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She looked around happily. Surely she would be able to fight them off now! She looked at the crew, she had assembled, and started on her glorious speech of victory.
“… To BATTLE!”

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He smiled happily. Look what he had just made! Another creation of purity and light. It slowly opened it’s eyes as it reached up for him. Smiling, he welcomed it.

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He looked up at the clear, blue sky. The wind rustled his clothes, and the smell of the salty sea was brought up to him. He saw ships on the horizon, and identified them as the enemy.

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The beautiful singing reached the boys ears. Yet he couldn’t help, but snigger. It sounded so amazingly much like they were singing: “Hold devils pot of tea!”

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He shuddered at the sight. The guy just crushed his best buds friggin’ head!
He tried to yank his arm free from the ropes holding him, but couldn’t do it.

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She smiled slightly, looking at her creation.
Her father came in, and looked at what she had created, then nodded in approval
“What does this one do?”
“It washes dishes!”
The girl smiled happily to her father. Her father laughed.

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