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The planter was small, just large enough for the three plants which nestled between its chipped plastic walls. They were surprisingly different, though the consistency of the soil looked the same throughout, and the water level as well. One was a miniature tree.

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“Hold still” She snapped, grabbing the other woman’s arm tightly.
The blonde’s breath hissed out in pain, her face white and damp with sweat.
The brunette poured the brandy liberally over the wound and began winding it with gauze.
“I’m not sure that’s how that’s supposed to work,” grunted the blonde.

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I was itchy. Everywhere. And they had told me it might be a side effect of the chemical imbalance inside my brain but it didn’t make it any less real for me. I couldn’t stop scratching and everyone couldn’t stop staring. I knew it wasn’t what it seemed like, yet my mind told me it had to be true.

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I would love to be confident in juggling. I would love to be confident enough to juggle in the circus in front of a large audience. I need to practise lots to build up my confidence. One day I

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His love for his country simmered like a boiling pot of potatoes. Seemingly quiet and calm but all of a sudden overflowing, loud and messy when a national sporting win was announced.

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the scent was overwhelming, but i was pretty sure bathing wasn’t even on the menu anyway. That was fine by me, because I had a bad experience as a kid while taking a bath filled with laundry detergent, and as a result formed a deterrent to detergent.

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There was a knock on the door. The occupant, a dark haired stranger to most people, went and dashed upstairs. He knew what the were coming for. If they came in, they would capture him. Then his life will be subject to at least 20 years in prison because of what he had done.

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As I climb the thermals I soar higher and higher. I am alone in the sky looking down on the world. All around me is quiet and I am alone with my thoughts.

» Posted By Fiona On 01.10.2015 @ 4:02 am

I will soar like an eagle. ALone and free in the world. Leading, my own directions. Finding , seeing, discovering! Up in the thermals! Swooping on prey! Majestic!

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The cold sent a chill through both of us and I clutched onto James’ arm, hanging from it like a little kid. He glanced down at me and smiled. Wintertime was my favorite. The snow, cold, all the lights, and everyone just seemed so friendly.

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I lay on the beach, the warm air enclosing me. I heard their tribal calls in the distance, I don’t know what had gotten into them. two weeks stranded on this island and they were all pigs, every last one of them

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i couldn’t imagine a more pleasant bowl of orange circles. i think the red glow mixed nicely with the conversation. But even still, it was one of those times where you just knew Chase would approach with his usual pitiful entrance, and before long we’d all be listening as by a dying campfire, to a story going nowhere, and with an empty bowl. Hardly worth the trouble.

» Posted By Fiona On 09.22.2014 @ 3:33 pm


tom waits is playing while dishes get clean. college bros are having a party on their rooftop and people kind of hate them here. not that they would notice. do they notice anything? wise wording

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She sat there laughing at herself, that’s all she could do really. Was this literally her life? It seemed like more of a sitcom made for bored teenagers who weren’t planning on doing much with their lives.

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Cold. It was so cold. We need warmth and we were the only things here, and so we huddled for warmth. It was not much better, but it was comforting. I think that’s what we needed. Comfort.

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i don’t think i’ll be giving the circle ones back. figured… that sweater that you adopted of mine, well, it was new and i let you borrow it because you were cold. so those cool 80’s peppermint earrings? i’m going to adopt them and just get passed the passive aggressive comments.

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the water was a tiny shade of violet. Pansy and I were playing mermaids. She was blonde. I didn’t like her company, but I was a big fan of Pearl, the mermaid she always chose to play. My name was usually Violet. I appreciated our other friend, who always went by the mermaid name “Coral” which – I mean, why would you do that?

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The web shimmered as a gentle wind passed. Translucent. Wondrous. A feat of engineering even in human terms. Yet she couldn’t stand what it represented. Somewhere, near, was the eight-legged engineer. A quick swipe with the long-handled broom, erased her fear.

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it was small and white, like a snowball. but a crappy snowball made by a jerk. i decided that if anything in my life were going to be translucent, it would have to be made of cedar or glass. but, my vocabulary was a blur after being hit by so many snowballs, so i shrugged and bagn looking at something else, and likely having a thought about it.

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He hovered outside the entrance. His father had always tried to instill a love of mechanics in his only son. But it never took hold. Now, here he was, outside his sister’s garage. An oil change was all that was needed.

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what is the point of school anymore?
Like they teach us anything
I am so glad that its going to be summer holidays
screw the summer exams
i mean seriously why bother?

» Posted By fiona On 05.26.2014 @ 4:32 am

it was scary. For the first time ever after 8 years i was in school. Mum taught me what i needed to know but she didn’t tell me that it would be this scary. I wish she was here with me. The doctors said that she would come back soon. I think they’re lying, mummy is going to sleep for a long time before she wakes up again. She’s pretty hurt.

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Witholding from everyone else is a struggle. But it’s the safest way to assure that I won’t get hurt again. And I can’t trust anybody after what happened last time.

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Lil’ Scott wasn’t that little compared to just Scott. But when it came time for pondering, which was usually around 7 o clock, Lil Scott dwelled on the infentisimle ways in which one could not know a thing, like the meaning and spelling of a word he’d heard, yet dared not use.

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Single. That word is just a blow to the heart. It reminds me me of just how a pathetic person I am. Single forever and always, that was my motto. And I was still waiting for my knight in shining armor when

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I saw her every week at church. Always kept her head down, hands tucked into her pockets. I would see her lips move ever so slightly, mouthing the words to the hymns. And after communion, she would always be the first one out. I’d many times tried to follow her, but as soon as I walked out, she was always gone

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The little boy sat in the corner of the room, has back half – turned to his mother.

“Put your things away please James”.
“No”, said James.
“You’re just being stubborn”, if you can’t put them away then we won’t be able to go and play football with your friends this afternoon.
“I don’t want to go anyway”, he said.
His mother just sighed. “Suit yourself”.

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the occupancy sign said that they were empty. He pulled into the lot, gripping my hand tightly. When we pulled into the parking space he glanced at me and smiled nervously. “I love know that right?”

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My fingers were pruned from sitting in the shower for so long. I wasn’t ready to get out yet but my brothers had been pounding on the door for a solid ten minutes. I wasn’t ready to face the world though, I needed a few more minutes in my sanctuary

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the home run derby was always the best part of their practice. I sat in my normal spot under the tree while all the guys lined up for their turn. I watched not one of them hit it over. Practice ended and I went onto the field. Tossing the ball up and swinging the bat, the ball soared over the fence, hooooome run. Why wouldn’t they give me a chance to play

» Posted By Fiona On 02.08.2014 @ 5:04 pm

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