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The man stamped his foot as he threw a fit. He couldn’t believe that they had moderated his post simply over something as simple as two me going on a date. Even more he couldn’t believe that they had chosen not to unlock it. It was looking more and more like oppression and he was getting ready to leave the site and branding it as a place that was not LGBT friendly.

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I strapped my parachute to my back getting ready to jump. There are several things that can make me jump from a site. Oppression of my first amendment rights, overt or underhanded homophobia, rudeness, or being poorly run.

So now I am sitting here and waiting to see if I jump (and warn my writing friends) or if I stay and sing praises. Only time will tell.

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The date was going – well, not great, but it was a far cry from his last one. Which had been straight from a horror movie. His date had even been arrested for murder!

Really, this plain, ordinary dull man was much more to his pace. The man droned on and on about his job at the computer shop. Really Roger loved computers as much as the next person, but he knew crap about them. He didn’t care about processors, motherboards, and shit like that.

When the date finally ended they parted ways. Roger had to rush off, so there were no good night kisses. As he heard his date yell; “Call me,” after they had parted ways. The only thing Roger could think of is; ‘Yeah, right!’

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On a scale of one to ten; ten being the worst, the pain was at twenty. Holy hell, how could anyone live through this? How could she live through this? How did women back in the day deal with it? They didn’t have pain medicine or anything. Hell, most of them even had more than one child. How and why would anyone put themselves through this even once?

“One more push,” a nurse said in a simpering voice. The woman swore that if the bitch ever came close to her hands or feet there would be a great pain brought down upon her.

With one final scream the child was finally out. Now she got to look forward to a life of discovery and a neutered husband.

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The easygoing nature of the man threw everyone off. No one would have dreamed that he was something other than the laid back man that everyone loved. No one knew the darkness that laid right beneath the surface.

His hatred that was mistaken for crankiness and old fashioned values. When the news reporters descended upon the quiet neighborhood asking about the man those were the words reported. No, they never suspected he was burying bodies has he tended his roses day in and day out. Those poor women, they just never knew.

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The rewrite on the play was coming along just – treacherously. She was doing her best to please the original author, the director, and the producer. A near impossible feat in her opinion.

Each of them wanted something different. She didn’t blame the original author for wanting to keep in as much of his work as possible. However, he had to understand that everything couldn’t (and shouldn’t) be included.

The producer was easy enough to please – but the director wanted more explosions and less dialog. Which was never in the story. In fact the only bit of violence in the book was typical pigtail pulling.

The next time any of them complained to her about the other, she would go to the prop department, borrow a bow and a few arrows and shoot all three men in the ass!

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The man sits amongst the remains of his house sobbing at the decay around him. He pines for his dearly departed husband. He misses his touch, his smell, and more importantly his touch.

Yes, touch is the thing he misses the most. The soft caress to his cheek, The bone crushing hugs when his husband was happy. He missed it all.

He hadn’t said I love you as often as his husband deserved. He had deserved to be told every waking second they were together and now it was too late. At least until he followed him into the light.

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The man pleaded innocent. He used lunacy as his defense. Clearly, his lawyers had stated, the man was insane. No sane person would come out and piss on people from the balcony in the mall. It was, in their mind, the sign of a disturbed mind that should not be held accountable for his actions.

The defense might have worked, if the perp had not done it again as soon as he had been paroled from the first offense. Though maybe he was insane… or he truly wanted to spend time in prison. Which turned out to be the real truth. He wanted to be in the same prison as his dad. He missed him after all.

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The elderly couple sat at the gallery watching the comings and goings o the neighborhood. Lost in their memory of days gone by. Of when it was them playing in the sprinklers sneaking kisses when they thought their parents weren’t watching.

The their kids doing the same and thinking that they had the idea first and that their parent wouldn’t have a clue (never mind that was exactly how their eldest was conceived) and now they are watching doing the same thing again. Maybe it was in their blood or maybe it was in the soil. It didn’t matter, the only thing that mattered was family.

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It was a festive occasion. Well, the bachelors saw it as such. They had all the naughty party favors and the luscious strippers. They had both agreed, no touching. It was damned hard with the hot sweaty bodies gyrating in front of their face. Well, at least if things got too bad they could go to the bathroom for a quickie. The joy of sending their last night together before becoming Husband and Husband.

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Asdel had been hoping that this time he would have a kindly master. One that would understand the importance of hard work over wishful thinking.

As Jasaha smiled and wished for jewel lined Lehenga for her wedding, Asdel knew what he had to do and it did not matter if she was kindly or not. She had broken her word to him and now it was his duty to take her life before he moved on to the next place. Perhaps this time there would be wisdom.

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The man was dunked in the tank and held there for ten seconds before he’s lifted out.

“How do you plead?” the priest asks before the man could catch his breath.

“I never-,” he started before he was immersed in the water again. Th torture went on for hours. Always the same question and always the same reaction. Only when he finally broke down and sobbingly admitted that he was a witch was he allowed to die.

The priest prayed for his sins as the last air bubbles escaped the drowning man the final word was uttered.

“May God have mercy on your soul. Amen.”

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The distilled elixir of youth was poured carefully into the waiting beaker. With this small amount the woman would look gorgeous forever. It was everyone’s dream come true; to be young and beautiful forever. Well, she thought that until she spilled the entire vial on herself and reverted back to infancy. At that point all she could do is dread having to go through puberty again.

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His breath is stolen as he looks over the cliff. He had known that looking would be a bad idea, but he could not tune out the screams of the people in the valley bellow.

Tears and screams of pain or pleasure, he couldn’t really tell. He was nestled too high in the mountain. Terrified of the goings on of the demons invading. He had warned them all and they had laughed. Now he could laugh, except it wasn’t at all humorous.

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The young man was being driven crazy by the queens’ mothering. They were always making sure he was doing well and had enough to eat. Never mind that they couldn’t cook. They still wanted him to eat. He wasn’t skin and bones, he was a healthy weight. He didn’t care what Ivana said he didn’t need to go lift weights. No, he didn’t care that Flora could pick him up with one hand. She was a tough lady and he knew that. (Yes, this is why he tolerated the mothering.)

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The baby in the crib cooed while the frustrated mother sat beside it crying. Her babe would never know her father and with a simple signing of a paper would never not remember her mother either. She loved her child, she truly did. That is why she has to do this.

She cannot give her child the life that she wanted. She couldn’t afford to, not with her husband’s extra income. No, she would do this an then burn the crib. Tabby had given her a month of joy and now she would bring joy to someone who would love her and care for her.

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The light bouncing off of the mirror instantly blinded the man, causing him to squint in an attempt to make anything out. He had been warned to keep his eyes down. That they were not asking for his respect, but out of concern for his safety. That the sight might well blind him. As the room grew brighter and his eyes saw less, he finally believed. He wasn’t sure what he believed, but it had cost him his eyes and he was lucky that the price hadn’t been higher.

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The opulent room was breath taking. Crystal chandeliers hung from a richly painted ceiling. Look at it you would almost expect one of the demons or angels to swoop down to claim you for themselves.

The marble floors polished to a mirror finish. Tables laden with fat roasted geese, succulent baby pigs, and desserts as far as the eye could see.

Her stomach seized at the sight and smells. It had been a long time since she had eaten and oh, the endless line of crystal tumblers filled with sparking water were heaven sent.

As soon as she seated herself she burst into tears. It had been a mirage. One sent by hell itself to torment her. Sometimes she truly hated life.

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The battle was epic. Some would even say that it was biblical. Fire, ice, bullets, blood, and death. To a civilian it was pure hell. To a warrior it was heaven. Well, not everyone’s idea of heaven and hell were aligned.

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His tousled hair and disheveled clothes left no doubt in anyone’s mind that he had recently went a round or two rolling in the bedsheets with his gentleman paramour. There was no walk of shame fo him. He was happy and that was all that mattered. If anyone had a stopped him or looked at him with disdain that would have gotten an ear full.

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The ebony and ivory keys slid under her fingers as they gracefully made their way across the piano. The more keys she manipulated the more beautiful the music.

The woman was truly an artist who could, and would, capture your heart and force whatever emotion she wanted you to feel on a whim.

It was, by far, the most exquisite time the man had ever had. A time and melody he would never forget; nor would he soon forget the face of his voiceless siren.

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He crawled through the ash yelling in pain. Skin constantly being pulled from his flesh and then regrowing. Nerves exposed and covered within seconds.

Ash turned to shattered glass adding slices to his list of torments. He wasn’t sure what he had done to deserve this treatment, but he wished he was in hell rather than where he was.

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The transmission was choppy at best. They kept trying to get it to come in clear. The situation was getting worse by the day. Infection was spreading at an exponential rate. It was… dangerous and every second you were alive meant you were just another second closer to infection. There was no cure and no true hope, but who wants to die laughing?

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The ambulance attendants were very efficient in tending to the woman as she collapsed to the ground unconscious. They strapped her in and ran to the ambulance taking the necessary time to stabilize the woman. The family, even though worried, were relieved that she would be in good hands away from home.

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The fools sat there with their rulers, jerking off to see who would measure up to being the ‘big man on campus’. Too bad no one ever told them that most women use something other than a ruler to measure a man. Silly men and their toys.

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The scuba diver was found floating face down along the shoreline. His oxygen line cut, throat slashed, and a spear through the back. The coroner declared it an ‘accidental’ death. Obviously no one could possibly mean to do this man harm.

Never mind that he had recently got put on parole after a vicious attack on a child just six months prior. Yeah, it was an accident. Poor man should have watched where he was swimming.

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The drought had long since dried up the rivers and killed the plants. The animals were being slaughtered to be humane. Far better for them to die a quick death and go to the starving mouths than to let them remain alive and dying of thirst.

The dirt cake everything and more than one person had died. Everyone had taken the water for granted. After all, we have oceans full of water. I curse that we forgot that we couldn’t drink it.

I stare up into the burning sun and pray to anything and everything that today we get some rain. Even a sprinkle would help me, I think. Though I know I just want to die feeling water on my face. It’s been a long five years and I have outlived my family. It’s time for the earth to reclaim me. I will offer my dying body and soul to anyone who will end this drought.

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The Senator stood atop the pulpit shouting out his memorized lies and false promises with false zeal. A vote for me is the vote for righteousness. I promise to never betray the voter’s trust. I feel exactly the same way you do and it’s time for a change. Vote – vote – vote. Pick me, let me be the popular kid this time. I have more money/insight than my opponent.

I’m sorry that I lied to you. I’m sorry for my moment of weakness. I’m sorry you believed me you fools. I’m sorry I broke your rose tinted glasses. I’m actually a bleeding heart, especially when you put a bullet through my chest.

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She sat back smiling. She was truly overjoyed with the misery of those around her. Her malicious smile and sweet sigh of contentment as others cried out in agony or hit the wall with their heads.

The screams of those who had once tormented her made her tingle with excitement. She hadn’t thought that this would bring her arousal as well as the simple joy of getting a leg up on those fools. Life was good and getting better with each scream that reached her ears. It was good to be the Queen.

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Seldom have I the opportunity to welcome such a distinguished guest, such as yourself. Please, step into my parlor and tell me the tales of your travels. I am sure they are the height of entertainment and class.

Oh, where are my manners? Would you care for a class of cordial? I’ve only a humble berry cordial, hardly fitting for a Lord such as yourself, but it would honor me and my house if you were to accept.

Yes, yes, right away. No, you shouldn’t worry about bandits in this area. No one would dare to come upon my land. Which is why I am surprised by your visit My Lord. It is a welcome surprise however, I am so very hungry and you are so very lean. I imagine an apple will fill your mouth nicely.

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