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As the leaves turned along the railroad tracks behind her house she became attuned to cold that came from the atmosphere marking autumns arrival and also the harrowing feeling of loneliness that comes in winter. Changes made by nature. Survival techniques passed down from our tree dwelling ancestors. Coming on 15 she seems to be wise for her age. Too wise possibly. A young woman with the life experience of a 30 some year old man. She’s only ever known one home. Hardly a home at all. Housed by her aunt and uncle the last 3 years of her life overhearin hushed arguments over what to do with “the girl” and later on, screaming arguments that ended with her uncle Marty storming out the back door to go work on the 1967 Chevelle that he’s patiently been working on for 5 some years. In the dawn kind this autumn mornin, she feels attuned to te changes of the season, the cold that brushes against her cheek as thought a warning to migrate down south before it gets gather. People no longer listen to the warnjgs of nature. They’ve hardened up their homes, their hearts and souls to be able to bear whatever may come on their stubbornness. Highly evolved b

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