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He adjusted the collar of his shirt and stared deep into the green eyes of his reflection. Twenty years ago, a girl had fallen in love with them. He’d never understood why. And now it was too late to ask her.

» Posted By gabriella On 09.10.2016 @ 7:59 pm


It was fateful, the way they’d met. Like they were destined to find each other upon such terrible circumstances. He was mourning the death of his best friend and she had been kicked out of her house. But they met and they bonded and they talked over cups of coffee, and he had a spare room and she had a way with words, and it was as though fate had joined them on this winter morning.

» Posted By Gabriella On 02.08.2016 @ 11:03 am


the flag
goes back
and forth
in the
violent wind

» Posted By Gabriella On 03.23.2015 @ 4:22 pm


Her huge tutu
making it more pronounced
as she
and leaps
she looks so pretty
so lovely
so classic
just like a ballerina.

» Posted By Gabriella On 03.22.2015 @ 11:12 am

She was the prettiest so elegant just so classic everyone’s eyes were on her as she spun and twirled and leaped her huge tutu was what drew eyes on her she was just so alluring that’s when i knew i wanted to be a ballerina.

» Posted By Gabriella On 03.21.2015 @ 11:05 pm


I’m not sure what framework even is, though. I suppose if I was to take a wild guess, it’d have to do with structure.

And what even is structure? Structure is the foundation that holds everything up and sturdy.

» Posted By Gabriella On 05.21.2014 @ 5:51 am


They always say “Your body is a temple” but don’t temples protect something and hold something sacred? Well what do I protect? What do I hold? Dangerous thoughts? Plans to escape? What is so special about that?

» Posted By Gabriella On 05.13.2014 @ 10:22 am


i’ve never had real taffy. I don’t think. but i’ve had marshmellow taffy. do you know what that is. you take a marshmellow between your fingers and pull it until it is sticky and smooth. taffy. you must be near a campfire. otherwise, things are not the same. and remember it.

» Posted By gabriella On 01.24.2014 @ 4:21 pm



» Posted By gabriella On 04.30.2013 @ 7:39 pm


the fire bruned in my stomach. the hot kept rising up and up. I could feel the heat coming up my stomach, into my chest, slide up my throat, and fly out of my mouth. the sparks shot out into the air, dancing

» Posted By Gabriella On 03.05.2013 @ 1:39 pm

The fire burns as I watch the flames flicker and I slowly bring my finger forward to feel the hot sting of the candle’s orange eruption. There is joy

» Posted By Gabriella On 03.05.2013 @ 1:22 pm


The broadcast was a disaster. The lights fell from the ceiling and the newscast were screaming and running around everywhere. No one could have predicted that it was going to go so horribly wrong. So everyone finally got their shit together and cleaned everything up. Tomorrow will be a new day.

» Posted By Gabriella On 12.08.2012 @ 1:05 pm


I stared up into the sky towards the billions of twinkling lights ahead of me. A rumbling sound came and the rocket shot up into the night sky with the ferocity of a lion and yet the gracefulness of a swan. I thought to myself, perhaps the impossible is possible but yet the impossible must exist somehow.

» Posted By Gabriella On 10.07.2012 @ 5:48 am


The black and white images blurred for a second due to the tears accumulating in my eyes. The man still hasn’t arrived back from work and his dog, Sam, is faithfully awaiting his return. Little does Sam know, his companion and best friend is in a higher place, elevated and looking down upon him with sadness in his eyes.

» Posted By Gabriella On 10.06.2012 @ 6:54 am

I gazed outside the window to see the crisp leaves of fall spiralling down from the high trees like a rainbow of earthy colours. They slowly hit the ground without a sound, their life now gone. A scenery so beautiful, a small salty tear trickled down my cheek.

» Posted By Gabriella On 10.06.2012 @ 6:50 am


Putting things together to create something beautiful. Like two people in love or children making friends on the first day of school. A person and a new puppy. Life itself.

» Posted By Gabriella On 10.02.2012 @ 8:16 pm


‘Entice’ is a very naughty sounding word, it has cheeky connotations. Cake is cheeky – and enticing, it always entices me back for more, never satisfied with that one sliver, I just want another and another. Cheeky cake, so enticing.

» Posted By gabriella On 04.15.2012 @ 7:19 am


It’s like a rope joining your hearts together, but when you say goodbye the rope becomes taught, gets stretched until the tension makes your heart hurt and it is all you can think about – that aching in your chest.

» Posted By gabriella On 04.09.2012 @ 8:06 am


I think of dusky colours, crumbles and dusts of chalk sticks being blown and crushed across thick cream coloured paper. Woollen jumpers in gentle hues, baby pinks and blues.

» Posted By gabriella On 03.17.2012 @ 8:48 am

cool colours babies cream crumbly woollen jumpers dusty breeze relaxing soft dry smooth

» Posted By Gabriella On 03.17.2012 @ 8:36 am


It’s something you see at the fabric store plastered on the walls. It’s in the small cut outs of your grandmother’s blanket and in the numbers your kids see at school. It becomes something you do, then it’s who you are.

» Posted By Gabriella On 03.15.2012 @ 9:41 pm


when you care very deeply about someone or something. parents can have compassion for their kids, a couple in a relationship can have compassion for one another in a more intimate context, and compassion means that you are very caring and loving towards others and have a good outlook on life!

» Posted By Gabriella On 10.13.2011 @ 4:18 pm


The poison dripped off my lips; one drop then two. By the third drop I fell to the floor and I saw my body as I floated up as whatever I was now. As I hovered up above the earth I looked back at myself and the tiny bottle in my now cold hand. I wondered to myself if it was really worth it. I mused until I became a tiny speck and until I could see myself no longer.

» Posted By Gabriella On 08.21.2011 @ 6:59 pm


The airplane started to take off. I watched it as it drove faster and faster and the gracefull separation of man made from mother earth. I watched as the plane flew on taking my love and praying it would return her just the same.

» Posted By Gabriella On 08.21.2011 @ 5:27 am


I missed him now more than ever. He might have been standing right in front of me but that didn’t change the five years that had passed with the thought of his ever-present death.

» Posted By Gabriella On 08.19.2011 @ 7:13 pm


the deer ran accross the rode and into the oncoming traffic. It was on a killing spree, a killing spree where the victims were memories. All this deer wanted to do was make them stop.

» Posted By Gabriella On 08.18.2011 @ 5:37 pm


I succeded to figure out the true meaning of succede. it was to try, give it my all, and to finally achieve what I had been striving to do. Finishing is not succeding, triumph is. Triumph to do what we’ve always wanted.

» Posted By Gabriella On 08.18.2011 @ 8:09 am


The root of something can tell you who they are as a person or thing. A root. it’s something so incredibly simple, yet at the root of everything we find answers. Answers to the questions that keep us up at night. The questions that we are almost too afraid to answer because of our roots.

» Posted By Gabriella On 08.02.2011 @ 4:53 am


Being proper.. Time and places to do things so why are you doing that now? That’s not right.. You have no etiquette. Were you raised in a barn! maybe.. Wow it’s really hard to walk with books balanced on your head.. Or an apple. I wish I knew how to ride side saddle and got to drink tea like rose from titanic.

» Posted By Gabriella On 07.13.2011 @ 1:04 pm


curve of the neck, point of the beak
simple beauty, paperless

» Posted By gabriella On 07.03.2011 @ 9:42 pm

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