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“It’s been ages since we’ve been able to see the Milky Way,” the elder sister said.
“I know,” said the younger. “I’ll never take it for granted again.”

» Posted By Elle On 10.07.2018 @ 10:16 am


I knew he was educated but I wish he actually didnt choose to show off that he was. There are many that walk with us that haven’t been that privileged and it does no one any good to keep reminding them. Besides inferiority is all in eye of the beholder. We are all people and that should be what counts.

» Posted By Elle On 02.08.2017 @ 11:26 am


As I walked down the busy street I saw a little girl sitting on the corner. I slowed as I walked by her making sure she was ok. When I realized that she was waiting for her mother at the corner, I continued on my way.

» Posted By Elle On 11.01.2016 @ 5:43 pm


The specific task was assigned and I began. What I ended up with even surprised me. It was crafted far better than if I would have been able to craft even if I had actually had the time to spend writing it.

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I don’t belong to you. I’m not yours. You can’t claim me. Take back your stupid bribes and your gifts, and let me be on my own. I don’t rely on you, I’m powerful myself. I don’t need your support, I’m strong too.

» Posted By Elle On 01.22.2016 @ 4:09 pm


the trees whipping through the wind
that smell that you notice
has a million different things that you van imagine
adventures are created
lost and may not be found
HELP said the little boy.
animals good and bad

» Posted By Elle On 11.02.2015 @ 9:00 am


The father I get in life, time-wise, the more daunting it feels. I should have my sh*t together by now. There is still so much time left, but it goes by so quickly.

» Posted By Elle On 08.26.2015 @ 7:06 am


His sleeves were rolled to just beyond his elbow, giving me access to his bare forearm and the hints of black ink which reached beyond the leather of his jacket. I was mesmerized

» Posted By Elle On 06.24.2015 @ 3:02 pm

A sleeve seems to just be an area used for collecting liquids; this is inclusive of snot, dribble and tears with the occasional addition of pizza dough or cookie mixture if I’m feeling exotic.

» Posted By Elle On 06.24.2015 @ 3:00 pm


Brush clean your mouth.
Feel the fuzz leave and be replaced by smooth porcelain.
It is a simple pleasure.

» Posted By Elle On 02.20.2015 @ 11:52 am


and here we go again. Jess said it was probably alcohol but teh juice taseted lke someone had dropped a new shoe in to it. leather or plastic or rubber, but new and stiff and fake.

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She frowned in my direction. I wasn’t sure what I’d done to displease her, but I knew I would be in trouble for it later. She leaned back in her chair. Here it comes, I thought. “Matthew,” she said to me, “I think we’re having a communication issue.” Her frown deepened. I cringed inwardly. Communication? Big word for the little conversation we ever managed to have between us. “Oh?” I asked. “Yes,” she continued.

» Posted By Elle On 09.16.2014 @ 6:46 pm


roller derby? boom, bang, ow! zoom go people. BOOM goes there body. rachet rachel punched me

» Posted By elle On 02.08.2014 @ 6:26 pm


It’s plausible
But you make your own destiny.
Be brave.
Trust your intuition.
The world is your oyster.

» Posted By Elle On 01.25.2014 @ 5:06 pm


is a lost thing in a vast forest of noise that keeps encroaching on what I’m trying to do. Creativity right now is fleeting, and seems only to work in outlining the world in the novel but not in the actual words. nothing is coming, instead of something.

» Posted By Elle On 11.16.2013 @ 7:33 pm


They were all surrounding her. Dark, angry beasts, almost like wolves, but larger. She was flat on her back, surrounding and trapped, with these ravenous creatures staring down at her like a large piece of meat–which, she thought to herself almost hysterically, was probably exactly what she was to them. She wanted to scream. In her head she was screaming. But her mouth couldn’t seem to form the words.

» Posted By Elle On 09.03.2013 @ 4:43 pm


Delight is waking up to the sun gleaming through the gaps in your curtains and rushing out of bed. Delight is the look in your eyes when you achieve what you deserve. Delight is happiness. Happiness brings delight.

» Posted By elle On 07.09.2013 @ 8:27 am


I love a balloon. Bright red, rubbery, squeaky, bouncy balloons. They are not complete without spirals of multicolored spiraling streamers knotted to their ends. No helium? No problem! Tie ’em to a short dowel or stick. For more fun, color the balloons with markers before you inflate them.

I love a hot air balloon too! They are mesmerizing–too mesmerizing. How often have I bumped into something or someone because my head was in the clouds. I love the colorful crayon-colored ones!

» Posted By Elle On 06.28.2013 @ 7:02 pm


One word. That is all it takes sometimes. Most of the times it can separate family’s, it can crush lovers, spate believers from followers. Truth, that is one word, yet what is behind the word; Behind this one word, is a universe of others.

» Posted By elle On 04.03.2013 @ 2:14 pm


She was available to him and she didn’t like that, never did she want to be available to anybody. The living embodiment of perfection and yet she was stooping down, but he was so perfect; he was everything she wanted to from a boy. From his music taste right down to the way his fingertips looked.

» Posted By Elle On 12.12.2012 @ 8:58 am


The door was open. It was beckoning me to go through it and see what was on the other side. It was the entrance to a new future, possibly. I’m not sure. But sometimes, you just have to roll the dice. So I went through the entrance, towards my new life…

» Posted By Elle On 10.17.2012 @ 2:17 pm


There are many substances in the universe that can act as poisons. This was the deadliest of them all. As the professor looked into the vial swimming with green viscous goo, he cringed. Bottoms up! And he tossed the vial back, emptying it’s noxious contents into his mouth.

» Posted By Elle On 08.09.2012 @ 6:35 am

substance abuse is a terrible thing. I watched some of my closest friends use, and become addicted to illegal, as well as legal substances. Prescription drugs, although legal, is killing people at a rate comparable to illegal substances, such as cocaine and heroin. Love is also a deadly substance.

» Posted By elle On 08.08.2012 @ 6:24 pm


i have done statement so many times now. how do i write about a different word?! someone help me pleasee cause i mean this seems like a really chill site and all but for some reason i keep getting the same word- STATEMENT.


» Posted By Elle On 07.27.2012 @ 10:02 am

i like statements better than questions. they have more confidence. they tell you what you want. they steal the thunder if its well put-together. a single statement from a person in power can change the world.

» Posted By Elle On 07.27.2012 @ 10:00 am

i like statements better than questions. they have far more confidence than questions and know exactly what they want. they tell you what to do.

» Posted By elle On 07.27.2012 @ 9:53 am


There was a nest in the top of a tree somewhere and a baby dinosaur or dragon was hatching, it was green in colour with sparkling scarlet eyes, it made a noise and cracked itself open. Then a giant sea otter peeked out from the ocean hearing its call and called back to it, the otter and the dragon met and became a family. The found refuge in a cave that opened up towards the sea. Here they lived joyously. The end.

» Posted By elle On 06.09.2012 @ 10:11 pm


talking aimless stuff with your best friend, just chilling on the park and really saying nothing important. finding out juicy gossip that comes out of nothing and finding out all the really truthful things about one another when you really don’t expect it.

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The chains had long been broken and the system had been overturned. The sense of dread and hypersensitivity, however, would never leave him. Not until the day he died.

» Posted By elle On 06.02.2012 @ 12:56 am


there is the biggest dilemma in history right now. the world is coming to a complete run. the only escape is to become one with mother earth and embrace all aspects to be offered. society no more, but a clean start to the earth’s atmosphere. a world without rulers.

» Posted By Elle On 05.29.2012 @ 10:47 am

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