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He brushed past me like wind. A houl piereced the air. Shiver ran down my spine. How could Deigo leave me all alone? He had said i was the new prey. Was I being feed to the wolf as gift to Gods!.
”Help please help!” I yelled and yelled still non came for my resque. My hands and leg were bound.
”I promise to never do the same mistake” How stupid of me to try and capture pictures of the holy tibunal priest commiting sacrifice of a baby. To me it is slaughter while to them it is sacrifies for happiness. ”I beg you dont do this me. I’ll never show my face again”
There was no one to listen my cries. I’m left here to die. “Please God Almighty save me. I don’t wanna die so young” tear rolled down my cheek in utter frustration.

What would happen of my parents? Sean!… will he be able to live without me?

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The word ”Diificulty” and ”Women” goes so well together. Even though a women is given the beautiful gift of giving birth to generation she still faces difficulty. She is no one but secondry yet world runs on her. A men consider a women only for his primitive needs and still women stick to him emotionally.

Sometimes she faces domestic violence then sometimes emotional hurt. A woman may look beautiful from outer cover but is she brused from within?

who askes this question these days. This one question isn’t asked today neither was it asked ages ago when the world just began.

”Adam & Eve” are the first God’s beautifull creation. They were made for each other. Then why just feeding an apple to Adam made God give such light punishment to men than women? Why did it just have to be Hyoid bone for Adam and why painful delivery for Eve? The hyoid Bone isn’t painful but only a light memory of the apple offered by Eve. Didn’t the man have a wish to be like God then why just blame Eve and give such severe punishment?

Men would work hard to feed his family. That’s the only thing a men do – WORK HARD. Women will look after her family and raise kids. Women on the other hand has to do the toughest thing on earth is run the family with what men gives as salary in her hand. Take care of his kids and family while the men does – WORK HARD – irrecspective if the work is hard or easy. Still womens are blamed ”a women in house is another mouth to feed”

Why is it difficult-women?
Why is it women-difficulty? and why not Women-always-giving?

This one thought will stop the asaults, rape, violence she faces everyday. It will raise equallity for her. She won’t remain secondary any longer. She will be the most beautifull creation made by God to bring beauty in this grey world with the light of her love only she can offer.

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What a beautiful pair of earring they were. I kept gawking at them lustfully. I looked down at the tag next to it and gasped $ 3,000/-. It was a huge sum. I surely could not afford them.

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Dear Love,

It is this date that we met. It has been a year. A year spent by me searching you trying to get in contact to you. Now when I have met you I have promised someone else a future with me. The same future which I dreamed with you. Though I have no roads turning towards you but still you are always there for me, as I am for you. We are there for each other. No one can ever take your place. There can be nothing translucent then my love for you. Brigail even if I marry another girl my love is always for you.

Love you

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”Alana!” her glossy silky skin passed an inescapable image through the synthetic shower curtain. Her soft musical voice hummed in the bathroom. She looked so tempting, her soft smooth curves translucent throught the curtain. Alana knew he was in the bathroom while she was naked on the other end giving him a flimsy look of her female curves. Trying to arouse him. Alana had never learnt ‘No’ for an answer. He had denied her from excepting her, denied making love to her even though he knew she waited for him for the last ten years just to live the rest of her life with him.
She wanted to show him what he lost by refusing to touch her. ”Alana?”

She sighed and swooshed the curtain aside, planting her hand on her hip. She stood in her naked glorry in front of him enjoying his trailing eyes leaving burn marks on her skin. Alana thought she would love to feel his hands on her ”Yes!” she spoke exasperately. She didn’t want him to see how much she longed for him. ”my eyes are on top here”

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”you are just being illogical” I sighed ”don’t show me that anger of your’s. You have already done worst with your anger”

”you think she didn’t deserve it” he planted his hand on his hip.

”i think you could have done better than ruining my plan” she swiped her hand over the table causing the paper wait along with the paper’s landing on the marble flooring with a clatter.

”What other way did we have besides killing her? She seen us destroying the evidence”

”You could have kidnapped her and I could have tortured her untill death”

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I thought I had figured it all but he made it clear now. It was i who was disfugured. I ruined him. Me Mrs. Belene Worth ruined my own husband out of my misunderstanding. Out of the entire commotion that had taken three years before I figured that Ruse, my husband had cheated on me. He had an affair with the one women I hated the most. Today when I look behind I figured out again I was the one who was mistaken. Out of one misunderstanding I ruined my wedding. Divorced my loving husband and i’m all alone now. Ruse would never forgive me for what I did to him, if he knows. But could I keep the truth for myself? Its hard to not feel guilty. My doubt distroyed him. My disfigured knoweldge ruined him.

I ruined him…

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My vocal cord was so damagged, I never knew. Dr. Simson looked at me once again and sighed ”I told you. You need rest!”
I shrugged ”Doc. i’ll see to it she rest this time” my mom spoke up for me.
”It better be so. She has already caused a lot of damage by singing” Dr. Sinson turned towards me ”listen young lady, i understand your passion towards singing but at the moment you need to let your guitar rest for sometime and you too until your vocals recuperate. Untill then ‘NO’ singing. Am I clear?”
I nodded. What else can i do besides nodding.

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Papa was standing there as usual with his basket empty. We kids were hoping for food tonight at least but watching papa’s basket empty made me realised that we would be sleeping today emtpy stomach like the other nights. Wish our days would change wish mother water would bless papa and us with more fishes. Papa would sell fishes in abundance and we would have enough money in our purse to keep food filled in the vessels. Papa would usually sit before his empty basket and cry knowing his family would sleep emtpy stomach tonight. I wanted to grow big as sooner as possible. I would earn some money and mummy could cook good food out of the money I earn but Menina my eldest sister say’s I still have ten years with me to be eighteen. Then papa would marry me just like he is about to marry Menina. I heard old aunty Feo speaking Menina bring huge money out of her marriage. Papa don’t look pleased, Mummy keeps crying and Menina keeps praying. Mummy said Menina would bring with herself a cute, chubby baby when she marries and if it is a boy. Menina’s husband with throw a festival in his son’s name and if it is a girl she would be sent back home with Menina. To me it sounds like the fish trapped in net and out of breathlessness eventually dies and if the same fish be released into the water again she swims back into life.

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