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The trenches were filled with blood. That’s all that Trent could think of as he slipped through this dream, stumbling over fallen corpses and mangled limbs detached from their owners by a careless flick of a sword. Maybe he had done some of this damage, too. He didn’t know why he felt such detachedness from the world now, as he had seen war before. All of it had damaged him so deeply before, so why not now? Maybe now seeing trenches of blood didn’t hurt, because there were already so many carved into his heart that he was used to it.

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The oily substance was sticky on her hands, and as she lifted them up, trying to shake the goop off, it stuck. Kestrel cried out, terrified, as oil began to slick up her arms, and she stared at Pascal in horror as it all happened to her.
“Please,” she begged. “Please, no…”
“This is what you get for taking what doesn’t belong to you,” snapped Pascal.
Then the oil consumed her.

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He hated them, the nasty buggers. Literally, in this case. It was bad enough that he was trapped out here in the woods – even worse now that those stupid little critters had decided that invading Kyttem’s fur had been a good idea. Now Gryfyn had to deal with the fleas, too.
“I’m a king,” he whined. “I shouldn’t have to deal with this.”
Ysa smacked him, which probably killed a few fleas in the process, and went on rubbing salve into his hair.
“I’m a queen,” she snapped. “And yet here I am, rubbing plant decay into my stupid husband’s hair.”

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If you will it to be so, it will be so. Bekka closed her eyes, focusing on the queen’s words, and thought about him, thought about him, thought about him. He would be okay. He would be fine. They would all be fine. All she had to do was to heal him. She was healing him. He would be fine. He would be fine. Taking a deep breath, Bekka placed her hands on Perren’s chest, thinking in a rhythm. She willed it to be fine. It would be fine.

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She received his gift with open hands, relieved, almost, that she had finally been given some attention. It had seemed to her lately that he had despised her, or not actually cared about her. A little smug look passed over her face in the car that day – she was important to someone. She was important to him. She wasn’t just some invisible little girl, counted out by everyone. There was something in her that was special. Something unique, and she just needed to find it.

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It wasn’t possible, and she was sure of it. Well, maybe she was sure of it. Serafina wasn’t quite sure if she understood the word possible. It wasn’t possible for a woman like her to marry a commoner – that had happened. It wasn’t possible for her to leave the Empire – she was now a spy against it. So what couldn’t be done now? Could she save Samaria at her own expense?

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Tyler smiled to himself, watching her with the rune-crafter in her hands. Her eyes were sharp sapphire beacons of intelligence, and he knew that she was somehow totally in tune with the marks under her fingers. But at the same time, she was so guarded, as if by prison bars or huge walls that she had built for her own protection. He wondered if there was a way inside them, because she desperately needed to see the outside world.

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His claim to the throne was valid, Darikone realized, and a bone-chilling thought rushed through his veins. Technically, Marduke was the Prince, and therefore would become King. But next in line was Auramane, and that was questionable due to Darikone’s uncertainty about her existence. And after that…was himself. If Marduke was turning corrupt…he could become the king.

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His blindness, his oblivion was infuriating. Mark’s hands balled into fists, and he drew one of them up. One moment later, Jake was stumbling backwards, his hands on his jaw in surprise. Anger flared in his eyes, and he lunged at his brother with his fists raised. But Mark sidestepped, watching as Jake went sprawling into the mud in front of him. His knuckles burning, Mark bent out to take the flask from his brother’s fingertips, shaking his head sadly.

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They were something of a dysfunctional family, if one really thought about it. On the outside, they looked simple and sweet: a pair of working parents, two twins, a younger brother, and a younger sister. But as Mark noticed, he and his twin sister were reincarnations of past kings. His brother was the sex-god of the school – which was probably due to the deal he had made with the dead that his first-born child would die instead of himself. Little Sidney was really the only normal one. He prayed that it wouldn’t change.

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The texture of the cloth in her hands made simple tears begin to rise in her eyes. It was silk, the finest silk from Magistere, and she knew that it would always remind her of her mother. This had been her mother’s dress first, and now it was torn, ripped with the lash of the imaginary whip that had lashed upon her. Her breaths came quickly, and Serafina clenched her hands in fists as the pain washed over her, and the terror of her angry mother standing over her.
Then Tyler was there, and he tugged the silk from her hands to comfort her.

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The misty morning sunlight startled Bekka into awareness. She glanced up, finding that she was lying on a small blanket stretched out in a lone cave. A beam of sunlight gleamed up, and she stared upwards, wondering how she had arrived here.
“Ah, you’re awake.” Bekka turned, looking through the thin mist and seeing a thin figure make his way towards her. He was male. She knew that much. Carefully, Bekka reached for a sword, finding it tucked in her pocket. Some inadequate kidnapper this was.
The mist cleared, and Bekka blinked.
“Perren!” she cried. “You gave me a heart attack!”

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It was a ripple effect, a chain of chilly, painful strikes flickering from one person to another. Sawyer could see it coming, even if Eric and Morgan were blind to it. She rested her hand on the balcony, overlooking the training Zander and Julian. Zander’s eyes rose to meet hers, and Sawyer drew back, suddenly stung. Something was wrong.

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She never picks a side. He knew it from the moment he met her, right away. He knew that she would never, ever, help them, and that she would only do things to help herself. Her side was herself, and she had no allies. Only ‘partners’ that would die as soon as they weren’t useful.

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On the banks of the Escene River. Gryfyn placed his head in his hands, staring down at the roaring river before him. On the banks of the Escene River! Where was Ysabelthca, his precious Ysa? This couldn’t be happening. She had told him to meet him here. She had told him to meet her on the banks of the Escene River.

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All the verbal assaults were starting to get to his head. Jake gritted his teeth after hearing another jeer about caution and ducked down a side hallway, taking a few deep breaths. He had to fight the urge to punch all these people – it wasn’t his fault that Hayley was pregnant, no matter what they said. It was her fault. Girls were in charge of the conception spell.
Leaning against a wall, Jake sighed to himself, glancing down at the intricate rune on his arm. It didn’t matter. The kid would be dead in the end.

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His eyes flash, and I take a step back.
“What do you want from me, exactly?” I ask, my eyes searching the room. There has to be something, a secret passageway, an exit that I can take advantage of. Trent’s eyes are like black saucers, reflecting down on me. Hey, the light’s all flowing to the right. I gulp.
“Everyone has a secret, Liam,” Trent growls. “It’s my job to figure out yours.”
Damn, this light is bothering me. Trent’s watch ticks in the silence, and I feel nervous. I take three steps back, shifting my weight. The light seems to be coming from one central place in the wall – HEY! That’s an escape –
I think there’s a butterfly carved into the ceiling.

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There is no principal, only a headmaster. And that headmaster happens to be my dad.
It’s a fantastic life, you see, going to school where your dad can monitor you constantly. Honestly, it’s not that bad. Dad’s a good headmaster, and I don’t have to obey him to begin with. ‘Cuz he’s a Solaris, and I’m a Solaris, and that’s about as far as the relationship goes right now.

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The stage is set. The props are in their place. The costumes fit, the lines are memorized. It’s opening night, and this play looks to be the best one the company has done in years. The lights go down…and I stand up. It’s all so perfect, I think to myself.

It’s my job to absolutely ruin it.

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He suspects something. I can tell easy enough. There’s a crease in his forehead, a glimmer in his eye, a twitch at the corner of his mouth. Trent suspects that I’m up to something, and I’ll give him that. Perhaps he’s not as stupid as I originally thought. Liam, cut it out. It’s not the time to worry about Trent’s inner tur-
Sorry, Felix. I’m coming…

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It was the stretcher that made him look up very abruptly. Mark had never seen one at the school; usually, people were just carried back. If there was a stretcher, that meant something bad had happened. Something so bad, that someone was dead.
Mark got up, desperately hoping that the person wasn’t Wesley.

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The auxiliary sorceress, that was all that she was. Samaria crossed her arms, watching as Kelisean lifted her hands over her head, her face morphing into that of Eliziana. Samaria sighed – she’d been so close to being that lucky person, the blessed one who would house the spirit of the dark sorceress. But no. She was just the backup.

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The look he gave her gave her chills, dark and full of loathing, and mistrust. Samaria took a step back, surprised by this expression upon a face of a person she trusted more than anything in the world, a person she had looked up to.
“Don’t fear them,” Serafina said from beside her. Samaria looked up, finding her cousin’s eyes to be full of steady acceptance of a dark, terrible fate. That look gave Sam chills, too. “They can’t touch you.”

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Her wonderful home, the place where she could dwell in peace and quiet. Serafina stroked her free hand through her hair, letting her other cradle Tessalyn closer to her body. Tyler smiled at her as he stepped out on the doormat, his eyes twinkling with recognition. Serafina sighed with contentment: she was finally home.

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He has a keen mind, one that May can’t help but admire. It’s beautiful to watch his eyes, his gorgeous blue eyes that always notice things totally invisible to her own. Impossibly keen, he jumps on every lead, every tiny detail out of place, things that lead to miracles. He’s a genius. How can everyone else miss it?

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Switching the pendant back and forth between my hands, I stroll down the streets of Riverfront. It’s something I seem to do a lot, now that I think about it. Something feels strange when I take my pendant off, but it’s hard to identify. Sighing, I stop switching hands and toss it up in the air. Fred gives me a look of concern, but I catch it lightly. I toss it again, and this time, it tumbles forward onto the sidewalk, rattling as it bounces along the road. Fred darts forward, but someone else gets there first, raising a hand and picking up my pendant between his fingers. My brown eyes meet his, and Dewey frowns.

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She laughed as his cap was blown right off his head. Marshall yelped in surprise, reaching into the air to catch it unsuccessfully. He turned back to Kelsi, grinning.
“Well, looks like we’re going for a hike,” he told her, jerking his head towards the bottom of the large hill, where the hat was sitting. Kelsi laughed and jumped to join him.

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The base was Spirit’s masterpiece, really. It functioned like Serentonia, but was much more expertly designed. Everything was underground; it was absolutely perfect. Only a select handful of individuals knew where that base could be found; Spirit knew that they could never be taken by surprise. While Serentonia was protected by walls, her troops were protected by secrecy.

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“I’ll be here, waiting for you.” Avaciel disregarded this, striding out the door. There were more important things on her mind. She knew he was coming back. She knew he was coming back now. She raced down the hallway, ignoring the surprise of her subjects. When she reached the balcony, she was out of breath. But she disregarded this, because she could see him, heading in on the courtyard. Lan raised his head towards her, and a look of joy passed his head. Avaciel turned and ran. She had to see him.

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For the upteenth time that morning, Mark reached over and set his column upright. Why couldn’t it just stay put? He’d built it well enough; there shouldn’t be any reason for it to fall. What would Professor Elodian say to a column that couldn’t stand up straight, much less hold up a rooftop?

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