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The word quick is really different. There is no other word like the word quick. it symbolizes everything that people love but everything that makes people lose sight of what’s important. People don’t realize that speed is not everything in life and that sometimes paying attention to the things that slow life down can make it more enjoyable. I think more people should live like this. It’s a happier lifestyle and shows who people really are.

» Posted By f On 01.18.2019 @ 2:36 pm


There will never be anything else in my mind than the way his words tipped off his tongue. Like art. Like music.

And I swear to God, his concert was for my ears only.

» Posted By F On 02.21.2017 @ 4:05 am


The curtain was pulled again. She remained motionless at the window. All she saw was tears on the face of a corpse, smiling like an erratic lover.

» Posted By F On 10.25.2015 @ 12:48 am


Pink and gold. The gentle swing of soft fabric, parting, round as an opal or a mouth. This is the birth of a breath or a world or a cloud. There are stars caught in the web of it, like eyes picked into the cloth with a needle and thread.

» Posted By F On 04.24.2015 @ 5:57 pm


Like tumbling forever. There is this idea that you will never be content again. Born from this awful sameness, this constant pressure that will not turn me into a diamond but will crush and crush, unending, until it ends.

» Posted By f On 03.25.2015 @ 4:49 pm


prank? what why does this word keep appearing everywhere i go. Whether i am walking past the local shops the word PRANK somehow always seems to appear. For example the other day i was at school when out of nowhere the teacher writes the word prank on the board.

» Posted By f On 07.22.2014 @ 11:50 pm


don’t tell me about glassy-eyed poets
or the sounds a burning building makes–
it’s not enough to make me cry

my fists are tiny and my mouth is tinier
but i’ve reached resistance to most common sorrows
(it’s easy if you’ve known nothing else)

don’t tell me about wars in your belly and bugs
flying into your dreams when you sleep–
it’s not enough to make me sympathize

my dreams are blank and my body is light
but that doesn’t mean i don’t know what it means
to overflow with dread

day in and day out
until the fountains beneath my eyes dry up
like parodies of cartoon deserts

imagine dry tumbleweed. imagine a tiny girl in a
short skirt who is nothing, nothing at all yet imagines herself
to be the heroine of her own story

i have a severe hunger, but at least i can admit it.
and all this dread forced down my throat makes me want to choke
even though i’ve gotten everything i’ll ever need in my life

this is enough to make me cry.

» Posted By F On 05.15.2014 @ 6:54 am


you buried your clothes in the riverbed
and let the flood soak your bones
until moss sprouted between your fingers

the plants will bloom underneath your skin,
feeding on the color of your dreams and
the sounds your drowning heart makes

you will lose yourself, but you will not forget
what it means to be sad or lost or lonely, or
what it means to be afraid not to die

twigs will twist your veins and pierce your lungs
until you breath nothing but dead leaves and
harsh petals

you will lose yourself, but you will not forget
what it means to ache–
from now on, all you will ever do is ache

do not attempt to claw at the riverbed
because your clothes are not there;
the water ate them, it ate them, see

you will crumble, you ate pebbles and
you will crumble to the ground. but do not
forget that this too is change

this too is change, a noisy clamor that
lives in your pockets and pecks at your ears
until you dump them into a fountain

but this time, this time, i tell you:
don’t make a wish. you’ve always made your
wishes, but this is not the right time

it will never be the right time, no,
never again the right time and one day
you will realize that right times don’t exist.

» Posted By F On 04.18.2014 @ 1:03 am


the heat pushes me out of bed,
and horizontal slices of sunlight
pierce my eyelids awake
until i have to get up

the summer sun beats down on me
in steady, sweaty, pulses—
brightness, brightness,
as if light cradled the earth

people think of white sand beaches and
roaring ocean waves of blue and green,
or maybe cold drinks with water droplets pouring
onto tabletops and swimsuits

people think of lounging in bed in short shorts
with four fans open at once and
endless ice cream cones at the corner of the street
with all of your best friends (and more)

i think of an excuse to sleep in and
not do anything today, an excuse
for oversized gelato cones and
baring my legs

the tropics aren’t paradise,
but i guess they aren’t
the eighth circle of hell either
it’s starting to warm up to me

» Posted By F On 03.18.2014 @ 10:01 pm


i wasn’t pushed off the ship, mother;
i jumped, oh i jumped
into the embrace of the sea.

i was not sad, father;
i was merely—in one word out of millions—

and i did not cry, sister;
the water was just too thick
for me to see.

but i will not come back for you,
because under the waves,
your daughter i have ceased to be

and here, finally here, i am happy.

» Posted By F On 03.14.2014 @ 4:37 am


Why was he always in these situations? Perhaps it was his own fault really. Failure after failure but for some reason you couldn’t say he caused his own destiny. Things just didn’t ever seem to work out for Jared but he would dust himself off and start again.

» Posted By F On 03.05.2014 @ 7:21 am


we were an entirely scripted romance,
with the appropriate gestures of love
and anguish
(see: fresh lipstick stains, bite marks, dark bruises,
tousled hair, hands linked, clothes stained)

we were stars twinkling at the edge of the horizon,
ready to fall into the abyss but
at least we’d fall together
(read: mutually assured destruction, lovers entwined in their
last embrace, poison passed through lips to eliminate both)

we were young (old, aging, dying) and passionate (fiery) and
reckless and in love (with each other, with the idea of loving another,
with heartache and torture, with the thought of another body
to claim for one’s own)

we could have been romeo and juliet, or rose and jack except
that the tragedies weren’t in the stars or in our eyes—
the tragedies were inside of us, bubbling up in the pits of our stomachs,
eating its way through our arteries until it reached our hearts and
vomited up deep, dark, secrets.

we were an entirely scripted romance
except when we weren’t,
because really, we were just
(old, dying, passionate, reckless and
following a script we’d never even read.

» Posted By F On 02.01.2014 @ 12:05 am


I don’t like hell. because it bad and even have a devil, flames, and mountain with sharp giant needles. and you have to clime that mountains. I don’t like hell because of that. and the opposite of hell is heaven. heaven is a good place ever. it like playing and go to anywhere you want. still never think go to either of them because you go there when you’re dead. so just thinking to be safe and alive. I wonder if somebody really saw a hell or heaven. f**k

» Posted By f On 09.23.2013 @ 2:23 am


there is a you-shaped space
on the right side of the bed,
and in the chair against the wall,
on the balcony where birds nest.

there is fist-sized phantom pain
in the middle of my ribcage, and
there is no anesthesia
to dull my senses

when the world spins slower,
there is no one to count with me.
i know we’re born and die alone,
but that doesn’t mean that i can’t /ache/.

» Posted By F On 09.07.2013 @ 12:36 am


we made bridges and destroyed them,
searing steel and wood and concrete with
wrathful fire and broken hearts.

blamed the cracks on mother nature
when they were founded on pillars of salt
( the epitome of dried up, bitter tears )

the chisels you use to chip away
at someone’s ribcage to reach their
lungs, their heart

aren’t the same.

this world was not made for our sadness,
our regrets, our

» Posted By F On 09.06.2013 @ 6:04 am


i am hungry for words.
empty promises leave my stomach
hollow, acids chiseling holes into the linings
of my insides

and the memory of a hundred discontinued i love yous
makes my head hurt and throat grumble
with the heaviness of grit and salt
from unshed tears

to crunch your heart between my teeth
but still hear it bellowing against my eardrums
would be a miracle
if you’d let miracles exist

so i feed off lines of poetry and film,
lick my plates clean of ink and blood,
awaiting my next meal—
and hoping that one day i won’t end up devouring myself.

» Posted By F On 09.04.2013 @ 4:04 am


pretty words from a pretty mouth
do not equal wisdom

but twist words
and burn the rhythms off your tongue.
feed off of poetry;
it’s good for you

the lines on my palm
speak of plotholes and misery
but some degree of self-fulfillment
( shouldn’t have tipped the reader but
we all need to eat )

i will not die on a misty mountain
or fall from twenty stories onto noontime traffic,
but i definitely won’t melt into the tub and drown in the stars—
my veins are too thick to be battered

» Posted By F On 08.30.2013 @ 8:44 pm


your bones shook and roared
even as i crunched them in between my teeth
and drank your blood like ichor
for the gods

your heartbeat matched my pulse
and decorated my eardrums like
your favorite rock song,
a rumbling in my belly even in my sleep

i ache for love
like the moth aches for light,
i ache for your breath
like your lungs ache for release

don’t check the darkness underneath your blankets
and don’t question this sudden warmth—
i promised you that i’d keep you safe
from the demons under your bed

and the ones in your head, darling.

» Posted By F On 08.20.2013 @ 11:52 pm

it’s a word that describes who he truly was.
i wish i wp

» Posted By f On 08.20.2013 @ 5:21 pm


don’t argue with the godsent;
they hear voices and command armies
with the flip of a page
and an echo of prayer

when the world will burn,
will their ashes be as white
as their robes, i wonder,
or will they flee to the skies?

a skull as hard as
the marble they walk on,
is that a miracle, i wonder,
to cushion their eyes from the rocks people will throw

let the incense burn,
let the chorus sing,
let he who is without sin throw the first stone
( unless a voice whispered you to do so )

tides change and the persecuted decide to persecute,
the minorities become majorities,
and the word is perverted
into what suits us best.

( there’s a pattern to madness
especially when belief runs thin—
but who can blame them?
religion fills the empty stomachs
more than bread does )

» Posted By F On 08.21.2013 @ 11:39 pm


guilt hits me like a mixtape stuck on loop,
with broken cassettes scattered on the floor,
black tape burying me in white noise
until i can’t even hear my own heart

your voice cracks as it spills out of your throat,
almost daring me to wipe it away from your lips,
but that’s the game you’ve always played.
(it’s much easier when you know you’ll lose anyway)

so spare me the consequences and
dance to the tune in my head
because two fools are better than one
and i get lonely thinking about you

( i’m not brave like a love song
or as persistent as the rhyme on the radio—
i guess i was just your bathroom graffiti,
left behind for someone else)

» Posted By F On 08.26.2013 @ 3:44 am


flip the tables,
shuffle the deck;
the tides are turned
as i snap your neck

the tower will fall
to the wild grass,
its concrete knees bent
to the force of humble nature

your blood is pumping
to the beat of my heart
and i am no victim today
( nay, a victor )

my body may be pale and fragile but
i have enough strength in me to drag you down
to the depths of the earth, to the crevices of the sea;
i’ll take you down with me

your hands are stained blood red,
smeared across my cheeks—
a canvas of salty tears and blood—
but who said that i couldn’t snap back?

twist and tangle and kill and mumble and
dance the dance of the rising sun;
i am my own hero, my own epic,
and you, my tragedy, will not string my fate.

» Posted By F On 08.16.2013 @ 6:35 am


come here, sweet children,
and sing your songs of praise
with your voices of pure innocence
and your thoughts worthy of prayer

for you, there is no eternal fire,
no demon to snake his fork tongue around your belly
and shatter your bones from his breath,
only the darkness of childlike ignorance

when the men and women will drown
in their own tears,
you will taste salt on your tongues
and float like lilies on the sea

your prayers are selfish
but your hands are clasped tight
and your hearts so easy to mold
( stay still, my dear, it will be all over soon )

one day you will exchange your wax for gold
and your toys for spears
and your knees will shatter on the marble steps,
singing of praise and for absolution

you are forgiven if
you think that you can love me,
if you will love me
and feed me your prayers and your children

and when you crumble in your grave,
bones shaking underneath the soil,
you won’t feel the cold of my touch
( i am not there; i never was,
you only have yourself in death—

gods were meant for the living )

» Posted By F On 08.13.2013 @ 3:31 am


do not try to justify
the way our teeth clash
when i only aim for lips

there is no formula
for our heartbeats
( mine’s always erratic, random, when i’m with you )

the stars will fall and burn
when i press my palm against yours
but it’s not our fault

we are made of stars and sun
and death
so allow me swallow your breaths

you’ll never know which one
will be our last

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covered my eyes,
gripped me tight
and left fingertip-shaped bruises on my skin
that only we could see

black and blue hidden in the hollow of my throat,
embedded deep within my veins,
decorating the white of my bones,
arranged to the pattern of my pulse

your whispers shook my ribcage
and left vibrations in its wake
your lips tingled
and left the redness on my skin

all you had to do was look
and my eyes would bleed,
drown in all the things you could do to me
but didn’t

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We took photos today. The trees backlit against an orange sky. A filter had come down over my eyes and I could not see you in the same way as before. I could see the cracks in your face, illuminated by the low sun.

» Posted By F On 07.16.2013 @ 3:13 pm


wise about life. ahhhhmm. this is interesting as well. wist is wisdom. like noother i’ve seen. this is something new as well. all in 60 seconds of time

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inside of me:

there is a collection of bruises
and pale lips bitten raw,
a collection of whimpers
and crescent-shaped imprints on my palms.

once there was a catchbasin of salty tears and
a river murmuring all of the world’s regrets
as it spilled and slipped past my fingers
reminding me that i could never hold it all
( though that’s not saying that i didn’t /try/ )

skin blotched with iodine and littered with bandages,
hair frizzing up, as if holding onto the wind like a lifeline,
worn-out shoes and worn-out sighs;
what else is there to expect?

there is nothing to treasure
when the patina’s self-inflicted
because gold and sadness aren’t weighed on the same scale
( i am not golden; i am not a fragile feather; i am a quivering wisp of dying smoke )

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those lips quirked
in silent defiance
as a thousand thoughts
tangled around in your head

a roll of the eyes,
lingering one second too long,
not falling for the rules (just this once, oh
just this once)

brushing against his fingers in the hall,
or staring, wide-eyed, at the shape of his laughter.
they know what you see,
and you know how you’ll (you would) wither up
under their scrutiny,
but you don’t care.

pathetic in hindsight
but hey,
we’ve all got to start somewhere,

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i shook her hand and felt the electric air
swallowing us both whole

in every room she entered,
with every step of her waltz,
a bright red flame caressed my skin

her voice was a lightning strike
and her words pierced my heart,
pinning me above the clouds

this is what it’s like to be
captured, enamored, /trapped/,
i suppose.

» Posted By F On 06.23.2013 @ 1:25 am

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