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I was out in the dense forest and the trees around me waved there leaves at me as the wind rippled through my hair. I had only one knife for cutting wood but little did I know that that would the the weapon that would save my family from the dangers of mother nature. The only thing that I did know is that one day this would be one of the longest folktales known to man.

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The Temple of Doom. Weird that Oneword could be a source of many a slow-laptop woe…and so the diagnostics continue, I suppose.

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Shimmering eyes meet cruel hearts disguised by soaring rhetoric; hopeful eyes meet callow hearts bolstered by patriotic fervor; haunted eyes meet battered hearts desensitized by war.

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“A meaningless, shallow, immature, frivolous, short-lived, inconsistent, mutually dishonest and degrading waste of time, effort, and life,” Katie whipped off clinically, but with one decidedly severe raise of the eyebrows at the end to punctuate her opinion. Feeling less than keen on pursuing the subject further, she shut her locker and walked away, not bothering to wait for their response.
As she walked across campus to Chemistry, Katie realized she had left her book in her locker in her rush to avoid dealing with others’ bewilderment and criticism. She sighed mentally, envisioning friends and family with worried looks, preparing to stage an intervention. Not that she felt she needed one, or didn’t have completely valid points to make.

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The contrast struck Judith not as incongruous or discordant, but as more true and starkly beautiful than anything she had experienced in a long time…a very long time. A tear rolled down her cheek, as the piercing, tragic chords played and the the soft, brokenhearted voice sang, and Bryan absentmindedly painted the word “Joy” in vibrant Christmas colors on the poster board at her feet.

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Is looking up at the stars, looking out at the crowds, looking down on the city, looking back at the front door, looking away from their eyes, looking beyond the empty road in front of you, stretching toward the never-ending horizon, when suddenly your vision is blurred, as if nerves connected to something untenable are telling your brain of the pain induced by looking.

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Derived…Too much time in math classes has prevented my brain from thinking of anything but Calculus at the sight of the word. Literally can’t think of anything else. College is so great.

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Jared grinned at the sight, his mind racing. “All the possibilities…” His grin widened, but just as he lifted his camera to capture the best leverage a greedy teen could ever ask for, the door flew open and his mom rushed in, livid over the mud he’d so carelessly tracked,
“all over the brand new carpet!” she screeched. “Which you are going to clean, NOW.” The flames in her eyes left him no choice but to do as she said.

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It didn’t make any sense. They had gone straight, completely straight. It was the only direction they could go. This tree, that withered bush, those footprints…”These are our footprints, Chris.” Jen looked at him, her eyes communicating an inner ache that seemed dangerously like the ache that accompanies loss…and surrender. “No, Jen, don’t think like that. We’ll be fine. We just need to, to — we just can’t give up. We’ll be fine, okay? We’ll be fine.”

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Jenny Murphy stared vacantly at the speaker as he delivered his trite attempts at inspiration to the class of 2025, and to all those in the auditorium who supported them, or at least cared enough to feign support for once.
“…such an important day to recognize and celebrate the achievements of the remarkable students represented here. But again, achievement doesn’t stop with graduation…”
Her gaze shifted, eventually fixing on the back of Jack Sterling’s head. For the thousandth time in as many days as they’d been at school together, Jenny’s feelings of ill-will apparently failed to penetrate his conceited skull; he didn’t turn, or flinch, or even flip his hair.

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The quarterback revved his engine, a lopsided grin stretching across his face, gaze fixed on something no one else could see. His girlfriend was running, screaming for him to stop, but he seemed unable to hear her. The horrible scene unfolded slowly as the student body stared, stricken. Grace watched from the roof, her body shaking as a single tear of terror darted down her cheek; when, why, how had she seen this before?

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Kate shut her computer decisively. Not wasting one more minute on the delusions of one more scientist who’d spent a little too long in the sun, or experimenting with chemicals, or whatever it was that made them lose it. No, she decided she no longer cared what the universe was made of, where it came from, why it’s moving, how we live in it, or when it’s going to kill any given person, or every person, that calls it home. “I think I hate it”, she whispered at the wall. “I really think I hate it.” But the wall could not ask what she hated. The wall could not speak, or think, or even hear what she said in the first place….So why did she feel like someone was listening?

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The colonel’s breath caught in his throat. Crunch…Crunch…Crunch. There it was again, behind him this time. Frozen, the colonel racked his brain for any means he could think of to gain the upper hand against what was coming. But his mind was blank; like ghosts from the past, the voices of superior’s that had once pushed him, pressed him, punished him until he got it right now echoed hollowly in his ears.
Turning around, the colonel braced himself to die.

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She clambered up the ivy clinging to the brick wall surrounding the school. Pausing to catch her breath at the top, Miranda noticed a security guard patrolling the grounds.
“Seriously, what kind of school is this?” Miranda thought to herself. The rhetorical nature of the question, however, did not allow Miranda time to actually expend much energy thinking of an answer. Instead, she jumped to the ground as the security guard disappeared around the west edge of the school; expelling one more deep breath, Miranda made her way toward the one of the boarding rooms, a blinking flashlight in the window guiding her steps.

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Black and white, dark and light, hard and soft, wet and dry, hot and cold, young and old, life and death, heaven and hell. A contrast that will span eternity, the difference between love and hate, joy and sorrow, restoration and pain, eternal life and eternal death — the difference between a God-filled City and a godless Pit of Fire.

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Short of a narrative of her entire life, Susan could not think of anything she could possibly write to fill the five page minimum.
“Why do English teachers love to torture students so much?” she asked Aaron, the sporty boy in the seat across from her (and, as it happened, as far from Mrs. Dunning as was possible to be). Susan often asked him rhetorical questions borne of the frustration she felt at the end of English each day; he actually answered them quite often, but he said the same thing each time.
“Because they hate kids.”
She thought about why that might be for a second, same as always, and drew a blank, same as always.
“Well what’s so hate-able about us?” Susan glared pointedly at the assignment guidelines on the board, bitterly envisioning the weekend ahead.

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Chivalry is something Jenna didn’t think existed. Not that she thought it was “dead” as others said. No, Jenna was convinced that it never existed in the first place.
“Guys always have been, and always will be, too egotistical to care about the people they’re ‘helping’ more than they care about how charming or brave or manly it makes them look,” she thought; “It’s for them.”
She looked over at a junior boy asking a hot freshman if she needed help with her books. The girl responded exactly as expected, laughing flirtatiously and protesting a couple of times before handing over her books to that satisfied smile, a smile looking to score, a smile that knew nothing about this girl and didn’t care.
“It’s always for them.”
Jenna hated chivalry. And she hated when guys pretended they practiced it.

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“The flowers still haven’t bloomed, Mama.” Jenny sighed and looked forlornly out at the dark clouds sucking all color out of the plant life surrounding their home. She didn’t know why she ever hoped for the flowers to bloom, because only once in her memory had it ever happened, and that time was long since passed.
“The flowers never bloom, honey,” her mom said with a smile. But a hint of sadness tinged her voice as she continued, “And I expect that will always be the case…” Her gaze fixed on the window seat cushion her daughter was sitting on as her mind drifted, but soon the oven’s buzz jolted her from her mind’s wanderings.

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Some say your life is one dot on a line that stretches for light years. She says a dot is the end of a line in a book. The end of a story perhaps? Whether life is a dot, or a dot ends a story, he couldn’t say. But he knows that life and stories are connected. Connect the dots? They say a picture tells a story, that it’s worth more than words. But what is the worth of a life that’s a dot. Maybe it’s worth one story, one picture, one ending. Or maybe it’s connected to the entire line, part of an intricate story, one picture in a grand mosaic. We all say so many different things…

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Who are the truly homeless? Those, it seems, who have no true family to rely on, to love, to talk to and support. Those who are unwanted in a home. Those who don’t belong with others. Those who are not loved….yes, the unloved, I think, are truly the ones with no home.

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What sort of signals were you sending? Did you make it clear that you were a tragic love story? Did you communicate the gravity of the illness you’re facing? Did you relay the reality of your chronic exaggeration and sarcasm borne of psychotic humor?

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“I never said it would be easy,” Pete said with a smirk, a gleam of pleasure flashing through eyes that viewed pain as a game.

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I don’t know if you could call him a weakling, per se, but I do know that his cowardice created a crippling effect, rendering his arms completely ineffective.

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I did not seek to instill a spirit of recklessness, but I could not conceal the intensity I felt toward the cause.

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The cave was dimly lit, but still warm. I smiled at the small elder that stoked the fire. He had so many smile wrinkles himself, it was almost impossible not to feel at least a little better when I looked at him.

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She was grasping at straws now, fully aware that the entire room understood that she was nothing she had built herself up to be. She looked near tears, but still she grinned, shoving the growing anxiousness she felt to the back of her mind.

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i thought of upper secondary for some reason, i couldnt think of anything else, and it was all that came to mind. i had a great time though, in upper secondary. i still keep in touch with some of my fellow students, and some are my best friends to this day.

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Despite feeling anxious, I walked down the hallway. It was dark and I couldn’t see a metre in front of me. It was like some kind of dream, or nightmare and I sensed I was being watched.
Though I had to keep going to find Maisie.

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i’m alive!!!isn’t that great?

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