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The spa was dark, lifeless. Peter stepped inside and looked around. In the corner, he saw a shadow; it resembled the hanging body of Allister Lionel.

A man stepped through the door.

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The wings flexed and bent slightly in the wind. The shuttle dipped slightly but stayed in the air.

Alex pulled back on the stick and left the atmosphere.

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I was unsure whether or not to trust her. I looked down at the growing fire and took her hand.

She led me down a long hall and out into the open air.

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“It’s a miracle.”

I looked across the table at the old man. He was tired, obviously broken. I reached out and grabbed his hand.

“No. It was you. You did this.”

He almost smiled.

“You should be proud.”

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The word is thrown around a lot. “My dog survived surgery,” “My Dad made it home from Iraq,” “That guy I hate died.”

It may be a miracle that he died, but the rest is us. The people.

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