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I lifted the heavy, wooden box into the storage room. Ma was getting old, and she deserved all the help she could get. The other boys didn’t seem to notice how she was so stiff, or that she didn’t have as much energy as she used to.
“Daniel, come on! We’re going down to the creek!”

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colours spill over their faded wooden barriers.
fruit brushes with jewellery, books with fast food,
all held together by the chattering flow of people
moving aimlessly from stall to stall.

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fungal grows in dozens,
arching over this city of chrome and steel;
the glass-plated spires
that merge into the ever-reflecting sky.

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I pretended to be asleep
as she slipped the dress on,
gliding over her curves
and resting at her shoulders.
the soft click as she closed the clasp
of her necklace, the tap
of her shoes out the door.

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round. what goes around comes back around. circle of friends. little world. try not to get stuck, going around in circles. move.

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hello world!

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straight forward i am carried…i carry others along my path…as one we arrive directed…directing…along the path of life living each day……

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a place to be…military flags what we fight for what we work for to be cherished to be guarded carefully Memorial Day Veterans Day funerals eulogies flowers parades cheers tears laughter meals remembering

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I felt my hand slither softly over the surface of the table and then the cold steel of the knife.

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Slithering, that’s what he said she was doing. She didn’t quite understand why. The only thing she did was denying truths and confirming lies.
Just because she tried to avoid what she did, didn’t mean she was sneaky. She was no snake.

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“Have I ever told you that the world becomes duller without you by my side?”

She didn’t respond.

“I’m serious! Everything just becomes so… dull.”

Still nothing.

“Of course, when you told me you weren’t interested in me, that hurt more than anything. It felt like my entire world was crashing down around me. Every color that burst to life at the sight of you; every sight that exploded into something bigger than itself at the sound of your beautiful voice; they were all gone.”

I took a shuddering breath. “I couldn’t bear that kind of pain. Knowing that I would never see things the way I saw them when you were around… I was devastated. I was destroyed.” I smiled fondly, though it felt tinted with a strange sadness even to me.

Brushing the side of her cheek softly, I picked up my paintbrush again and dipped it into the paint, studying her form for a moment more before adding another streak to my latest masterpiece.

“Almost done,” I sighed in satisfaction. “It’s all because of you, my darling.”

Still she said nothing.

“I know this decision wasn’t easy for you,” I said, then chuckled. “Oh, you threw a fit; I remember that much clearly. But aren’t you glad you came with me in the end? Isn’t this so much better than anything else you could’ve been offered? Here, you are a goddess. Here, you are my muse. What else could you want?”

No answer still. I nodded in understanding; there was nothing to be said.

Time passed, but if I was questioned after I finished I would not be able to say how much. I was lost in her beauty; lost in the art she and I were creating.

“There we are,” I told her as I stood to stretch my stiff muscles. The chair I had was no good; I would need a more comfortable one if I wanted to avoid some permanent injury. Maybe the money from these paintings could-

“No,” I hissed, clutching the edge of the painting. “This is all for you, my love,” I added in a somewhat softer tone, worried that I had frightened her. Picking up the painting, I walked to the wall and hung it.

Stepping back, I couldn’t help but admire my work. Sketches, paintings, carvings, figurines; works of art numbering in the hundreds stood proudly all around the workshop.

It was all for her. Everything was for her.

Still, she never said anything about them. She and I were both rendered speechless, though possibly for different reasons. I could only speak for my own heart on such a matter.

Just the thought of her made my heart beat faster; sent my pulse pounding away. Only she affected me in such a way.

Glancing down at my watch, I sighed. Though I would love nothing more than to stay by her side for the rest of eternity, I had obligations to fulfill.

I approached the bed she lay upon. She wanted for nothing in this castle I had built her; she had only the finest silk sheets, pillows made of the softest down. Even the soft, shimmering gown she wore cost more than most hope to make in a year.

“Goodnight, little dove,” I said, leaning down to press my lips tenderly on her cold forehead. “I’ll see you again as soon as I’m able.”

She said nothing. Then again, she never did. Not anymore.

I grabbed my coat from the hanger next to the door and had a nagging sense that I was forgetting something. Thinking for a moment more, I let out a short gasp of surprise.

“I almost forgot!” I exclaimed as I dug into the pocket of the coat, my hand wrapping around a small glass box. I pulled it out and reached inside, grabbing the lively rose within. I smiled as I turned around and walked back to her bedside, pressing it between her hands. I watched as one of the thorns went inside, but no blood came out when I pulled it out.

Ah, but this was truly a sight to see. Such beautiful colors; such splendid contrast. Two displays of nature’s beauty. Two works of art crafted by a master’s hand. Red against the soft white of her wedding gown. Life held in the hands of Death.

I kissed her empty body one last time before putting on my coat and striding out the door, careful to lock it behind me and cover the entrance to keep anyone from finding my masterpiece or my muse. They would never understand.

Oh, but how I miss the sound of her voice.

» Posted By Eve On 01.03.2015 @ 7:43 pm


doubled and tripled and falling and multiplying and turning and bracing against something that is only ever going to be larger, stronger, ever growing, ever growing, never stopping, changing, always doubling, doubling…

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Jump. The wheels screech and spark, the wind flaps my new flannel, bought especially for this photoshoot. I can’t help but grin as the ecstasy of real-life shooting takes over me. Fall. My hand, slippery with adrenaline, slips. My grin dies.

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Lot of bottles strewn on the floor, there were green ones, red ones, small ones, long ones, all those didn’t mean a thing to Richard, well, at least not yet. Grandpa told him they were useful, but as to how, he had the faintest clue. But he was interested to know the answer so he stayed put and waited.

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He hadn’t played in a while. As he looked over his old guitar lying by the counter, he realized he had missed playing after all. When he picks it up, a wave of nostalgia came over him that almost brought him to tears. Inside the guitar, an etched note said: “never forget”.

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I am making a montage of magazine pictures, mainly fashion advertisements, having always been a sucker for these ethereal, non-real images.

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I ALREADY GOT THIS ONE. Jesus Christ. That’s what I get for refreshing the page when it got stuck. Well, college is a bit like a collage, right? Trying to throw together the right mix of people for a party. Pasting together classes to get the required credits. Even when you’re moving in, trying to put together you and your roommate’s tastes into a room that doesn’t totally clash.

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Collage? I could never understand them. I never really could do them either, I usually would just put two or three pictures on a page and then color in the rest, thinking that was a “collage”. I thought it looked prettier that way, which probably says something about my creative ability and taste.
More about the ability. Which let’s be real, is severely limited. I’m not exactly amazing. I never have been, even when I tried. Like, in art class.

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Well, I definitely think about my brother and how we don’t get along, and how he is a worry in my heart sometimes. Thinking about him, thinking about the future. I’d always assumed we’d get along better, getting older, that somehow the misunderstandings between us would go away, but now, I AM older and I see how difficult it is, relationships.

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Barren, ugh, this is a sad word. The first thing that comes to mind is a barren woman, maybe because I’ve been reading too much Old Testament lately. All those barren women. But then God would make them fruitful against all odds, so it seems as if barrenness is a metaphor he likes to use.

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Aw man. This is a great word for me. I really like this word. For some reason, a dark forest comes to mind, large thick leaves, maybe a magnolia’s, all clustered together – a quiet eeriness, maybe haunted in its silence, a dusty sweetness!

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The hole was deep – too deep. I didn’t want to go. I didn’t want to fall. I never wanted to fall. They all think I jumped of my own accord. I didn’t jump. Understand? I fell. I’m so sorry. I had to fall. I had no choice.

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The clouds have shattered!

Gone away and disappeared!

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Africans with their long earlobes with plugs and their necks stretched with colored rings. Taboo! Or culture! I don’t know. I have no idea why Africa came to mind; probably because the word taboo sounded like an African word to me.

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We all must think of auburn hair. I remember Anne of Green Gables and how she demanded to have auburn hair, and how eventually it came to her, that deep color I always imagine against cream-colored lace, probably because of Anne and her love for Lady Shallot.

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Her hair, glistening in the spray of the sea, flowed behind her like an auburn wave.

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Penelope wove threads in her loom to keep away the suitors until Odysseus returned. The loom of one of the Fates also exists in Greek mythology. Spinning until your thread, your life, breaks.

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Beer. My dad loves beer, but lightly. During football games and campfires, and when he is cooking hot dogs and hamburgers, which is one of his favorite things to do. I’ve tried a sip of it here and there. He likes to tell the story of the Egyptians who were apparently paid for their work in the pyramids with beer.

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simple, basic, root, to make it easy for someone to understand about it. In maths it means less that what you have, diversion.

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This is the title of a song by Marina & the Diamonds, from her younger days when I liked her better. I used to be obsessed with her (oh boy, and Obsessions is the name of another of her songs), but with her more ‘mainstream’ new album, I’m honestly disappointed, just because the weirdness, the quirkiness, has been tamed.

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