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the man was at the hospital waiting for his new born son, the anticipation was killer. He heard someone call his name and he quickly spun arround to notice a man wearing a hat and black new bounds. It was the pizza man. Did you ask for delivery?

» Posted By Francisco On 03.19.2016 @ 7:15 am


music pleasure listening what a great afternoon! fantastica cristal so wonderful like! I want more beauty end

» Posted By Francisco On 12.28.2015 @ 3:08 pm


i remember trying to swim once, it was a majestical experience. until that one dude named scott tried to drown me. i screamed like a girl and eventually dudes pulled him off me and i cried. but i made sure i looked tough and cute u know? so i wouldn’t scare off all the girls, end of story
i got so laid :)

» Posted By francisco On 03.13.2014 @ 9:05 pm


he was having an affair with his boss. Though he had been married for a while he recently found a passion for bald men with ties. Jim and Jack, together forever. Until his wife found out and shot them both on the dicks with a shot gun. They died and she became Ms Universe. She married George Clooney and became the 2 wealthiest woman in the world.

» Posted By francisco On 09.26.2012 @ 6:33 am


Fuses are red, or so they tell me. I dont believe in magic but i´ve seen more than magic in my time you know? Let me introduce you to Melma. She doesn´t wamt tp be my girlfriend.

» Posted By Francisco On 07.23.2012 @ 1:03 pm


In the corner is where we cry our thoughts out. In the corner is where prostitutes get their money, In the corner is where stupid people go. Prostitutes=stupid emotional people.

» Posted By Francisco On 06.08.2011 @ 6:02 pm


a truck that you can go camping in.

» Posted By francisco On 04.26.2011 @ 11:42 am


My flesh is as ragged as the edges of my desk. It need’s that special touch of yours that would close it’s serrated wounds. Please heal me, please don’t take away that touch of yours. I need it, I need you. Don’t stop.

» Posted By Francisco On 01.10.2011 @ 12:26 pm


There was nothing I could do. I had caps lock on the whole time and now i was going to need someone to bail me out.

» Posted By Francisco On 09.23.2010 @ 7:03 pm


vblocks used to build building new better stuff newer for all of us to share and work on, , lego block i remember this lego truck i had when i was a kid the thing was amazingh, but i lost one piece and the whole thing was useless as a truck, so i never got to play with it,.. i still think about it that was like a milliom years ago, anyways laura is peeking at my writing now.. whatever she sucks booo for u laura u suck, and i dont know weasnt there like a limit to this thing or o …

» Posted By francisco On 04.27.2010 @ 7:15 am


I love the battery that powers my web site… check out and give me some feedback with your battery!

» Posted By francisco On 04.09.2009 @ 5:36 pm

battery agian yes isay that you got it twice so i figured i woudn’t get it agian but i was wrong! I have 2 recharable batteries since I love to photograph for my site yes thats me

» Posted By Francisco On 04.09.2009 @ 5:34 pm

key of the car in the go lane but don’t let it earse just fix it when it dies =, buy a new one only if you need it. it is a cell in a bag that only does its job if it has thepower too, let be in power if you need it

» Posted By Francisco On 04.09.2009 @ 5:31 pm


for all us only one and only one world, there’s no reason to loose ir

» Posted By Francisco On 09.05.2008 @ 4:19 pm


Life is something that you need to take seriuosly. Nothing goes wrong when you are doing it because you want it. You can not and should not feel guilty because any other person tell you that you are mistaken. You can only feel guilty because you are doing things that you don’t feel or don’t want to do. Don’t feel guilty for living life!

» Posted By Francisco On 01.01.1970 @ 12:00 am

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