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Zack has always felt like the least remarkable person he knows. Okay, sure, so he’s kind of good at math or whatever. He’s got one whole skill, and it’s not an exciting one. He doesn’t have Jason’s ability to create worlds out of thin air with only a pen, or his father’s unfathomable capacity for kindness.

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sometimes you can’t, anymore
sometimes you run to the edge
but instead of falling over
find yourself stopped dead
by the wall you never even knew was there.

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Four walls.
Exactly the same size.
The height might be the same as the length, even.
It’s alarming. He wonders, vaguely, if this is what rooms in the Ministry of Love are like.
Either way he wants out. The order is disturbing.

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I wouldn’t have chosen it.
Wouldn’t have voted for it.
Wouldn’t have said it was a good idea–fuck it, it wasn’t a good idea.
It just happened when I wasn’t paying attention.
Oversight. That’s all.

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The shivers run down his spine. He shouldn’t be afraid. This is important and necessary and /it’s for his own good, it’s for ZACK’S good/, and he knows Zack will never hate him and he really doesn’t have anything to worry about. He just needs to open his mouth and speak.
But his stomach won’t stop lurching.
God, he’s never been afraid to speak his mind before.

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It started with trigonometry, of all things.
Trigonometry in a small bedroom, walls that were such a light blue they were nearly white,
fingers that always seemed too thin around a fracturing gray mechanical pencil,
pupils stretched wide in dim early-evening light.

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Fucking spa. It’s not like there was ANYTHING better for them to do, nope, why would I give a damn if they go a goddamn spa and leave me here to do all their work.

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He flexes his arm; it reopens the cut.
Zack’s fault.
His own fault.
A thin line of blood forms, begins to drip along the curve of his arm, slow, in toward the elbow.

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Tends to start with
Enter (or some weird blank space) or…

To leave

– wait, there are no exits in this one, just the circle at the center.

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After the festival I dreamt of the masked man I’ve slowly come to know. This love had gifted me with a gesture bold. He left behind a rosewood box filled with gold. More than treasure, I longed for his hands to hold, a face to kiss, and in communion attain our bliss.

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I have no desire to reflect upon the nature of nature. I feel so foreign, so distant from my own. What am I but a transient thing in passing; a ghost moving through the unyielding procession of time. And yet they follow too, those pitiful equally as doomed butterflies.

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“You know they call these ‘potato crisps’ in Britain.”
“No, I didn’t know. Learn that from Doctor Who?”
“Nah, Neil Gaiman, I think. Said something about a ‘crisp packet’… oh, maybe it was just a packet that was of a crisp texture.”
“Wait, Neil Gaiman is British?”

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The wounds are hideous, gashing flowing things, everything stained dark red, flesh tossed about like garbage. The deep lacerations form wild, savage patterns.

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Something about Zack reminds him of lilies.
They’re usually some kind of symbol of purity, he thinks he recalls hearing at sometime or another. What a load of bullshit–Zack, pure? Maybe before Jason met him.
But maybe there’s more to it; lilies are beautiful in a humble sort of way, arent they?legant, simple. Not gaudy like a rose with all those sinuous layers of petals.

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The thorns sliced his hands, staining over the beautiful bright green of the rose stems.
In it he sees a parable; beauty is meant to be left untouched. To meddle is to destroy.

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There’s an empty space in the tree–
in the shape of someone’s name.
I’ll never know who they were. Does it make them happy?
“I was here”–
perhaps, but who?

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He was absolutely, positively in love. It had to be true.
Even though sometimes the lovebites bit a little too deep.
Even though sometimes Jason would get that wicked little glimmer in his eyes.
It was still love, it had to be.

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It’s so hard. I don’t want to hate him, really, I don’t; I do my best to understand him. He’s the one who makes it impossible. Every time I feel like I can start to relate, one more idiotic remark needs to come out of his mouth to invalidate all the good again.

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The castle jutted sharply into the clouds, spires seeming to threaten the heavens. I felt so small standing at its base, like it could fall and crush me at any moment. It was mocking me, I know.

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“Oh, dear lord,” Theo shuddered, “And here I thought you’d already scarred me beyond all repair.”
“Personally,” Sidhe laughed, “I bet he makes an adorable maid.”
Robyn glanced between them and calmly requested, “Can I have the dress back now?”

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“Don’t you dare touch that vase,” she reminded him bitterly, over her shoulder, as she walked out of the house.

Grinning wickedly, he dropped the snake inside it. “Well I’m not TOUCHING it, really…”

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He was not going to give up. He wouldn’t, he couldn’t. It may be true that every doctor and scientist who he’d ever called in to examine his wife insisted that she was indefinitely comatose, but that couldn’t be the end.

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He watched it float up, away.
Blue and gold and purple. Helium,
the kind they give you on
your birthday.

His birthday was over now, anyway.

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sinking slowly nameless faceless beyond a black veil lies eyes soft and wet blinking in ephemeral shield of tears held not quite so near as you’d like but soon, yes soon, until you’re staring up at a sky endless eye once known once loved now a ghost trapped in a dream long surrendered to the tides

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They were trying to paint the new living room. It shouldn’t have been that hard, really. But one way or another the roller ended up on Julian’s face, and then on Nikolai’s shirt, and basically everywhere but the wall.

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He grabbed the scissors and hacked at his hair; catharsis. I wasn’t there; I was out having dinner bought for me. But this is what I’m told. He was crying, I imagine, and maybe bits of hair stuck to the tearstreaks on his face. I still regret it. I would’ve liked to be the one there to assess the damage and turn it into a cute, stylish cut. He had such beautiful hair.

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