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At first, I thought the way around meant more to me than it did. But that;s one of the misconceptions that I lost real quick as I stared into the abyss that was my soul. Or maybe it was the dark behind my eyes as I waited for the doctor to fix my heart. Who knows? I sure don’t.

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“What happened, do you think?” Jimmy asked, staring down at the burned body.
“I mean, what made him do this? He seemed sane enough, according to his girlfriend. He wasn’t someone who would just set himself on fire.”
“I don’t know.”

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“I can’t do it.” Terry stared down into the fresh dirt, thrown from the hole. “I thought burying her would be the easy part, But this… what you’re asking… I can’t.”
“Try,” Reggie snapped, his grey eyes burning.

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The sun beat down, burning and stinging. Sweat ran int rivulets down his face, pooling in his eyes as he lifted them to the horizon. “Going to be a hard day,” he observed to his companion, a small black cat who sat beside him. “We’d best get to work, Salem.”

“Aye,” the cat muttered.

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I didn’t think we could make it happen, but he actually grew new ears. They grew from the buds we’d planted, from where his old ones had been burned away. We couldn’t believe that the technology had worked: what were the odds that you could grow a new set of ears from a couple of corn seeds?

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“I can pay you.”

“Damn it, Sara, you know I don’t want the money.”

“Well then, what will it take for you to do this for me?”

Derrick closed his eyes and shook his head. “I can’t,” he said finally. “I promised I wouldn’t get involved again.”

“Too late,” Sara said. “You’ve been involved from the start. You can’t be uninvolved now.”

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“Are you sure that’s what you want?” Derrick asked her. “You know how this works…”

“I know,” Sara said, her eyes downcast at the table. “But I can’t live like this any longer. He needs to be gone. He needs…”

“You need him to be gone.”

“Yes.” The relief in her voice was palpable. “I need him to be gone. Can you do this for me?”

“I don’t know,” he said.

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His gamertag said “FledBox”. “What does that mean?” Sara asked. “Is it like a Redbox that runs from you? That must be hell when you have to return the movie. I bet the late fees are astronomical. ‘Sorry, I’d have gotten it in on time, but the damned box kept running from me!'” She snorted.

“It’s just a random pair of words,” he said, giving her an odd look.

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Her heart slid down in her chest, making her feel like she was on a sinking ship. Of course Derrick wasn’t there. What had she expected? He hadn’t been there for her for months; not since the messy breakup they’d had at that Italian restaurant on her birthday. Why would he come through now, just because he was the only one who could help her with this?

“I need better friends,” Sara muttered. “Or at least more dependable ones.”

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The jeans were old and faded, torn at the knees and worn along the seams. Sara held them up to inspect them, then sighed and set them on the bed again. They would make it another day- heck maybe even two and a wash cycle, but she knew she would be replacing them soon, and it made her uneasy. “Why don’t you throw those ratty things out?” her mother asked her, a million years ago. But the jeans were still here, and her mother was not.

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The sky was full of stars, bright and shining in their orbits. The girl stared up into the night sky, her weary shoulders slumping against the weight of the evening she’d just spent; long and complicated and not something that made her happy. But the stars- they were beautiful and she wasn’t sure why, but they made her feel less alone. It was odd, since they were so far away.

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No one wants to live forever. They think they do. They think they want immortality, but as they watch those they love die around them and realize that they can’t die- that they are stuck forever in a place that they can’t leave, they realize the truth of it. They wanted to be remembered, but living forever is too hard, too much. You have to stop living, even though you’re still alive, to combat the pain.

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I had no idea how long it would take, but I knew I had to get this done. It wouldn’t do to have people stumbling over a fresh dead body and me the only one who had been in the tent last night. People would suspect I had something to do with it. That’s why I have to put it somewhere that no one will find it; not because I’m guilty of anything, but because people will think I am.

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Sometimes the world we wake up in isn’t the one we remember falling asleep in. Sometimes the laughter is silenced and the good people are gone. Sometimes we wish we could take it all back and start over from yesterday, to tell someone that we love them or that we need them. Sometimes we want to save a life, and we can’t.

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Maybe Jordan deserved what he got, and maybe he didn’t. I’m not one to judge things like that. All I know is, that fall before it happened, he was asking for some kind of trouble, and brother, did it ever find him. We hadn’t been friends for as long as some of the others in our group- we’d both been in the school about a year by the time we met the rest of the Arrellys.

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You don’t know what it’s like to live in a white trash hell- poor, starving, maybe even homeless. You have no idea, because the doors of privilege open up to you and share everything. You think you’re entitled to whatever good fortune I have, but I’ve fought my way up from less than nothing, and you can’t have what’s mine.

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The train clicks on the tracks, swaying with the rhythm of the railroad ties. Jenna looks up from her book when she hears a noise, further down the car. It sounds like someone crying, and she sees a little girl near the window. The girl looks right at her, then fades slowly from sight, leaving Jenna confused and uneasy.

“You saw her, huh?” says the man to her left with a nod.

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The little boy nearly missed the tiny, shivering kitten that sat in the shade of the tree beside the old house. The tiny movement caught his eye and he crouched next to the animal, which stared up at him through gooey eyes. “Aw, kitty,” he said, patting its’ head.

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The scraping of forks and knives stopped and everyone stared at Genny. She stared back. “Did you hear me?”

“I did, I think,” Paul offered. “But maybe I’m wrong. Did you say that you were leaving?”

“Yes,” Genny said. “I did.”

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Sometimes a person has a right to do something, and sometimes they don’t. Sometimes, even when they don’t, they do it anyway. I’m tired of asking the world for permission to do the things I want. I’m not asking for anything illegal, so why should it matter to anyone else what I want out of my life? Why shouldn’t I be allowed to live the way I want?

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The one place in the world that I felt at home was the garden. Rows upon rows of flowers, in a riot of colors, all growing large and surrounding me, while down the garden path set an oasis, with an arbored bench and a gazing ball. I spent much of my youth in that garden, on that bench, sighing and dreaming of love.

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Death is a stealthy master, creeping up the stairs and into the room when no one’s looking. I had my eyes on the floor, to watch the way the shadows lengthened and grew when the sun was sliding down the horizon, so I didn’t see her breathe her last. I heard the gasp, though, and raised my eyes to the aftermath.

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We’ve been standing here for twenty minutes, the lights flashing and my soul dropping through me to my feet. I’m still staring at him, and he’s looking across the street, as though nothing has happened. As though we’re going to cross the street at any moment now. But we’re not, because we’ve already crossed it. We crossed it when he said he didn’t love me anymore and he wanted a divorce. So here we are, at the crossroads, together, even though he’s already gone- he’s moved on, and I’m stuck, watching the lights blink out my despair.

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“You’ve had all summer to read these books,” she said to me, her pale eyes, like flowers in the field, finding mine. She didn’t look surprised, just disappointed.

“I had better things to do,” I muttered, my eyes shifting away from hers.

“You always have better things to do, don’t you?” She sighed. “Fine. Whatever. Find me before school and I’ll have a study guide for you. But this really is the last time, Terrence.”

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“I bet you didn’t know that I can see your soul right through your body.”

“Can you?” I asked, distracted. John was sitting behind me, toying with some rubik’s cube or something. He certainly wasn’t looking at me as I typed furiously.

“Yup,” he said, tossing the cube from hand to hand. “All the way through, and I’ve gotta tell you, Mira, it’s dark.”

I shot him a quick glance, but I couldn’t afford more than that. “Is that so?”

“Sure is,” he said smugly. “Want to see?”

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People think that being disfigured has something to do with your looks. Most of the time, it does. But it’s possible to be disfigured in the soul- to be so twisted and bent and ugly that you can’t even stand to look at yourself, no matter how pretty the outside packaging may be. To have a soul that is almost beyond repair. And there’s no surgery to fix that. Maybe love can, but not always.

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“I want to be heard!” the young woman shouted, her voice echoing in the vastness around her. “Damn you, listen to me! This isn’t what I want!”

Her spouse stared down at her lifeless face before turning to the doctor. “Okay,” he said, his voice emotionless. “Pull the plug.”

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We clicked together like a pair of billiard balls on the table of life. I don’t know what I would have done without you, although I suppose I have to try and figure that out. You’ve been gone a long time, but it still seems like yesterday that I found out. I still feel that loss so keenly, even if seeing your name doesn’t cause me to feel physical pain anymore. I may be lost without you, but at least it’s an adventure- the one thing you told me I needed on the day before you passed into the great beyond…

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Cracks forming overhead. That’s what the blue reminds me of. Not because it’s cloudless now- it is, but that hardly matters- but because I know that there will be a storm later. I don’t want to think about it, but how can I not? I can see it moving in, even when there’s not a cloud in the sky. I can feel it coming.

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My head is pounding. Cheryl sits across from me, smirking as she lifts her drink in a small salute. “Hair of the dog.”
“I don’t want a drink,” I protest. “Things always seem to go pear shaped when we drink.”
“The world is round,” she intones, “and I hate it. Bottoms up, Sophie.”
I stare at the glass the waiter slid in front of me. “Bottoms down,” I mutter, but I pick up the glass like the sheep I am, and I drain the damned thing.
“See? Isn’t that better?”
My head clears a little- not much, but enough for me to feel like I made the right choice. “Yeah.”
“So you were telling me about Jake?”
Jake. Work. Oh God, it’s all coming back to me now. The pain and humiliation of being fired in front of everyone. “I shouldn’t ever drink.”
Cheryl pauses, her hand halfway up in the classic “flag down the bartender” pose. “Oh? And why is that?”
“Because it never ends well for me.”
“Well, at least you’ve got nothing holding you back now.”
I gave her a long look. “You’re the devil, Cher.”
Cheryl chuckles. “Sure. I can be the devil for you, Soph. If that’s what you think you really need me to be.”

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