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He looked around anxiously. Everybody was staring at him waiting for a response. The teacher had called his name, and ever since that moment there seemed to be an endless void of time between each nervous gulp of breath. He didn’t study. He didn’t know what everybody was talking about. He didn’t have the answer the teacher wanted. He was UNINFORMED.

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she stood there drained of feeling like a well squeezed lemon wanting more and more to be left along but gaining no traction with him

he paced backand forth sturbbornly as if testing the floor to wear away before his shoes. debating if everything was worth the trouble. reminising about the times she held him in times of need, the times vagrant depression ran rampant within his pysche, courpting his memories and invading his dreams and the only thing that made living worth wild was her and the feeling that they shared.

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This has become an all too common occurrence in my daily routine. Typically, I would point towards the positive and even necessary application of this technique to evolve the mind and subsequent social behavior; however, given that life has been repeatedly pounding the shit out of me…I’m afraid my compulsive reflections have only led towards dimmer, more pessimistic thoughts and behaviors. A tragic outcome of the human condition.

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My dad rocks! he as an HO scale train set in his garage! So fun! And he has one in my house! He even has a 442 convertible thats blue and with little white stripes!

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We pummeled down the deserted freeway in the warm night, music blaring and fingers locked. Hours felt like seconds.

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I followed the brightly colored gnome down the shrouded path in the dead of night. I have no idea what willed me to pursue this amazingly random creature that somehow identified me in the darkness, but for some reason the manner in which it said my name so delicately and with a subtle edge of confidence; I knew that this luminescent creature would lead me somewhere new.

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It was delicately and discreetly slipped up my sleeve so no one would be the wiser. Even while it hung in the balance passing through that metal portal I felt as if my whole world was crashing down around me in a brief and instant feeling of desolation. But, I knew what was at stake and that I had no choice.

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Was gestresst bedeutet, weiß ich nicht. Vorallem nicht, wenn ich gerade so ein kleines grünes Tütchen in meine Lungenvenen gezogen hab. Das verursacht ein gegenteiliges Gefühl von Stress, etwas, das ich nicht beschreiben kann, da es bedeuten würde, ich mache mir Gedanken, einen Ausdruck für ein Gefühl zu finden, das ich nicht beschreiben kann. Eben Gegenteil von Stress.

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Eleven minutes was all he had. Eleven minutes to save the word, capture humanity and protect it from Lucifer.

Dean’s fingers trembled at the frigid air against his back, the rushed and barely coherent words of his brother. ‘Finish this, be quick, hurry up.”

But Sammy would never know. He’d never know the dangers of life. Dean wonders if it was a mistake to shelter his little brother from harm all those years, wondered if it was best for Dad to give him a .45 when Sam was afraid of the monsters under his bed.

Only they knew what really lurked in the shadows.

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I feel locked up. The walls won’t stop closing in. they laugh and jeer, but they’re wrong. Why won’t they see it? I tried to tell them. But they put me here. It’s so obvious. Right in front of their eyes.

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Greedy. The green. It was all he ever thought about. Not anything else. Well, maybe a little bit of other stuff, but mostly the green. He would be lucky for it not to corrupt him, or had it already? He didn’t care.

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the pile of burning bodies was stacked higher then my head
the stench of the ashes, hurt my lungs, emotionally,every part of my conscious burned
a girl of 12, sat next to me staring calmly at the flames
she said, “Isn’t it beautiful?”

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desolation of smaug is o god
that’s all i can think of right now idk why
i am fire
crap i think my computer fro

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crystal clear, she repeated
you’re sure?
she jumps
he watches sadly as she plunges into the darkness below

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he held back with reverence at the work he had done. but i swung my fist straight into the painting. the canvas held little resistance under my furious attack

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they fought, we cried.. life went on….

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Joyfully she set the present back on the table and looked upon her friends.
With a sad smile she took out a black controller device.
She said, “” I love you guys, I will always love you guys. She presses a button on the controller… and the the neighbor hood exploded

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i looked at her and she had the cutest smile on her face.

Then i felt a sharp, pain in my chest and i look down to see a red blotch growing larger and larger.

Everything seemed to lose focus, objects moved in and out of my vision. I leaded against her as i felt another sharp agony hit my chest.
A knife stuck out of my body, the girl holding the handle. I look down mystified. Then everything faded away.

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I walked into an empty room.

The walls were barren and on a stainless steel table lie a gun, a piece of cheese and a knife.
Sitting in the dimly lit corner was a cat.

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The terrain was rough and rigid, reminiscent of the mans hands. He bent over and quickly picked up the jar of water, as condensation slowly glided along the glass surface.

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I stamped my feet in frustration.
Why can’t he just understand?! This once.
I frowned.. tears pooling at the corner of my eyes.
This is it, screw it, I’m out.
With that thought I put on my shoes and get the heck out of the house.

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it is a math figure, it can be used to stop cars, it can be used to hold Icecream. OOOOOh ice cream, the powers of a cone are endless and infinite.

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no idea what this means, but it reminds me of a dog and dogs are usually soft and fluffy and they can be loud and obnoxious a lot like humans actually and dogs are very very firm about their facts, like “THERE IS FOOD IN OUR POCKET! GIVE IT TO ME!”

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a story, a gift from a person’s mind to the world

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what is life based on? Is there a standard for everything in the universe? why do we all have to follow the same rules. Who sets up the basis for everything…

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Get off. Shoot leave me alone won’t you. I can’t do anything, I can’t move, it feels like I can’t even turn around without you yelling at me to do something else. You clamp down on my freedom,,,,,,somethings just don’t get off……..the clamp on… and never NEVER let you go

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I cloud of red fire blossomed and bloomed in the sky…..

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loop, loopadupaloop
squiggly dot, squiggly dot!!!



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