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Sometimes the messages are less than subliminal. Blunt even.

“Wanna enjoy the sunshine without all the sneezing, try our proprietary formula!”

“The beach is a blast. And did you see that man rising out of the water, rivulets shedding seductively off that rippling abdomen, how can you resist the clearly defined allure of rugged masculinity. You can’t. Just remember to pick up a pair of these name brand sunglasses from which to spy behind.”

“It’s a holiday weekend, good folks. Time to barbecue something with this mid-grade grill that’s conveniently on sale right now.”

“A public park is like ‘nice’ and all. But we’re talking about the great outdoors here. Go explore it with our quality brand of camping equipment and clothing. Soar like a goddamn eagle at the ridge of a jagged, untamed mountain range you brick and mortar yuppies.”

“P.S. Look at this sleek automobile navigating highways along these sun-kissed landscapes! That could be you on your way to someplace special.”

However that’s not the message today. I’m enjoying the comfort of my solitude amid the things that live and die and repeat these cycles again and again. Today all others will be buffered like a breeze banked by grasses and trees. Absorbed by the moss that lives on both bark and rock alike.

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