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For the duration of time, she would stay by him.
Even when his anger roared louder than the sea, even when the waves of depressed washed over him, even when he was an empty chest full of nothingness, she wold stay with him.

For the duration of time.

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She had to try her best. Her cooking had to perfect. It had to be perfect to please a gourmet of food like him. Of course, it was natural. He was from France. She looked miserably down at the soggy mess she called a starter.

She had a long way to go.

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She swung herself to and thru. One with the wind. Her hair cascaded down her back, shimmering in the sun. Her laugh echoed out across the valley. Jono listened and was silent.

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Even though you spoke to him with worry he snapped back in anger, even though he would always return your concern with scorn, even though he ignored your every utterance, you stayed by his side.
You could say your response was automatic.

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I’d wait quite a long time to see him dead. To see his face contort in agony as flames devoured him. It was a mutual feeling. He hated me. It was completely normal.

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He stood there, fiddling with his stiff fingers. She raised one of her eyebrows insidiously.
‘What do you want?’ she scowled, he words laced with venom.
He took a deep breath.
‘Your advice.’

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‘It’s you.’ you whispered.
‘Your the one that has to go forward and scout.’
His face went pale and his legs gave way, causing him to fall to the ground.

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He couldn’t let them die. Not again. Not this time. And so he stepped forward and took the death blow. Compassion always had been his weakness.

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You looked hazily out of the windows, rubbing your eyes, the tinge of sleep blinding your sight.
Your eyes widened slowly. All the snow from winter had disappeared. You jumped out of bed, tripping over a pair of socks in the process.
‘MUM!’ you yelled. ‘IT’S SPRING!’

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He was convicted and sent to jail for fourteen years – though with the corruption in the goverment, he would most likely be let out in four years insted.

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‘Be careful!’ she yelled, her face concealed behind stacks of cardboard. It was too late though – the once orderly tower of boxes toppled haphazardly like a row of dominoes.

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You groaned inwardly. Why hadn’t you revised the properties of iron last night? Now you were going to fail your science test for sure.

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He grabbed her hand and grinned sadistically.
‘You’ll bring it in time, da?’
She stood shakily, and futivley tried to yank her arm out of his hand but it was no use – his grip was like iron.
‘Yes… I will.’ she whispered quietly.

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Mystery is when one is ignorant of the suppoused situation. A mystery arouses intrest.

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He was a short, squat man, with a smart black suit that glinted dully in the sun. He tapped his walking stick aimlessly on the floor, his eyes shifting from left to right. As soon as he found his target he grinned and clenched his stick with his meaty hands that were adorned with a variety of rings. This was going to be a very promising meeting.

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