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Nobody seems to get what I am trying to say. Words spill from my mouth and fly into the air, but all anyone does is give me a blank stare. I keep trying to articulate what I am trying to say, but it doesn’t work.

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competing is scary… having to use your own skills against others in hopes that you prove that you are greater and more capable? what a nightmare. yet this terrible thing is actually important. mankind

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You suit me. Like air to humans and water to fisheys. You are my earth and sun and moon and stars and everything that means anything to me. I can’t wait for the day I walk down the aisle and see you standing there in a suit and tie waiting to become my husband for the rest of my life. And that thought makes me so happy and content and makes everything bad in my life okay. It makes me able to deal with everything terrible that’s ever happened to me. Because I love you.

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He was so greedy, with those eyes. Always looking around. Gulping in what he had not seen for days and days. What else was he suppose to do? Shut them off? Not look at anything ever again?

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You helped me ruin us. You helped me take down the kingdom we were never meant to build. You let me burn the world. So, don’t you dare blame me. You share the same amount of blame as I do.

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You aren’t sorry, are you? You’re not sorry for the mess you’ve made. You’re not sorry for the people you’ve hurt, the things that you’ve said and done, and the lies you’ve told. You’re not sorry for what you’ve done to me, are you?

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I am not sorry. I am not sorry for what I became, for I what made you become. I’m not sorry for the mistakes I’ve made, or the mistakes I will make. I love myself too much, I love my life too much to regret the life I’ve built for myself. So don’t you dare try to make me apologise for being what I am, for becoming what I am.

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The two people were not a couple. They sat as far as possible from each other, they did not turn to look at the other, they did not speak, did not touch- and yet, there was something strange about their distance. It takes a certain kind of awareness to be so completely and utterly far from another person, and they went out of their way to preserve that awareness. In the distance, they were close.

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I finished up some peoms one daay
And as I tuccked them each away

I found a mispelled wrod (or twoo…)
So I fixt them up as good as new.

But soon I found taht there were moar…
My writiing had errors galore!

Oh, waht to do! All theese misspelligs-
My poems I’d shurely not be selling!

I stared, I cryed, I smaacked my head
I went to tear my work to shreads.

Yet beefore the poems could meet their maeker,
I looked down at the crumpled pappers

And then I reelized something grand!
Somthing that made me understand.

Deespite the errors, big and small
My peoms are not so bad at all!

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She glanced over at him uncertainly.

“You believe me now,” she spoke, “don’t you?”

His eyes flit over to the set of footprints.

“Yeah,” he replied, slightly breathless. “But what now?”

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New York, they said, could either make you or break you.

She clutched at the handle of her suitcase and smiled.

With any luck, she wouldn’t wind up being the latter.

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A single dream is born on wings
And finds flight in the smallest things.

It leaves its own trail in the sky
Like tiny airplanes passing by.

A dream is bright and limitless.
(The lightest things are what fly best.)

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A single dream is born on wings
And finds flight in the smallest things.

It leaves its own trail in the sky
Like tiny airplanes passing by

A dream is bright and limitless.
(The lightest things are what fly best.)

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Family, love, respect, together, bros, always there for you, trust, bond, special

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the neon lights of a city,similar to effulgent gold in the heart of eternity,I fell in love with the way that light hit the pavement fields connecting each other to the erratic lives I’d learn to know.

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Musical musical musical molly went to the store. At the store she picked up a kiwi and some butter, that’s all she needed, no more and no less. Musical Molly then went home to her two dogs and her clarinet. Musical Molly played her clarinet all afternoon, he dogs do not enjoy the clarinet music.

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cant see. brightness makes blinding happen.

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i believe in miracles. i believe that everything is a miracle. love is a miracle. love is hard to see. love is everywhere. babies are miracles. i am a miracle. you are a miracle. everything is a miracle. one just has to be able to have the intuition and feeling deep within them in order to recognize it… which is also a miracle.

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My hands caressed the different textures, feeling for just the right one. After all, when a girl is choosing her wedding dress material, she’s gotta be careful. One wrong choice and the whole day is ruined. I had already chosen the style of the dress, a ball gown with an empire waist and lace flowers along the bodice. One word described it: perfect.

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I once had a secret, the kind of thing that you don’t tell anybody. The kind of thing that eats at you, destroying your as it burns your soul. I don’t like my secret anymore, it just hurts too much.

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trapped like you’re stuck in a dark cave with no opening or escape for you to use. no matter what you do you’re stuck in that cave or wherever you are. no one can hear you or see you or help you. being trapped is like being alone. when you’re alone no one can help you.

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things that people use in videos. some people use them just for fun when playing games with others. they are used to express yourself when acting and to show what the video/movie is about.

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I had instructions to go out and buy him a gallon of milk. As always more and more instructions follow to do many, many tasks and bring him more and more to feed his sheer gluttony. As days pass I grow more tired and tired of it and I feel like I need to tippy-toe around him in order to please him. I must listen to his ways and follow orders like a dog to keep him happy.

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He was white, white as the stretcher he lay limply upon. But all Nyroc could see was the blindingly red stain on his chest, one spread so largely that he found himself thinking, How can someone have so much blood in him?

Nyroc was scared. He was frightened for his friend, laying upon the stretcher, as still as death.

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It makes a plane go. It’s sorta like an engine, it pushes air to propel whatever it is inside. Usually on the wings. I think. I guess it’s just a type of engine that works a little differently.

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there was a girl once who took the bucket down to the beach and collected a some sea shells and she met and guy and they started talking and he came to realize that she was pretty cute and amazing so he gave her his number and walked away leaving her blushing.

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well i think they’re kind of tacky. but i think they’re like retro and cute and i would totally love to own a pair but they have gone out of style so i would look weird i guess and they don’t really sell them anymore but i think theyre cute. farmers used to wear them

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The place where one refers to. often using the technology of today. For i do not know enough about modems to write a sub sequential paragraph.

» Posted By Gabby On 07.04.2012 @ 2:49 pm

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