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Martin tossed and turned in his bed. He tried to keep him mind clear but it always seemed to go back to that Burger King. He sat up, putting his hands over the covers he gripped the sheets. “That outlet is going to burn the whole building down,” he grumbled nervously to himself.

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Jumping quickly, he took to the air and flapped his wings harshly to gain height. “Alright! Now hold them out!” his father called from below. With wobbling appendages, he opened his wings to hover.

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The colors of the sky pulled her forward, hypnotizing her with their promises of nowhere.

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You are the one who gives me. You give me all that you have and all that I need. I cup my hands out in front of me and you provide. I shiver and you place a blanket over my shoulders. I cry out and you rush to my side. I close my eyes and you sing my a lullaby…

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I camp out in your arms. They enclose me in a safe and warm environment where I can relax without worry. I have no reason to suspect that the cold winds will break through, I have to reason to worry that rain will wet my head, because you are a solid foundation and I will camp here for life and beyond.

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You’re acting as though I’m the one that grabbed you by the collar and threw you to the ground. Like I’m the one that beat you down until you were battered and bleeding. That I’m the one who made you end up with stitches.

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Kyle grabbed my hand and began to drag me along the path. “Let go of me!” I screeched, working desperately to free myself from his grip. “No way,” he said simply as he continued to walk. I was NOT amused.

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Wandering through the darkened woods, he strained his eyes to find some sort of light. He pulled his feet high off the ground in an attempt t avoid tripping but his plan failed. His face down in the dirt, he raised it to find light. He raised it, discovering a new land.

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I felt the intense panic shooting itself through my veins as I attempted to run. My best effort was pointless. No one can run from themselves. Faced with my own fears, as they were towering over me, my whole world shook.

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Progress. I seem to be lacking that in my life, my world. Packing up boxes and seemingly moving from place to place when really I’m just moving back and forth along the same line. I’m going absolutely nowhere. Silly.

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The lights coming from your eyes are stunning. Watching them tear apart the world around you bit by bit. What an adventure it is to be your friend, to be near you. Others call you a threat and hide from your eyes but I just wait patiently until the day you look to me and destroy me with those eyes.

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Sleeved? I’ mot entirely sure what that even means. Sleeved… Is it about a shirt? “Never wear you heart on your sleeve,” they say. Or maybe it’s, “Wear your heart on your sleeve.” I don’t know. It’s not like I care anyway.

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“The alarm rang loudly frightening everybody around!”
“Alright Mr. Su that’s enough, you can sit down now,” my teacher mumbled erasing the word ‘alarming’ off the board. I made my way to my seat, a smug smile on my face.

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Everything about her was alarming. Her eyes, her hair, her face in general. It just screamed alarming. So people ran from her. She never had any close friends, not that she wanted any. She was better off alone anyway, at least that’s what she told her mom who was constantly asking, “Why don’t any of your friends come over?” “I don’t have any mom!”

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She was very domestic; she cleaned the house daily, did all the laundry, even cooked every meal they ate. He was very happy to have her, but she felt a bit discontent. A bit unappreciated really, but she plastered on her fake smile and continued her daily tasks without so much as a complaint. He loved her. She liked him, kind of.

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Assimilate sleep. Assimilate wake. So many are asleep, with no desire to be awake. Who will awaken them? None but themselves; eternal sleep they’ll be damned. Walking as blind eyes-wide as they are when they slumber. No one will open their eyes, but their own mind which powers them and all parts of their being. Damned to death during life.

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It was the thing that annoyed me the most about myself. Those damn sun splotches; sun blotches on my arms. What are they? Why do they appear the way they do? Mitch says it’s skin cancer… as a joke. Living off of dollar store Cocoa Butter!

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the best thing about substance is you don’t have to think about it after the fact. you just go. It is. You can spend your whole life leading up to it, but when you get there: done. It’s over from that point on. there is no turning back. fortunately, at the end of the day when you’ve had your fun, you’re fully effed up. that is the way life goes.

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