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“What’s the catch?”

“Shave your beard.”

His eyes widen with disbelief. He’d always thought she loved that about him. She leans in eyeing his reaction. He stiffens. The her lips brush against the lobe of his ear. The sudden closeness makes it real. There’s no game here. She means exactly as she says.

“When we really kiss later I don’t want to feel anything else between us.” She kisses a bare patch on his neck to drive the point home.

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Some people think that auras exist. I don’t, I think it’s a load of hippy nonsense. Should that be spelled hippy or hippie?

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she held on to the top of the ladder with one hand, inhaling the smell of dusty old books, and stories, and safety, as her hands ran over the spines, searching for the right cover.

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And with that, i had arrived. It hadnt seemed like i had been in the car at all long, certainly not long enough to have arrived. I looked around with foggy eyes, i can’t have fallen asleep? I don’t remember dreaming.. maybe this was my dream?

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let it go!

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