed, but wouldn’t leave without her complete attention. The idea had bloomed from a place of serendipitous pleasure, but would cause her much pain. It wasn’t so much what she would do with it, but what it would do to her.

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Non riesco ad aspettare. Non so aspettare. Non riesco a rimanere fermo, guardare le cose accadere eppure è quello che ho fatto la vita intera. Non ho mai preso una decisione, non ho mai deciso del mio futuro. Tutto quello che mi è accaduto fino ad oggi è frutto del caso, o meglio delle decisioni altrui. Sono così impaziente da voler prendere una decisione prima ancora che questa posssa in alcun modo essere considerata attendibile. Devo dormire.

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bees. haven’t you ever wondered why? why are they yellow and black? out of the kaleidoscope of colors in the universe, yellow and black. why not purple, why not green… why do they have stingers? to keep predators away? bees are a bizzarre animal, one we fail to understand. bees.

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panda, architecture, special plant, strong like steel, green and yellow, eating bamboo, china, vietnam, thailandia und what else??

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