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They chattered like a flock of parrots, relentlessly repeating the same old phrases, unthinkingly echoing what they had been taught. There was no getting to them, nothing to change their point of views.

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He had suggested it, but nobody seemed to listen to him. Which was really infuriating, he knew he was right and they SHOULD not let their antipathy get the upper hand. But you can’t change human nature.

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She wore it with pride. Her T-Shirt was her sign to the world. She would not surrender to public opinion. There he was, staring at her shirt with disdain. But there was no way she would give up her tits-shirt.

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He felt pain on his forhead, when he came to again. What the .. he put his hand up – and his fingers came back bloody. Slowly he got up and walked home. The people on the street stared at him.

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She signed. He kept ranting, her ears would hurt, if she could still hear. She signed again. Then she tried to open her handbag. The cop grabbed her wrist. She made the sign for writing. He seemed to understand that, at least … so she slowly opened her bag, grabbed the pistol and shot through the bag.

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He wore it with pride. No matter how much his mother frowned, when she saw him in it, no matter how much abuse he got at school from his classmates and how often the teachers told him to take it off – he would not.

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The vehicle pulled up next to him. A middle-aged woman looked at him: “Excuse me, Sir, can you tell me where I can find the nearest police station?” She seemed rather composed.

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She heard it again, three times. But she thought it was only the wind. The last time, the rapper had been sounded, her grandmother had died. But she did not want to be superstitious. So she just amounted it to the wind. She looked out of the window, no twig on the trees moved.

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How could this happen? The question ran around her brain as if it was a stadium. No end in sight, must be a marathon run only in the stadium. She was tired, so tired, but this question did not rest, nor did it let her rest. She wanted an answer.

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He longed for his old trustworthy friend, the one that had not let him down in 36 years, But his boss had thrown it out. Now all he was left with was this machine he was not familiar with, a machine that seemed randomly to accept or decline his bidding.

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All those jokes about players dropping like flies got tedious. They were not even logical. Flies could FLY after all, hey there were even named according to their favourite activity. So all those droppings were rather dropping like stones.

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The roaring from the crowd had subsided for now, all were saving their breath and waited under the scorching sun for the penalties to come. The players emptied several water bottles over themselves and even drank a little. The teams were hectically analyzing the opponents.

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The shutters of the house were closed, The paint was coming off, peeling away along the blinds, giving it the air of having lepra. A zombie house. It offered the prospect of doom.

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He knew he wanted him. No other would do. But the price tag was hefty. Still – the rep was good. Which would sell shirts. And other things. So yes, he would pay those 222. Millions.

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On the lawn again, rolling around, again, claiming to be hurt, again, he was a serial liar. Everybody could see that his antics were nothing but a lie. Still he continued to destroy his well deserved reputation with his lies and complaints. He did a Neymar on the pitch.

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No, she was not going to eat this. It looked green, fair enough, but it reminded her of a human heart. No way would she be able to put something like that into her mouth. She’d rather starve. The others looked on and wondered what was wrong.

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She watched the game. Her seat was excellent, so was the service from the stewards. She enjoyed her premium VIP box. The drama that unfolded on the lawn was far away from the exquisite prosecco she enjoyed.

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Somebody said, it could not be done. She would show them. Somebody said she was the wrong person to do it, she would show them. Somebody said she should not do it, but she would.

Somuch for somebody …

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She stood floored, could not believe it. “You are lying,” she screamed at the poor police man in front of her. “You just want to hurt me or make a cruel joke and think I let you fool me!”

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She heard the screeching, she smelt the burning rubber, she felt the vibrations as the car dolted away like a young filly. The victim lay motionless on the road.

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She reached the wreck. Many people sat on the sides of the track. Some were bleeding profusely. She could see some lying around unmoving. Well, her task would be the ones she could not see yet, the ones still on the train, she was a fire fighter after all.

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She feared for his sanity. He was roaring and yelling and cursing and swearing – and he was the vicar after all, who she and everybody else knew to be mild of manners and strict in his condemnation of harsh and improper language.

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She stood at the sink. How long was her washer broken now? She was not happy. But her husband had promised to fix it and she did not want to become one of those nagging wives. So she soldiered on and did the dishes by hand, thrice a day.

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They really tried. The lawn was a war field now, the coaches were generals, the goals were their weapons, the players were the soldiers.

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She rattled the keys at the front door. No answer. Her dog always greeted her with loud barks when he heard her jingling the keys. What was wrong here? As she slipped the key in the door, she saw it.

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He looked into those brown eyes. This was HIS realm, no space for the other. He lunged forward. The other backed down. Oh, he would find him and if he had to dig up his whole lawn, damned moles.

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She looked up. There it was again, the black dot in the corner. She shivered. No, she wouldn’t be able to sleep with that thing in here. How was she supposed to. How could that happen? Why weren’t all openings covered?

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she was sitting in the capsule, belted to her seat. How many times until they would free her? The verdict had been “life” but seldom did that mean for life.

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She knew that thing lived. She could see it pulse and move and there was something in this thing she would compare to a human heart. But still – this planet had a temperature well below absolute zero – HOW did it survive?

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He looked at the construction with a wary eye. It would probably not hold, knowing his luck it would break when he was in the middle of it. But it was the only way for him to leave this place. And he should leave, he could he his pursuers already, not long before they caught sight of him.

» Posted By Fran Hunne On 06.12.2018 @ 11:06 pm

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