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My parents are the reason why I am who I am today. Sure, at times they can be annoying or overbearing, but at the end of the day I’m grateful for their guidance. But I know everyone isn’t as lucky to have a set of parents like mine. Which is why I don’t take a moment with them for granted. You never know what life has in store.

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“How much for the piano?”

Laura frowned at the older man with grubby fingers. She moved to stand in front of the family heirloom, spreading an arm across the keys as though protecting it. “Not for sale. My grandmother gave me this.”

The old man rolled his eyes, then walked away. “I’ll be back, young lady!”

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A long stretch of vibrant green shrubbery surrounded the castles of Berkshire, various hues of orange and yellow bouncing off the two-tone bricks as the sun rose in the wee hours of the morning.

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A flock of geese passed overhead just as Jack drove into the parking lot. He drummed his fingers on the wheel before sighing heavily, exiting the vehicle. Today whether he liked it or not he was going to tell Hannah that he was in love with her. And he just hoped that everything would work out in his favor.

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My eyes flitted up to the TV screen. There was an incessant ringing, almost like a buzzing in my ear and I hadn’t been able to rid myself of it. I moved past Tyler to grab the remote, turning up the episode of Friends that was playing. The buzzing did get a little softer, but it didn’t completely stop. I groaned in annoyance. Maybe I needed to see a doctor.

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A scream ripped from Aliya’s throat as her husband tripped and fell onto the train tracks. As he struggled to move, the Amtrak continued to plow on, unaware of the body lying there.

Tom’s life ended within seconds.

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When he touched me, I knew I’d be scarred for life.

I screamed and tried to get away, but he held fast and slammed me back against the wall, hard. His lips wandered all over my body and I sobbed and squeezed my eyes shut, praying that this would all be over soon and someone would come and rescue me.

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Ana slid the sealed envelope under the door and walked away from the house, the wind blowing in her hair. She just hoped that Colin would find the letter before noon. If not…bad things would happen. To both of them. And Ana knew she wouldn’t be able to deal with that.

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“A group of twenty scientists were killed early this morning when an unnamed gunman opened fire on a remote facility in Queens. There are no details on motive or the names of the victims as of yet, but the police are theorizing that maybe the shooter, who is still at large, was after information that the group was working on for the government. Back to you in the studio, Sondra and Jay.”

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“These aren’t even real pearls, are they?” Jared asks with an amused smile, examining my blue dress. He then takes my hand in his and spins me around, which makes me laugh brightly. “You still look good, though. Knockoff pearls or not.”

I can feel the heat rise to my cheeks as I lean forward to hug him. “Thank you, Jared.”

“Anytime, beautiful.” He says into my ear, voice low and warm. It makes me shiver as we break contact and stare into each other’s eyes for a moment. “You want to know something?”

“What?” I whisper, eyes flitting down to his lips for a moment before looking back up at him. It feels as if we’re the only two people in the room, in the world.

“I’ve never met anyone as wonderful as you. Everything about you is just…amazing.” He exhales and then brings his face closer to mine—only to place a warm kiss on my cheek. It dampens my mood a little, but I brush it off because just being by his side is enough to satisfy.

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The streets of San Francisco were a mess. Broken glass and litter covered the sidewalks as people walked in almost a haze with masks over their faces. Some of them were covered in blood, others were weeping as constables pushed them back forcibly with clubs. I could barely see what with all the smog polluting the air. I let out a deep cough and tightened my grip on José’s forearm as we ran. “How much further?”

“A few more miles.” He gripped me tighter as we brushed past more and more people. Suddenly tried to grab me by my ponytail, and I screamed. José released me for one second in order to bat the man away. Breathing heavily I kept running, not looking back and praying to God that he was okay.

A full minute passed before he came up behind me. I swallowed the lump in my throat and threw my arms around him, hugging him tightly. “Are you alright?”

“Yes, baby.” He broke the contact abruptly and grabbed my hand again. “Vámonos, Carla. We have to hurry.”

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“Fancy some more roast duck, Angelina?”

“No thank you, m’lord.” Angelina smiles warmly at the handsome duke sitting across the table from her, cheeks flushes the lightest shade of pink. Daintily dabbing the corners of her mouth with the napkin beside her plate, she sips a bit of red wine before looking back up at him. “How was the archery competition yesterday? Did you have fun?”

He laughs brightly, blue eyes shining. “Yes, quite. But it would’ve been much more fun had you been there with us, Angelina.”

The young woman blushes. Oh, the effect he had on her…

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“Everything in my life has always been a mess because of you, Jane!” Adia yelled. “I’ve never been able to be myself because you always babied me. Told me what to eat, who to talk to, who to like and dislike. You enjoy it, don’t you? You love having full control over everything, including me! Don’t you?!”


“But the second I start spending time with your precious Jake, you freak out. You couldn’t bear the thought of that, could you? Your lifelong crush not liking you back. You KNEW he loved me. But instead of wanting me to be happy, for US to be happy, you married him to keep him away from me.”

Jane still said nothing. The room was silent, save for the water dripping from the leaky faucet. She fiddled aimlessly with the bracelet on her wrist, unwilling to meet Adia’s gaze. She was a horrible person, and she knew it.

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“Tell me something, Holl.” Danny says in a whisper, eyes bloodshot and throat raw. He can barely see the blonde in front of him—or was she sitting beside him?—with a worried look in her light green eyes as she stares at him. He’s vaguely aware of his bleeding hand lying limply at his side, bits of broken glass from the liquor bottle he’d smashed a minute ago still in the open wound.

On the outside there was pain, but on the inside there was torment. Anguish.

“What, Dan?” Holly’s voice breaks, he can tell she’s trying not to cry. He hates it when she cries. And then suddenly, she stands and makes a move towards the telephone on the desk across the room. “Danny, tell me. Don’t stop talking. Please.”

He leans his head back against the oak bedpost, grimacing. He glances up past her at the majestic painting of a falcon, one of his favorites—when it begins to get blurry, he looks away. “Why…why haven’t you deserted me yet? You’ve got every reason to, you know.”

Holly hangs up the phone and walks back over to him, touching his cheek tenderly with her hand. “The ambulance is on the way, Danny. Just relax.”

He closes his eyes and tries to.

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“Eileen! Go talk to him!” Mother pinched me on the arm and I winced, shooting her a glare. “Isn’t that the handsome young man your sister was going on and on about the other day?”

“Yes, I believe so. But, mother—” Alas, I was cut off from speaking.

“No buts, dear! Go, go! I like how he looks, he seems very polite. And isn’t he set to inherit his father’s estate? Old man Burke, correct?”

I rolled my eyes and started to protest again, because I honestly didn’t want to talk to James Burke no matter how much wealth he possessed or was going to possess—he was rather rude and unpleasant company to be around. However mother shoved me forward into the middle of the room and somehow thought the movement would look natural to the others milling about in the guest hall. It didn’t.

James locked eyes with me and smiled, crystal clear blue eyes shining. Perfect. Just when I was about to scurry away. “Good evening, Miss Dawson.” He bowed, pressing his lips to the back of my hand.

I sighed, silently vowing to try and make the best of this horrid situation. “Good evening, James.”

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“…That’s a very enticing offer, sweetheart, but I think I’ll have to decline.” With a hint of a smile on his face, Tony took one more sip of his coffee before placing the mug back down on the granite counter top.

His six year old daughter, Sophia, let out a heavy sigh. “But daddy, you promised you’d be there for my ballet recital!” Her bottom lip jutted out cutely in a frustrated pout.

“I know, baby, I’m sorry.” He ruffled her blonde curls and placed a light kiss on her cheek. “But I promise you that I’ll watch it when I get back home later tonight, okay?”

Sophia reluctantly nodded.

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“Senator, do you believe that the toxins in the ocean from your company’s ‘green’ initiative program are harming the sea creatures and other wildlife?”

When Graham Bullock looked Macy Roberts in the eyes, she thought back to the days when she was a rookie reporter writing fledgling articles that no one wanted to read. Back then, she probably would’ve collapsed at the thought of being in the White House and getting a front row spot on the press riser—but here she was.

As the Senator licked his lips and began to answer, albeit cautiously, Macy already knew what he’d say. Something about how his company had no say in what got put into the ocean, and how the fish/wildlife were getting all the minerals and nutrients they needed to survive.

Crap is all it would be.

“Well, ma’am…I don’t doubt the validity of your question. But my company has no say in what gets put into the ocean…”

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