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He wasn’t sure how long he had been alone; he’d given up counting after several years. He wasn’t sure why he was left alone, only that he had stepped onto a frozen lake when he landed and that the moon had told him his name.

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He rubbed his knuckles with his left hand. His arthritis was acting up again; it was something common now that he was getting older. He looked at the doll house that he was working on and sighed. It was going to have to wait for his hand not to hurt like this anymore. His granddaughter’s birthday was coming up fast, though, and if he didn’t finish it soon, it would be a totally waste. She wouldn’t want it as she grew older and her mother would never let him give it to her just because. He sighed again and got back to work.

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One word. That’s all it took. Love. Why is that so difficult to get your head around? Why is it such a powerful emotion? These are the thoughts I ponder at night. Being alone is horrid maybe I get why people love now.

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water link drops under feet meadow tan lotion hunch legs knees tower

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he held me tightly as he whispered that dreaded word. “goodbye,” he said for the last time. “goodbye” i managed to whisper as tears ran down my cheeks. then, just as he had dropped my hand and started walking away i managed to whisper “i love you,” for the last time.

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