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I cannot think of a good, intelligent description or summory of “silk” as of right now so I’m not going to attempt this one. However, I will say that it’s nice.

» Posted By Ellis Fields On 08.24.2011 @ 5:29 am


Transport. That word made me happy for some reason. Perhaps because when I first looked upon it, the word “passport” came to mind. Oh, how I wish I were some where else. But I am here. Living and breathing. I am here.

» Posted By Ellis Fields On 08.21.2011 @ 7:25 am


Success is a relevant term, therefore making it’s past tense a relative one as well. Contrary to popluar belieft, I don’t believe that money equates to success. To succeed,, you must find peace.

» Posted By Ellis Fields On 08.18.2011 @ 6:37 am


Punishment. It’s neccessary. I don’t really know what else to say about it other than the fact that it’s neccessary. Yeah.

» Posted By Ellis Fields On 08.15.2011 @ 5:42 am


If you take off the N, then it spells “ear.” Interesting? No, not really. But nevertheless, it is a fact. I wish I was near you, but you can’t always get what you want.

» Posted By Ellis Fields On 08.14.2011 @ 10:54 am

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