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“Iif you go that way, you are never going to find your way out.”
“Excuse me?” The woman snapped, turning around and glaring at the man behind her.
“You are going the wrong way, you’re meant to turn left. That corridor just leads to the roof.” He informed her, undeterred by her hostile attitude.
“Well maybe that is where I want to go.” She huffed, shoving her hands into the pockets of her coat and turning away from him carrying on down the corridor.

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Travelling had just never been something that he had been interested in, he knew that it was something that millions of people dreamt of but he was not one of them. He liked it at home, right where he was. He was content with life. He did not want more, nor did he need it.

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It went against all of his morals, his values. And yet he did not know what else he could do about it. Torture was not something he was okay with, he had often spoken out against co-workers when they had used such methods before in the past. But if he did not, people were going to die, his family were going to die. He needed answers, now.

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The information used to be in the forefront of his memory, but now he struggled to even recall the simplest details about his attack. True, he had done almost everything that he could to try and mentally block the event from his mind however he never would have thought that his attempts were that successful. But now, when he needed to recall the details it turned out he had forgotten more than he had once believed possible.

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“A Prophet!” He spat, the disgust evident on his face. “Is that what you are calling yourself now? What you think you are? No one believes you. You’re giving yourself a fake sense of self-importance, when really you are nothing. You always have been, and you always will be. Go.” He commanded, turning his back on the young man at his feet.
“Just, go.”

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She did not mean to, it was just something to do with her personality. Or at least that is what she had told herself. No wonder no one liked her, no wonder she always fucked up. It was inbuilt, something that she could not change even if she tried or wanted to. She was useless, worthless and born that way. Nothing could change her, nothing would change her. It was just the way she was.

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