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I turned the key into the lock. That’s it. I’m not writing more. To bad.

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She walked down the corridors. heels clicking loudly on the floor beneath her. The sound bounced of the walls and came back to her. Her chin was raised up and back was ramrod straight. Fire could be seen in her eyes and her left hand made a fist around the paper. She stood in front of the large brown door and heard noises from inside. Raising her, she knocked twice and waited for the solemn “come in” in that deep voice. She took a deep breathe and pushed the door open. She looked into the deep brown eyes of the person behind the desk, and for a split second, she felt like a student confronting the principal.

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I made my way down the corridor, my heels clicking loudly with every step I took, bouncing of the walls around me. My jaw was clenched and fire was in my eyes. My hand held the paper I had just gotten from those troublesome boys from my eighth period class. Today they wouldn’t get away with this. Either they leave or I leave, though I’m pretty sure I would make sure I get them out. I stopped in front of the principals office, and knocked twice. A solemn ‘come in’ came from the other side. I pushed the door open and walked right up to his table. He looked up with surprise, noting my anger stance. I was usually a very calm and collected person. “Ms. Ratheron, I hope everything is alright?”

I looked at him with a sarcastic smile. “It will be now.”

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I’m not exactly sure what this word means. And the meaning I do know is probably the slang definition of It. It’s funny that I’m even explaining this even when i can just skip writting this and go about do something else.

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I looked around at the cameras that were flashing at me and all the people gathered around. They wanted to hear what I had to say about this, my opinion. It was a little nerve wracking to know that people all over the world will be watching or listening to this. Scrutinizing it and analyzing every word I say to interpret it as they will. I looked at the cameraman right in front of me, camera on my face. I squared my shoulders,looked straight at the camera and gave the world my statement.

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I looked over at my friend as the bell rang. Great, I thought, another lunch break gone to waste. I wasn’t sure exactly how many more Mrs. White was planning to waste. It frustrated me. I considered brutally murdering her after school various times. I wasn’t sure why I never really followed through with it. I made my way to my next class with Jane, my best friend and slammed my books down on the table.
And then a moment of sheer embarrassment washed over me. Why was I being so dramatic? And that over a lunch detention too. Jane passed me a chocolate as the teacher started teaching about civilizations. I sighed and shook my head, I needed to concentrate for next weeks quiz

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I looked at my friend as the bell rang. Great, I thought. Another lunch break gone to waste. She just smirked at me and looked back at Mrs. White who looked satisfied with herself. A blissful smile on her face. I turned to look at her with a glare.
If looks could kill…I thought, she should be dead on the floor with her eyes rolled back in her head.
Jane smiled like she knew what I was thinking.

Mrs. White was our history teacher. For some reason, she detested both me and Jane. Not that we liked her either.

I fiercely hated her. She always finds excuses to put us into detention. One of these days I’m going to have to have to murder her after school.

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cooking rice. putting the fire too high, it overcookes… water all over my stove. Shit! what a mess.
Overflowing with love. full of romance. my heart is bursting. in a good way

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