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Man am i thirsty he wondered as he got home from an exhausting day at the robotics factory where he was working on the walking torch droids. the heat from the droids continually dehydrated him, resulting in multiple blisters and a horrible thirst.
he immediately opened his fridge for a beer only to see that it was once again completely empty. the case of lemon berry shandy he had so looked forward to was now gone. while this was a horrible disappointment to him, he mostly felt ashamed for posessing such a horrible drinl. perhaps this was the reason why he lived alone, to enjoy his shandy in comforting solitude and no judgement, but all he knew at the moment was that someone had taken the entire case. the door was undamaged, and because of his paranoid nature, he frequently kept the door locked to prevent this exact catastrophe.
he slammed the door in a huff, wondering what could have happened. nobody had been to his apartment in the past week, so there was nothing to worry about there. he had fired the cleaning lady because she lost his favorite blanket the other day, and anyone else he could have thought to enter his apartment could not have gotten in because they didnt exist.
thats when he noticed the cat.

» Posted By fandi On 12.20.2012 @ 12:54 am


Convicts are dangerous. I once met one on the streets of Bangladesh. He was not nice. He asked me for some money, but when I refused to give him any, he resorted to cutting out my liver. I went to the hospital.

» Posted By Fandi On 06.02.2012 @ 10:56 am

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