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I threw a football at my brother as my mum shouted “what’s going on ” just a little banter” I replied”

» Posted By Freya On 02.23.2017 @ 10:10 am


collage is some where you go to study and learn.

» Posted By freya On 06.05.2013 @ 3:10 pm

collage is some where you go to study and learn stuff when you are 20 or up.

» Posted By freya On 06.05.2013 @ 3:09 pm


my brother was very cute when he was in his brotherhood.

» Posted By freya On 06.02.2013 @ 3:41 pm


Secluded is the feeling similar to sitting in the corner of a room at a big party, away from the collective attention. Depending on your mood it is positive or negative, sometimes being alone in a crowd is therapeutic and sometimes it is alienating.

» Posted By Freya On 05.31.2013 @ 6:20 am


i wore a neon top and shorts to the fluro disco it was cool it glowed.

» Posted By freya On 05.29.2013 @ 3:01 pm


the sea had a oblique line on the water it was wavie

» Posted By freya On 05.28.2013 @ 2:57 pm


the boy delved deeply through a hole.

» Posted By freya On 05.27.2013 @ 2:16 pm


the glass got thrown at the window and all the glass shattered all over the place. it was mums favourite blue glass and she was very sad.

» Posted By freya On 05.26.2013 @ 2:44 pm


If you’ve got something and it goes everywhere then that means you’ve spilled something. You spill things out of cups and things that hold liquid. Sometimes it can get messy and you’ve got to clean it up.

» Posted By freya On 05.26.2013 @ 2:28 am


of the scary three legged cow that milks itself and runs round in circles and makes fires and laughs about it with evil spawn belonging to neighbouring tadpoles in the little stream in cornwall where holly has a teashop that makes tea and cookies and i knit and lily finds a husband and we all play guitar and sing and dance around the campfire in sheer unadulterated merriment at the joy of life.

» Posted By freya On 03.21.2013 @ 10:55 am


The door knocker rapped sharply, incessantly as I darted to the door. Wrestling with the lock and chain hurriedly, I swung open the door to greet the two officers standing in the porch, wearing grave expressions.

“May we have a word with you?”

» Posted By Freya On 12.30.2012 @ 5:02 am


Sometime I feel like an object. I feel a lot like a vase. Like I’m out of glass. It’s not hard to break and oversee me but it’s hard to fix and see me as something that has a function, a reason why it is what it is.

» Posted By freya On 12.03.2012 @ 8:08 am

I do not ever be an object. I do not want to belong to someone.
Except you!

» Posted By freya On 12.03.2012 @ 8:04 am


no time for cooking. turn on the oven and put some fries in it. high-cuisine.

» Posted By freya On 12.02.2012 @ 3:12 am


The man blinked several times, looking at the reflection in the mirror. Various pots and tubes lay around the sink as the stage makeup ran from his face, revealing what he most wanted to see.
What he wanted to be.

» Posted By Freya On 12.01.2012 @ 7:33 am


A cat-burgler’s sitting, waiting for the hawk to swoop by. What will become of the mouse, under the cat and the bird. Where will this end? This cat and mouse game. A game of winner keep all, and loser takes the ball. #Cestlavie

» Posted By Freya On 07.01.2012 @ 11:48 pm


a crayon a faded colour. neutral. soft. like a petal. not obscene. not too obvious. insecure, reserved. patient. gentle. lonely

» Posted By Freya On 03.16.2012 @ 2:04 pm


dark liquid running through your veins, slowly draining the good out of your body, as black as the mascara running from your hollow eyes.

» Posted By freya On 08.22.2011 @ 1:14 am


My sister Sara, she left too soon. not nearly as white as a funeral should be, white, in the way of heaven or such…of course every one is dressed in black, including me. It was shorter than I expect

» Posted By Freya On 06.12.2011 @ 8:34 am


a theif steals things… why? Because he wants them.. is that ok??? It depends really…. sometimes maybe.. useually not. Everybody should be treated as an individual, every case as separate. People who steal may have their own reasons beyond us… stealing from tesco might be ok

» Posted By freya On 05.24.2011 @ 7:19 am


I wonder.. Why does it make me wonder? I can wonder about that too. Curiously curious. It makes me want to lay out under the stars and just think about what’s out there, what I wish was out there and what I’m positive isn’t. Curious.

» Posted By Freya On 05.16.2011 @ 2:21 pm


i was in a chorus once i used to be in a choir they are in greek plays they set the scene and tell the audience what is going on also the chorus is usually the easiest part of a song to remember because you hear it the most times i like that in greek plays the chorus doesn’t leave anything to the imagination is just tells you what is happening so there is no confusion

» Posted By freya On 04.30.2011 @ 12:15 am


étranger, étrangère, étrangeant. Une place, un lieu si cher à moi enfant. Si cher en coups, en coeurs en camps. je ne sais si tu l’es autant que moi mais, je sais que tu ne saurais l’être sans moi, sans toi en partant.
mais étranger, ne voudrais tu pas l’être? au moins une fois, pour découvrir à nouveau, ce qui compte, ce qui reste, ce qui importe le plus. à tout homme que nous sommes…

» Posted By freya On 04.21.2011 @ 12:46 pm


gone forever… what once was needed is no more… it has been replaced by what, exactly? Has the need gone away or have we find other ways to manage without it? Planned obsolesence is a modern-day evil which tells us that every purpose comes to an end, and everything is replaceable. It is not true. Some things will never be able to be replaced, and I think it is truly rare when a purpose comes to an end.

» Posted By Freya On 04.13.2011 @ 10:53 am


There was a night a few weeks ago when ialomost had the chance to accomplish my one dream in life- securing emilyhunt as my wife and lover. maybe i wanted it too much- i think i pushed her away.

» Posted By Freya On 03.07.2011 @ 11:43 pm


Finality is a concept often terrifying to most. We want to convince ourselves that things will last forever- the relationship won’t end after summer, the child won’t grow into an angry teenager, the precarious marriage won’t finally hit the wall.

» Posted By Freya On 03.04.2011 @ 12:40 am


you can boost your heart rate by exercising more, you can boost your intelligence by learning about things and listening/taking in knowledge every second of every day, you can boost relationships with lovers or loved ones by having patience or working things out slowly, and you can have energy boosting smoothies! yay

» Posted By Freya On 02.03.2011 @ 9:33 am


Recipe for disaster. Having a relationship with someone one you work with. Boundaries get blurred and its difficult to know where the working/personal relationship end. Not recommended. Would not advise to do under any circumstances.

» Posted By Freya On 01.18.2011 @ 7:56 pm


She looked down at the blood splattered sheets. She was frozen, felt as though her very breath was held back. The only sound was the loud “thud, thud” of her heart. There was not a sound anywhere, no birds chirping outside in the trees, no traffic noises, no children playing in the street. It was as if everything had come to a complete stop.

» Posted By Freya On 12.14.2010 @ 2:48 pm

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