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“The back up aux unit is out again.” I let the comm go dead.

He doesn’t pay attention to me. He seems distracted by an idea on how to fix the situation. It won’t work. I already know the storm has to pass before we’ll be mobile again. We are stranded once more in the ever worsening sandstorms. But I know this look of his.

“Godspeed then, you would-be engineer.” I think while rolling my eyes.

There’s been too many setbacks and not enough gains.

I severed the tether between us awhile ago. Missions are missions are missions I know.
I outgrew whatever this was we had. Not enough tension means no passion all fad. The line was slack. He didn’t know how to anymore and I didn’t care to help on my end of the equation. So it became silence. And more silence. More and more with the endless, empty stretches of silence.

I thought of my friends back at home base and missed them dearly. A friend to me was all that I needed to pass the time. If only I could reach that far – like teleportation. If I might wink myself out of this mess and return to the haven of my life lines.

I took out a sheet of foiled paper I kept with me for just these occasions. I began to fold.

The crane was petite but animated on one bending leg by the time the engines powered back up again. As predicted the storm need only pass so that there was no electrical interference that would interfer with the way they produce their core momentum.

He huffed as if thwarted once again from ever finishing this engine-storm, troubleshoot puzzle. I knew deep down he’d never crack it it. He hasn’t that kind of talent. Someone else does though. Someone who should be riding with me instead. But what can you do when that person remains unknown? Forge on ahead.

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I grasped the handle of the shovel as if it were a part of my arm, an extension of my body that was a matter of life and death, I began to dig with a fury and enthusiasm that betrayed the danger I was in an and the sound of my heavy breathing broke the still cold night.

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