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everything is beautiful because everything has meaning. a flower isn’t a flower; it is a life in bloom, or the peak of youth. a smile isn’t a smile; it is happiness, it is love. everything is up for interpretation everything is meaningful and thoughtful and every little thing matters

» Posted By georgia On 05.01.2017 @ 8:20 am


i am so sorry. i wish i could erase all my disgusting impurities. i really was born this way. you love pure girls and that makes sense. i can never look at you with big innocent eyes. i have had sex and done drugs and i have not done much else. i am so so sorry i cant take it back for you.

» Posted By georgia On 12.06.2016 @ 8:55 pm



» Posted By Georgia On 11.10.2015 @ 6:16 am

grief is when your sad. Its the thought that fills you up when your sad about something. You feel re leaved. You just need to let all of the grief inside of you out.

» Posted By Georgia On 11.10.2015 @ 6:13 am


To slither like the snake is something we don’t want – slither in and slither out, is to go unnoticed. we don’t want this. be bold. be loud. have presence… don’t slither.

» Posted By Georgia On 05.23.2015 @ 10:42 am


stretch is muscel bendy pushing your self getting ready for a big ra ce match or any type of sport strechting in gym on a boat muscels bone pain clicking your fingers tightening your body and relax your body jumping running lying in japana moving your neck back and fourth

» Posted By georgia On 03.25.2015 @ 1:46 am


Keys, black and white. Beautiful music, stress, death, dark dark thoughts love and hate. Symphony, depression. Lovely in love given hearts with green circles.

» Posted By Georgia On 02.08.2015 @ 6:00 am


I want to move beyond the every day, but I don’t know here, or how. Young and directionless sucks but it makes for a critaclly acclaimed movie. fuck that

» Posted By georgia On 12.17.2014 @ 2:04 pm


I know a boy who plays water polo. he uses his voice to hide his shyness and insecurities. he has a pretty face. he is smart and kind. his mom died when he was 8 years old.

» Posted By georgia On 12.15.2014 @ 7:59 pm


A gust of wing blew in through the chimney. the howling sounded like a pack of wolves has burst in during the full moon. as papers blew around the room, a rotund young man made feeble attempts to catch them.

» Posted By Georgia On 08.26.2014 @ 7:03 am


He was always the instigator of the group. Whenever there was something that had gone awry, you knew he would have been behind it. I remember clearly the day that I first realized all of this. He had convinced the smaller children to steal a loaf of bread and took none of the blame when they got caught.

» Posted By Georgia On 06.14.2014 @ 9:46 am


yawning tired bleary-eyed i look for more life and lose it to a doona
i just want time out to think

» Posted By Georgia On 06.06.2014 @ 4:32 am


I only stole one thing in my entire life, if you could it as even being stolen (one time I put a lower price sticker on an object to afford it, but I don’t know if that counts). When I was about ten years old we went to the dollar store. There, fallen into the aisle, was a bag of marbles. Someone else had already opened the bag to steal them. I saw them, took one, hid it in my hood, and walked out. Half an hour later I ran back to return it, crying.

» Posted By Georgia On 10.01.2013 @ 2:06 am


The clamp connected with the wires stopping all motion with in it, the man who was left hanging from the now motionless wore swung gently from side to side. The sudden stop of the wire leaving him breathless.

» Posted By Georgia On 08.04.2013 @ 9:57 am


I have no idea what this means entirely. I think it has something to do with a longing or love or being loved by someone. I know people wish to be adorned or fawned over. Is being adorned the same as being fawned over? I’m not sure. It’s a very interesting word and seems to hold such passion.

» Posted By Georgia On 06.20.2013 @ 7:14 pm


This word is fantastic and grotesque at the same time; it suggests glamour and excitement but also tacky advertising in excess. One is always drawn to neon but often regrets it afterwards…

» Posted By Georgia On 05.30.2013 @ 8:41 am


What the heck is this? Is it like a jet stream? That reminds me of wars and looking up into the sky as a child seeing your first airplane and wondering what is that. It also reminds me of Johnny got his gun, the book. He saw a jet stream and loved them, but then it killed him later.

» Posted By Georgia On 05.17.2013 @ 3:42 pm


Flour is used to make bread. Bread is AWESOME. I mean, it’s used in sandwiches, which we have pretty much every day, so flour is really under-rated. Maybe because it sounds like “flower”, which is more interesting, to be honest. I wonder how flour was invented? Oops, I accidentally finely ground this stuff…

» Posted By Georgia On 04.07.2013 @ 6:10 am


The case was closed, but there was sill something missin gin the case. I just didnt understand how Eliie couldve gotten off the train so fast. Nobody realized how she couldve. But she did. She admitted. Unless….she was lying, to cover up someone. I pondered the thought for a moment, then quickly discareded it. The case was closed, but I couldnt help but think, if she was innocent, we still have a mad man running around on a killing spree.

» Posted By Georgia On 02.03.2013 @ 10:09 am


I didn’t know whether this was real or my imagination. All lot of things are in my imagination, I make a lot of things up. And who could blame me? The real world is dull.

» Posted By Georgia On 01.22.2013 @ 11:13 pm


The fact she applied herself to this task was mind boggling. It was extremely difficult to bury the dead of your group after an attack, but who else was going to do it? Everyone else was either hiding somewhere or too broken up to clean up after the zombies. As she dug graves she thought about the disease. What is it? How did it come to be? She paused to wipe the sweat off her forehead. It was getting close to the middle of the day and it was getting hot.not a good time to be physical excersion. She looked around at her soundings. Jack was sitting on a tree trunk by the river, carving a stick. Sally was watching him, her eyes never leaving him. Cate felt sorry for her. She wished she could have the guts to talk to him without stuttering and going red.

» Posted By Georgia On 01.20.2013 @ 7:48 pm


I don’t know what they mean by shows. Is it Tv? Right now I am hooked on grey’s anatomy. it is really good. My friend intrduced it to me, and I feel amrter knowing alll the medical talk. I also like to talk about it to my friends,

» Posted By georgia On 12.27.2012 @ 3:18 pm


there’s a place here and now where i hid myself, burrowing away under the duvet, and i chose to focus on the past. the future is uncertain, and the present a constant worry, but in that past, like a shell, i could hear into the changing tides of my life and smell the sea-salt of who and what i once was.

» Posted By Georgia On 12.27.2012 @ 2:53 am


there is nothing that could satiate the thirst of the young girl lusting for another life, of anything but this, of a promise bigger than anything she could ever hold in the scapes of her own mind. she wishes for a viewpoint from which to gaze upon the galaxy, from which to say “i did that and more, i held the world in my hands and blew those fragile meteoric flames into a life”

» Posted By Georgia On 12.20.2012 @ 10:47 am


i was five once and when i was i saw something that stopped my heart and built it again, that thing that rebuilt faith in humanity: firemen, firemen, darting through streets to save strangers to whom they owed nothing but preservation

» Posted By Georgia On 12.17.2012 @ 1:25 pm


I found an object and it was round and fluffy, it had a box that covered it and it also was bouncy and fun to play with, it was very exciting and interesting to okay with. It was blue and big, and it was very cool.

» Posted By Georgia On 12.02.2012 @ 3:29 pm


Society is something that we are all a part of. A society can be something simple like an indian tribe, or it can be complex like America. Societies have problems because they are made of people and people make mistakes. Sometimes a society can hold people together and sometimes it tears them apart.

» Posted By Georgia On 02.12.2013 @ 4:36 pm

Society is something that we are all a part of. A society can be something simple like an indian tribe, or it can be complex like America. Societies have problems because they are made of people and people make mistakes.

» Posted By Georgia On 02.12.2013 @ 4:35 pm


sometimes she thinks she needs help, because the scars on her wrists shouldn’t be there, and the thoughts she thinks shouldn’t be in her head.

» Posted By georgia On 09.26.2012 @ 4:50 pm


The twin towers stood beautifully in New York, Until the terrorist attack on 9-11.
Rest in Peace guys

» Posted By Georgia On 09.11.2012 @ 8:04 pm

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