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The side of a hill that is slanted and is very large. It is also a elementary school right by a middle school.

» Posted By Ella On 09.12.2018 @ 4:28 pm

the side of a hill that is slanted and is very large. A hillside is steep.

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To be sure of something, to be able to rely on something. To have stability in your life, in your pursuits, in your goal. Something that will always be sure, you can depend on. No need to doubt it, it is a safe haven when you need it. You can always fall back on it.

» Posted By Ella On 02.26.2018 @ 7:08 am


i like my mother.
i love my family
i ‘m a girl.
i am twenty years old.
i am tired

» Posted By ella On 11.22.2017 @ 11:55 pm


The projector was tormenting me. It was showing me that I was a monster. No, it wasn’t showing me, I already knew I was a monster. It was just making me have to realize it all the time.

» Posted By Ella On 11.03.2017 @ 8:00 pm


The song that I sing
The beat that I dance to
My soul
Told through song
You know my anthem
It plays every
Breathe in
Every breathe out

» Posted By Ella On 05.10.2017 @ 8:27 pm

An anthem is a song that represents the soul of a country or place. It is a true representation of a nationality’s soul.

» Posted By Ella On 05.10.2017 @ 8:25 pm


I posted a poster on the posting page but the poster flew off the board because the post had gone haywire.

» Posted By ella On 04.16.2017 @ 4:49 pm


the madman had the air of mystery around him as he walked around his castle. he was slowly pacing back and forth, once in a while, he glanced up at me with a wacky look. This not only made me quiver but made me think of all the things that could happen with me stuck in this horrid tower

» Posted By ella On 01.21.2017 @ 5:40 pm


I collapsed with pain at the simple words of “I don’t love you anymore.” The “anymore” is what killed me, what made my legs fall out from underneath me and my world came crashing down.

» Posted By Ella On 08.26.2016 @ 9:05 pm


the rusting mud and how our feet / sunk into clay into moulds. water, siphoned from the touch-repulsed boot, the stink of it, the smell. the sogging tent flap, and the wind—bitter. the squelch, the soft, the silence.

» Posted By ella On 08.13.2016 @ 1:26 pm


you were sitting across from me in the red diner booth. you are the thing that’s simple about my life, you are easy, you are good. you are not enough. you smiled with your small teeth as you plucked the fry from the white basket with two manicured fingers. I know you can’t live up to her, and it’s not fair to ask you to.

» Posted By ella On 07.29.2016 @ 6:17 pm


drag on fabric cover the marble this isn’t a gallery and we’ve no time for statues. cover it all up. no stone drapery, no linen, or cotton carved here, and we are not ideals for some ancient to sculpt. slip feet into your battle shoes and go.

» Posted By ella On 05.23.2016 @ 10:48 am


i am branches i am growing i am becoming beneath the bark. laurel leaves, encircling, circlets to contain what should not be (contained). i am sprouting and i am still, i want to run and not be found, i want tendrils to be uplifted, my feet uprooted, detached from the ground. chloroform and chlorophyll sound too similar to be safe, remove this toxicity of green and let me grow in a way not predestined and let me find my own crowns of leaves

» Posted By ella On 05.19.2016 @ 4:40 am


i don’t know what this word means. It sounds ugly. Like rust. And like the filthy animal in the channels. I hope it means something nice anyway.

I hope it does….

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» Posted By Ella On 02.09.2016 @ 11:18 am

The body found in the basement was the gardener. How he came to reside in this remote old house is another story. Long ago a stout old man of 50 lived here by himself. He was tired of all the hard work so he decided to hire a gardener. One day a man passing by the fence

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The old man was called a gardner but he really hated plants all whether they be green or yellow no matter. Still the crazy old lady hired him for the job. Surely he could provide her at least some enteriment at failing mismerly

» Posted By Ella On 02.09.2016 @ 11:11 am


He was watching her again.
Staring as though her bewildered gaze was nothing.

Amidst a stifling blanket of thoughtful silence, the scientist peered through his goggle-like glasses down at his specimen. The eyes reflected in the glass of the observation chamber held a calculating weight, like scales. He had the air of authority of one who has assured power and is bolstered by it.
The observer laid his judgement heavy on his subject, and the recipient seemed to struggle with its weight, eyes sliding to the floor in submission, posture sloping downwards as thought wishing the pressing feeling of eyes watching might slide off the slope of its back.
The specimen itself had no name, no identity, like common cattle to be breed and used, the only thing it could call it’s own was a number, the barest foundations of an identifier.

Quite in contrast to the specimen, the observer was in possession of a name. Three to be exact, which the specimen thought to be somewhat greedy. She didn’t like him. She wrapped the twisting, deformed branches of her arms around herself for comfort as the observer continued his statuesque vigil, and her hacking cough continued to shake her in its grip.
Then suddenly, as quickly as he had entered the orbit of the glass cabinet that was her world, he left without a garbled noise unlike any she could understand.
She decided it couldn’t be anything important to her.
“Terminate Subject-538827-507.”
After all, what power could words that mean so little to her really have?

The man who held life in his hands simply

» Posted By Ella On 02.05.2016 @ 8:04 am


In a dark, dank corner of a place of little importance there lay a man, sprawled on the floor as though sleeping. He lay still as the stagnant air of the crevice in which he laid his head; eyes as bleak and deprived as the stone trappings of the walls; blue, like the sky at which he now listlessly stared. Crimson threads unravelled around his head, the rivulets of red weaving a web-like halo around his statuesque face. Why is he here? Who does he wait for?
Red drops dot the walls like stars, and the ominous shrieking of the wind through the narrow divide of the alley seems bullying, impatient. As though ready to sweep away the absence in the man’s head, drain the ribbons of red that line the streets, and light the life in the man’s eyes. To grow seeds from the ashes of this wilted flower.
A symphony of blue and red sounds in the distance. They’re upon us before schedule. The crackle of the tape as it stretches sounds like a scream, entrapping the man in a cage of cacophony, a thing to be examined like a rare butterfly or a snake. Wearied resignation seeps into the faces of the onlookers. A woman screams. Distress. Panic.
Of course, then he gets back up. Then they really start to worry.

» Posted By Ella On 01.28.2016 @ 9:04 am


spiders web and soft silk dancing into patterns in the soft breeze. Two lovers dancing underneath a cool spray of moonlight, silver in their own private world. Honey winding around a wooden spool. Candyfloss around a paper cone to be handed to a small, bouncing child.

» Posted By Ella On 12.27.2015 @ 3:28 pm


They were all around her, inmobile and cold just like a sick sort of statues. Yet she couldn’t look away from the tragedy that had befallen them

» Posted By Ella On 09.20.2015 @ 8:55 am


not once in her life had she ever wanted to be tan, but somehow she found herself in the beach with her friends and all had insited on it. So now she had to endure it

» Posted By Ella On 09.14.2015 @ 9:09 am


there’s nothing more than missing someone, is there? where you yearn and plead and beg for them to come back in your sleep and then you wake up and they’re not there, they’re not coming back, give them up, don’t let them go – they can’t be your every waking thought, but they are, they can’t be what you eat for breakfast and what you do during the day, but there they are

» Posted By ella On 12.28.2014 @ 6:11 pm


I doubt it was the fact that he charmed me into admitting the truth. But he was definitely worth the time I spent getting to know him. I revealed my entire life to this man, and for what? So he could leave me for a woman far less interested in the affairs of his daily life. She didn’t know his favourite books or the way he likes his tea, and he certainly would never know how it feels to be in love with him with such an intensity that you wish for nothing more than for him to be happy.

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If you feel overwhelmed, breathe. It will calm you and release the tensions.

If you are worried about something coming up, or caught up in something that already happened, breathe. It will bring you back to the present.

If you are moving too fast, breathe. It will remind you to slow down, and enjoy life more.

Breathe, and enjoy each moment of this life. They’re too fleeting and few to waste.

– Leo Babauta –

» Posted By Ella On 12.13.2014 @ 11:26 am


she fits 3 times around the world. wrapped tight, her limbs locked together, she feels safe. she likes to watch people walk past – if she’s positioned just right she sees them walk past her navel, look back in confusion for a moment, and then continue on, having convinced themselves they were making it up.

» Posted By ella On 09.15.2014 @ 7:59 am


Hello everyone! Well, I’m Anne and an introvert! Whoops, shouldn’t have said that out loud. Anyways, I’m here to help you all! Well, not all because I’m just one human being but- Oh, I’m rambling again. Ahem. We can all start with being enthusiastic for this day! We have lots of activities to look forward to! We have uhm- Bert! What do we have again? Oh dear goodness I forgot!

» Posted By Ella On 08.31.2014 @ 4:57 pm

pour blood out through my palms into your empty bucket filled with ice cold facebook videos. tell me i’m good, i’m nice, i’m saving the world. with the click of a mouse you can end hunger, you see! it’s a new website. really great. you should check it out, maybe tomorrow we could cure aids.

» Posted By ella On 08.31.2014 @ 7:21 am

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