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Bubbles fill the water as soon as I step into the pool, and I suck in a sharp breath of surprise. Hands rest on my shoulders and push me back into the water as I try to climb out, panic making my heart beat faster. What was happening? This wasn’t supposed to be part of the plan?… Was the spirit of the water going to swallow me whole like the stories said?…

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Fluttering and swirling around me, I couldn’t seem to catch my breath. They glowed a vibrant blue, and somewhere in my head I knew that they probably weren’t going to be the best for me — they were altered by the radiation that had plagued this planet after humanity left it — but I couldn’t tear my eyes away from them. Electricity raced up my arms as they began to land on my outstretched arms, and I couldn’t help but laugh.

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I looked at the flower in my hand, the petals wilting and falling apart, and I felt a small twinge of sadness. Someone had left it in my hand so I would find it when I awoke, and I wanted nothing more than to bring it back to full health… To bring it all the water it needed, all the sunlight. But no, its life was done… There was nothing I could do.

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I flexed my fingers, and if I could have, I would have smiled. They didn’t have the hold over me that they thought; I still had my will. Even as this Demon moved my body through what had once been my life, I could wiggle my fingers, and that’s what mattered. I still had a chance to take my life back. All I had to do was find the way to do it.

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I glared up at my captor, and he just sighed. “Really, if you just talked, this would go so much smoother.” He leaned down and laid his fingers against my cheek. “Come on, beautiful. I’d rather not put a bruise on your pretty face.” I spat in his eye, and as he reeled back with a dozen curses, I knew that I’d just burned that bridge…but I didn’t care. I was willing to die for this, to protect the family I’d found without meaning to.

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I looked at the man in front of me and smiled. Finally, proof that we weren’t alone in this world. That the legends, the lore, everything I had read as a child…it was real. This man in front of me, with wings and almond shaped eyes and slightly blue skin, he was the proof I wasn’t insane like everyone had insisted. The things I saw were /real/, and I couldn’t have been happier, even if his presence meant that the world was on the brink of the apocalypse.

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I look at the page of geometry homework in front of me and sigh, turning to my best friend.

“Why do they make us do this?” I demand, shoving the page onto the floor with a huff. “I’m not going to become an architect or a designer in the future; why should I care?”

Kein turns to me with an arched brow. “You love math,” he states simply.

“No, I love numbers. I don’t love shapes.”

“You’re going to hate Calculus, then; it turns into English.”

I look at him blankly, and he laughs at me and returns to his work.

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Life sucked out
Like a bat looking for its sight
Wanting always to reach to the light
But always filled with doubt

Doubt that hinders
Never to be exceeded
Trying for the haunted
Left to wonder,

“Will I reach through that veil
and prevail?
Or will I fall to the ground
To be devoured by the hounds?”

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we seldom think
we seldom stop
we seldom we seldom look at the beauty around us –
we always rush

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there was a girl who seldom went out of her apartment. every day, she had the same old routine: wake up, read, eat, sleep. every day. until she heard a knock at her door. a knock that changed everything.

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I heaved a long sigh as I glimpsed the flowers in their vase, welting. “I should really learn how to actually grow flowers,” I breathed, running a hand through my hair. It was so cruel, buying new flowers every week, only to watch them die in the following days… If I at least learned how to actually /grow/ flowers, they wouldn’t have to die every week. Although… a great many would probably meet their end before I finally figured out the trick.

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I was part of a brotherhood… what many people probably would’ve called a gang. I was part of a group, of a whole, of something bigger than me that needed /me/, of all people. That’s what they told me every day, that they needed me for some big mission. Some days, it was just a little thing — a little thing that they assured me would really help everyone out even though, you know, it was only a little thing — and some days, it was a really big thing where no one even had to assure me that I was doing something big; I knew. Everyone knew. I was part of the group, of the whole.

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“…Yours sincerely, Adam.”

The letter I held in my hands was all I had left of him now. That’s all that he’d deemed fit to leave me with; after everything we went through, after all of the memories, all of the love, all of the pain… He had vacated my life like I was nothing, taking everything with him and only leaving me with this piece of paper. This flimsy letter…

I couldn’t understand it. After everything… Why?

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I took a deep breath and looked up at the tower looming over me. Vines crawled up the sides, drilling holes into the already weary stone that constructed the tower, and I could see birds’ nests nestled among the hungry vegetation. A small smile touched my lips for a moment; those birds must feel like the Gods of the world, looking over the entire valley from their small perches.

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I took a deep breath and reached forward, wrapping my hand around his. “I love you,” I whispered softly, my gaze locked on the ground.

I could hear his soft laugh, and he threaded his fingers through mine, clasping his hand tight around mine. “I love you too,” was his soft reply, and I looked up, shock flooding my veins. I couldn’t believe it; he loved me back.

He loved me back.

He loved me back!

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“Leverage?” I asked quietly, looking at James with shaded eyes, and he grinned, holding up the picture of my daughter.

“Exactly. Everyone has to have it in negotiations, don’t they?”

I narrowed my eyes at him. “Not if negotiations are fair,” I snapped, the words hissing past my teeth.

He shrugged. “Well, life isn’t fair, sweetheart.”

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People, they are one’s anchor in the realm of reality around them. They’re the only things that allow them to have something to shoot for — people are around to please, to impress, to talk to, to compare with. People exist for the sole reason of keeping people grounded in the world… even if they may not be real. When it comes to someone’s paradigm, illusions can be anchors too.

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I woke up with a yawn already forming in my throat, and I stretched lazily, curling my toes and arching my back.

“Gods, you remind me of a cat sometimes,” Adam chuckled from beside me, and when I focused my gaze on him, I saw that he was holding out a bagel to me. “Eat it. Food is good for you.”

I sighed and sat up, accepting the bagel. “Fine, fine,” I grumbled.

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A smudge on her canvas of life.

“Oh goddamnit,” Evaril sighed as she looked at the plain white canvas, and she leaned back in her chair, twirling around her paintbrush as she examined that which was before her. After a moment, though, she just shrugged and began to paint around the blemish on her canvas. ‘After all, what else can be done?’ she asked herself. ‘Life goes on, even if it didn’t seem to… Just roll with the punches, Eve. That’s what’ll guarantee your success.’

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By fabricating one’s personality, the true nature of the inner self is hidden from the world. Nothing that is real, that is emotion, that is truth can be seen from the outside… The only way to see that which is really oneself is by tearing the fabric of lies off and seeing what spills out.

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The world is full of plagues. Plagues of love, of disease, of hatred, of happiness, of nightmares. Things that only those who are plagued could ever hope to understand. Those with this plague, only they will understand the heartache and hope that they experience… And in that, they will be alone.

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