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How she wished she would have gotten an invitation to the party! It wasn’t too surprising that Julia didn’t invite her since word of her interest in Todd seemed to now be public knowledge. What a tangled web she wove for herself! Although she was attracted to Todd, she knew that this would only bring her trouble.

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The sun was fading behind the snow capped mountains after a long and fruitless day of non-stop activity. Although the rescue team had spent hours searching, and slogging their way through thigh deep snow, they were no closer to finding the passengers or crew from the small plane.

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The room seems like a vacuum, devoid of sound or any external stimulation. A feeling of being all alone hangs heavy. Even if I were to hit on the sides of the walls as hard as I could no one would know I was here, or maybe even care, but this is what life is like in 22nd century.

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