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“I’ll give you a pointer Gary,” Ellery said pointing accusingly at her mentor. “Never even think about hurting a harmless animal unless it’s a spider or a mosquito or a tick or a cricket or a…”
“Fly?” Gary said smiling.
“No,” Ellery narrowed her eyes. “Never hurt a fly, especially one I have named.”
“And you DON’T want to get on my bad side,” she warned, shaking her finger.

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I helped my cousin with loading the moving truck. I couldn’t believe I wasn’t ever going to see her again.
Using magic against the strict law to save a squirrel from a van seemed strange and unnecessary, especially since it caused Alex to be banned from this town, but I knew she must’ve done it for some reason. Alex always did things for a purpose. I just couldn’t imagine what that would be. I mean, getting banished and sent half-way around the world and away from everyone she knew just to save a small animal? Really?

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Changes are hard. Like moving. Going to a new school. Making new friends. Moving on. It’s all hard. But that’s just life.

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“I think its time to make some changes,” Ellery said. “Unless you are going to appreciate Lil’ Lenny I will have to talk to Mrs. Ford about switching mentors.”

Gary smiled. “I will never like or appreciate that little pest! Besides, if you get a different mentor I won’t have to worry about you or your little “pest”,” he replied.

“Well, we can’t have that,” she said bitterly with obvious sarcasm. “You know Lil’ Lenny cares about you. He doesn’t try to kill you,” she paused. “Although I’m not sure about now.” Her eyes grew narrow.

“Flies can’t feel things, unless that dumb serum gave that pest feelings too.”

“They can too, you just don’t care enough to notice.”

“I don’t care but I’m older and smarter than, well I’m pretty sure, and I know scientist have proven flies are just annoying little pests that don’t do anything.”

“Why do you use that word so much, Lil’ Lenny HATES it.”

“Well that’s exactly why I use it then.”

Ellery opened her mouth like she was going to respond, but then closed it again and frowned.

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Once Lil’ Lenny was clean and bathed, I dressed him and fed him his supper. I had bought him special silk pj’s that had little bitty polka dots. He seemed to like them very much. Because flies fly so much during the day, they need A LOT of food.

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I had prepared a beautiful slideshow to show Gary. It was full of amazing facts and pictures and was sure to persuade him to finally understand that flies deserved to live. I clicked through the slides and gave long explanations. I finally came to the last slide. It was a very large picture of Lil’ Lenny, my friend fly, with a long paragraph explaining how and why he could NOT I repeat NOT kill him and if he did he would have to experience a very horrible consequence.

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I must’ve misunderstood Gary when he said his life was more important than a flies. I was trying to teach him lesson but he just wouldn’t understand! Flies only get to live one day while we get to live around 100 years! Lil’ Lenny was also my friend and I couldn’t understand why Gary had made his life goal to kill him. I sighed. Maybe one day, I’d ask him the same question again (as I always did right when I walked in, except I always used slightly different wording) and he would finally respond with the answer I was looking for (and had been looking for for quite a while). That day, I would celebrate. But, it was not that day yet, so I still had to deal with the answer I got and try to persuade him to think differently.

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All my unanswered questions swirled around me making it hard to breathe. I tried to push them out of my head but they kept coming back.

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My sorrowful face said sorry itself for my bad timing. I had been going through a rough time. I even said sorry over and over and over, but even this didn’t buy me sympathy. I had been a second late because I was distracted. I had also been given confusing directions that got all mixed up in my head.

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