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The fact that cassettes are outdated is kind of surreal. I grew up with them. They contained music that are the soundtrack to some of my happiest memories. And now, even if I found them again, I doubt I’d be able to listen to them.

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He received his first kiss when he was 12. It was strange, like tasting a new fruit he couldn’t pronounce or thinking you’d forgotten where you put your glasses but then realising they were on your head the whole time. It was one of those kisses you never forget. And he couldn’t help think about it. She was different though. She wasn’t his first kiss, she was his first real kiss.

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i wish that i knew
yes or know
which way

i have lost my taste
my preferences so to speak
i am numb
with a sharp pain
only in the chest

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heavily set into place
one at a time
red where my knuckles hit

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It was a boring and unordinary day in the household of the fatsos. Annie, spread out on the couch like a cat, recuperated from a long day of eating hamburgers. Susddenly, a GIGANTIC PIzZA APPEARED ON TOP OF HER. Annie died. the end. it’s been a long day and i haven’t written in ages pls have my sincere apologies

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Sometimes peeling a piece of fruit is annoying. Flustering. Extremely frustrating. Just all the time work and effort you have to place to just eat the darn thing. Oranges smell the most fragrant from what I can think of. Jeff at work (my manager) usually eats one in the morning every so often. I don’t know that smell bothers me a bit though. Guess it could always be worse though.

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I never realized how important it would be to actually brush another person’s teeth. They were like rotting boulders in her mouth, and some of them dug into her gums as if they were trying to find something. I

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What is the meaning of bland? I have no idea. Engish is not my native language but I am trying to get along with it. In some way I love it. It is a really simple language. Not in terms of learning but in terms of clearness. It can’t be misunderstand.

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Funny thing caramel. It reminds of this one time by the beach. I got this sundae with my dad at the ice cream parlour. We shared as always but as I took the spoon that was too big for my five year old hand I smashed the spoon full of caramel and soft ice cream right onto my nose.

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all the world’s a stage
and the stage is but a prank
pulled by the string-pullers
pulling your strings
as a puppet you dance across this stage
whether you be Romeo, Juliet, Polonius or just a page
boy when you’re around
I feel like it’s a prank
my feelings are doused
with doubt and lust
love lost
is but a prank

» Posted By Eva On 07.22.2014 @ 4:34 pm


I was thinking of my ex husband that used to abuse me..

» Posted By eva On 04.12.2014 @ 9:41 am

I am doingg the strike right now.Hitting him right in the face.He is so supriced,he didnt expect that from me.

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i was passing a metateenage phase. i didnt know what i was doing, i’m sorry. i promise when i grow up i wont hurt people anymore..but thats also a promise which is very hard to keep.

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She had been told on several occasions she had no personality. She didn’t feel this was true. She had a fantastic sense of humour. She loved old people and puppies. So what she had no opinion on current news? So what she didn’t speak much?

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Dealer. That’s what they call me around here. Not that I deal in good, more like secrets. I spread teh secrets of high society’s finest to other blue bloods in return for other secrets. Secret trafficking is a newr trade but after the end of the world, it is impossible to know who to trust.

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Archie was a car dealer in the west end of Toronto. it wasn’t glamorous but as a high school dropout you couldn’t be picky. Most guys dropped out in his neighborhood. Granted most were drug dealers but he he got a girl pregnant at 14 and he needed to support her.

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I don’t want to do any harm. The last time I felt harmed I was so wounded. Usually by a friend or family member. A long time ago it was an ex boyfriend. Causing harm to other people is a great fear of mine you can’t be liked if you hurt, or hurt others.

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she went to the counter to buy this sweater for him. As simple as it seemed, it had the scent of hope on it. the hope for a smile and a warm heart as well as anything else. she didn’t care if she’d see it or be the one to share it with him. She just wanted to know she’d given him a reason to smile.

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I would like to make art with a loom and I really like cats. Maybe I should just go ahead and eat some chicken strips. Or tenders. Loom? What do you mean by ‘loom’? huh? It this a trick question? Loom. Loom. LOOOOooooOOoOOoOOooooOOOoooooom. Loom. What do you know, kids?

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Everyone wants to simplify their lives, their work, their emotions, their options, everything. But we can never simplify it. We have to accept that life is always going to be complicated, no matter what we do to change that. Because we can’t change it. It will only make things even more complicated than we want.

» Posted By Eva On 05.08.2013 @ 1:56 pm


Don’t let anyone else be the director but you. This is your choice.

» Posted By eva On 03.12.2013 @ 9:39 pm


He sat in the cave waiting. Waiting for someone, something, to save him from himself. As he sat he began to speak to himself, the cave’s walls made his voice echo, giving the illusion of multiple people.

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sure i’ll do that i used to think this word was wierd but then i started using it and i like it yup. so.. sure sure sure . sure that ‘s what one direction says alot. uh huh of course yep yes that’s what the words mean

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I stir and stir the soup, with delicious smells coming up from the great pot. I smell my work coming out and (of course) all the spices. I chop up the chicken and toss it in and stir even more.

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it’s on the top of a house. pitter patter pitter patter. rain drops falling down. shingles. laid over one another. shelter. no rain falls into the house. protection. hail. weather proof. leaks.

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“It was a local restaurant and nothing special, but it was popular amongst the townspeople,” she started out. Everyone was already bored.

“It ends with the townspeople in pies, doesn’t it? Like Sweeney Todd?”

“No,” she said with a knife behind her back, “It ends with you.”

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“Soon,” said the message on her door — written in the blood of birds. She shrieked and wept, not realizing the threat was a message from herself.

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