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He ran his hands on the beautiful trunk of the elephant. Smiling, Gary couldn’t help but marvel at how he managed to go all the way to Africa. How is it that he of all people won the contest?
“Almost done?” Hannah asked.
Gary laughed, “Sorry, this is just so spectacular.”

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I climbed up those stone steps. I stepped into that wonderful, yet old, estate. I sat in the dusty chair.
With a deep breathe I closed my eyes and let everything run away from me. All my fears, worries, and pain. With that breathe, I was free.
Opening me eyes, I saw wonders.

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I was annoyed. I was human, yet when my house got burned down and I lost literally everything, no one came to my aid. No one tried to help a fellow human being. I was forced to live on the streets, yet people walked past me with disgust on their faces and dared to call me useless and a hobo who was too lazy to get a job. Disgusting. What exactly happened to the human race? Where is our so called humanity?

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I couldn’t believe everything that has happened since we last spoke. I’m writing this letter in a sewer. A sewer! Since yesterday, I’ve been chased by the Knights, Riley was killed, and I lost the Stone.

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“Crap, Dad.” Logan stammered. “That’s a huge deer.” Logan’s father laughed. “Only the best for this family. Tonight we’re having some beef jerky!” Logan’s mother frowned and continued cooking the hot dogs and beans. She hated camping.

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“Oh, come on. It doesn’t take that long.” Jessica grumbled. “How do you know? We might have to repeat the process. This could take days.” Jess’s best friend, Julia said. “And all we have is some tape, the duck, and that guy with the green shirt. We’re still missing your brothers pet frog and the mandarin orange.”

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Stretching her sock over her foot, Alex heard the elastic band snap. Crap, she thought. Alex quickly grabbed a new sock and dashed out of her bedroom door. One morning, just one morning, I’m not going to be late, she thought. Alex was supposed to arrive at her work at 8 in the morning, and it was 7:42.

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The bulb flickered in the almost empty diner. Lilith was sitting in a stool not far from the entrance. She was waiting for someone. Her waiter, a good friend Lilith knew as Haley, came and refilled her coffee. “I think you’ve been stood up, Lily.”

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Michael walked briskly to the hidden hallway. If he didn’t get there fast enough, Anastasia will- No, he told himself. Don’t think about that. Save her. When he reached the door, he was surprised to find it locked. “Damn!” he exclaimed.

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“Oh, please.” Alec said. “You seem to think that I torture her for my own amusement.” Alec laughed. “That’s only part of it.” Reese glared. “I also keep her here so you would have a reason to try to kill me. I do love our fights.”

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Out of fear of death, Lucy did not abide to Leck’s rules. She couldn’t stay in the tower, even during the lightning storm. She was scared. Larson was searching for her, and if she didn’t get out, he would hurt everybody dear to her. Lucy couldn’t risk that, not even for her own life.

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Lyra lept to her feet, “Absolutely not!” She was furious at Xavier for suggest he take Liam’s skeleton to his coffin. “You’ll get caught!”
Xavier shook his head. “I won’t. You know how careful I am.”

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Her eyes, one violet, the other a sparkling green, searched the room for a sign of life. “Empty.” She said to her comrade behind her. “Wait…” she heard a whisper. “Please, just wait…”

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“Absolutely not.” Jack shouted. “You don’t just go around killing people!” Damien, Jack’s brother, leaned against the wall smoking his cigarette, as usual.

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Mike held out is hand in mock etiquette. “Sorry, sir.” he spat. “I almost forget my manners.’ Julius laughed. “So I see.” Julius held onto his knife as if it were and old piece of parchment. “You always were an idiot, son, but I never thought you would as far as trying to save Guinevere.”

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Unbelievably, one whole family managed to disappear and the whole town didn’t even bat an eye. They were to busy burying the bodies. Yet, I remained. Still alive and still with a sane mind, You see, the plague killed everyone it could get it’s dark coils around. Like my best friend. Like my family.

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“No. Leave.” And with that, he was cast away from Society. From me. “Cole!” I screamed. “Cole, come back!” The Society grabbed him and dragged him away. He managed to hot a couple of them and run towards me, but more and more came.

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Holding on top the flower, Emily slowly made her way down the steep hill. She had to escape the Demons. They knew she had the flower, and they wanted it. The thing is, she wont let them have it. “Emily! Wait!” She heard the voice, and it stopped her cold.

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Jeff Martin slowly walked over to the thrift shop. He wasn’t happy about this. He didn’t want to do it, but he must. He cannot keep such a dangerous object. Although it was given to him by his father, Jeff was aware of how severely this object had hurt him.

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“Come on, Lissa. Just this once?” Lissa Reynolds was having a sleepover, and her younder sister, Nina, wanted her hair braided before bread, like always. “You said that last night.” Lissa answered. Nina giggled. “Please?”

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Dancing, I couldn’t believe that so much time had passed. It seemed like hours had passed sine his death. But it had been only minutes. He had waded into the ocean, and he had drowned. No one noticed. She did.

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I glanced at Donovan and hide my blushing cheeks. I couldn’t help but watch as he and Mike chugged down their beer and laughed with Amber. What a day. First, the first and now the party.

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Abandoning all sens of morals that he had, Caleb pushed the dagger into Luis’s heart. The scream that followed seemed to loud and horrifying to be human, yet it was. Caleb shut his eyes and pushed harder. Silence fell.

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The moose rammed into David’s car, causing his daughter to shriek with fear. “Hold on, Becky!” he shouted. More moose where gathering around the car, making it impossible to drive away, unless they drove right into the moose.

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Wondering what is parents would think of his F in English, Jeremy slowly rode his bike home. He didn’t expect to get such a bad grade, it just happened.

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Leaning in on the desk, Harris felt nauseated by the history movie that was playing. During the Holocaust, bodies were everywhere, death was the air you breathed, and life was horrible. Harris watched as Maggie sniffled and wiped away a tear at the sheer horror of that point in time.

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Sitting alone in the dark cage, I felt trapped. I wouldn’t say this room was a cell, but it could have been. I only had a small space to myself, considering I shared the bed with four others. No blankets, no comfy cushion. Only a hard wooden bottom. I was uncomfortable. My family had been killed during selection. I was “lucky” to have been considered healthy. If you called this torture lucky.

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Not daring to look up, I shivered in the dark corner of the room. I felt his eyes on me, but I was unable to move. Finally, he quietly walked over, lifted my head up, and kissed me. Afterwards, he held my gaze with such intensity, that I felt like the world was disappearing around us.

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Sitting in his dark room, with the moon shining through the window, I felt infinitely safe. Nothing could touch me while I was being held by Stefan. He loved me and I loved him, and that’s all their ever was. We are together. We are one.

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Sitting there, I thought of all the things that had happened. So much time had passed since Tobi’s disappearance. I began to wonder how time worked. Why couldn’t it just rewind during the time Tobi vanished. I could find him and stop his being taken. I felt at a loss. I was in distress, and my dear Tobi was nowhere to be found. My dear Tobi…

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