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“Is your father a lord?” he asked
“You work for him but you don’t even know who he is?” she asked incredulously.
“Not everyone knows your father missy.”
She spluttered, which was very unladylike, “Don’t–don’t call me missy!”
He bowed low, “Sorry ma’am.”
“Silly Irishman.” she huffed
He ambled towards her, “You got something against the Irish? Do you not like my hair?” he shook his head, the hair flying randomly.
As he got closer she stuttered, “N-no I just-”
“Just what exactly?” he leaned against the tree next to her.
“Just-just nothing!” she moved away and he grinned at her back.

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I placed the vase down carefully. “Exactly….how old is this Mr. Barker?”
He glanced over, “Multiply your age by about a hundred.”
My eyes widened and flickered over to the vase sitting innocently on his desk. “But…but…” I sputtered
Mr. Barker sighed in annoyance, “But what exactly?”
“Why do you have it?”
His nose burrowed deeper into his book, “It has certain….sentimental value.”
I knew when to back down, and even though my curiosity was starting to whine in the back of my mind I left Mr. Barker to himself.
But back in my room was a different matter. I paced the floor endlessly, new questions popping up with every step I took.
Just how old was Mr. Barker?
Sentimental value?
If he was going to ask everything of me didn’t I have some right to knowing something about him?
When-if ever-was I going to be able to perform the magic he told me I possessed?
I realized how blind I had been when walking into this arrangement. But what choice did I have? It was the streets or a beautiful house where I would want for nothing.
Yet another question, where did Mr. Barker’s seemingly ceaseless fortune stem from?
I plopped very unladylike face first on my bed. Sleep. I needed rest to figure any of this out. It was a job for tomorrow.

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I opened my wallet.
The amount was dismal to say the least.
“I have to find a place to move out to. I have to pay for school and food.
Christ what in the world am I going to do.”
I curled up in a ball in my bed. Breathe in, breathe out.
First, to save money I couldn’t spend it….on ANYTHING. NO iTunes, DVDs, food or fun activities. Nothing.
I have to get a job. There’s no getting around it. Goddammit as if my schedule weren’t full enough what with play practices and classes. I reaaaally needed that RA job right about now. I couldn’t even pay for school, how in the hell was I going to pay for rent?!
Even if I get the RA job I’ll still need more money….the usher job would be great….I could try for that….And I need Grandma and Dad to pay for something…there’s no way of paying for it otherwise. And scholarships. Please god some scholarships. And maybe more financial aid although there wasn’t much hope on that front.

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“Where in the actual fuck did you get a barrel?”
He scratched his head, “You know, I honestly have no fucking idea.”
“Well do you remember anything from last night?”
His eyes closed for a moment as if he was trying to recall something. He sighed, “Nope. Nuthin’.”
“Are you kidding? Jesus. Did you lot get roofied or something?”
“Well personally I would just like to point out that I had never had anything to drink before. And then they gave me Yager….so. Yeah.” piped up Adam from the back.
“Right. Also that. What the hell were you guys thinking letting Adam drink? He has a hard enough time dealing with the headaches and now you’ve got him hungover too.”
“He’s a big boy. He can make his own….terrible, terrible decisions.” said Hank cooly from the coach. He had made himself comfortable by laying down and putting a bag of frozen peas on his head. “Now if you all don’t mind, could we please be a little bit quieter.”
A chorus of moans and agreement resounded throughout the room.
“You know I have half a mind to make you all do the work you promised anyway.” huffed Alicia.
Phillip’s arm snatched out and pulled her down onto his lap in the armchair. “Shhhhh. We’ll do the work. Just not right now. Mmkay darlin’?”

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He stirred in cream and vanilla.
He had a whole project due tomorrow too.
No pay attention. You’re at work.
Think about work.
Cream and vanilla. Whip for 30 seconds. There should be a light brownish colour.
And he had maths work too.
Ugh god.
What comes next. Pour previous mixture together. Mix at high speed.
Fix pie plate.
As he rolled out the dough for the crust his mind returned to school.
If I leave work at 10 then I can bike home by 10:30. My homework will take about six or seven hours. So at that rate I could go to sleep by……4:30 in the morning.
He felt like slamming his face with the rolling pin.
How had he gotten this far behind?
Oh yeah. Because every time he tried to work all he could think about was her.
And they had gone to a movie on his one night off.
Well it was his own fault.
He grinned. But he’d do it again in a second.

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Living. Alive. Alice. Wonderland. I guess I’ll write something about Wonderland. But not the one you’re thinking of. An entirely different one. Because you see For every little child….even the ones that grow up, there is a Wonderland. Their own personal one. And it is just like how they dreamed it. Because it is their own dream. All the books the read. All the fairytales they’ve heard. All of the movies they’ve seen. All thrown in together into my jumbled up head. A head that spits it out into the separate plateau that is our own Wonderland. The only problem is that most of us don’t know how to get to Wonderland. Alice was lucky. She let her imagination get away from her….quite literally in fact. Part of her imagination jumped out of her Wonderland and into the real world. In the form. Of a fluffy White Rabbit. She then followed her own imagination back into her world. There are very few people with imaginative power to allow part of it to take form in our shared reality. And allowing others to see it is even more difficult.
Remember all of those children with invisible friends? Children automatically have a stronger imagination than adults. As you grow you learn rules. And rules are the downfall of imagination. How can you imagine something that you have been told could never possibly exist.
And all of those alien sightings? People too powerful but don’t realize it.
It’s quite difficult at our age to imagine anything at all. Let alone imagining something into our realm. And then even letting it be seen by others.
Now that takes serious power.
And that’s where I come in.
There’s no one else that can do what I can.
My imagination has no limits.
Which will someday be my downfall. (She goes mad.)

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He is not a patient boy.
Feet tapping on the ground.
Fingers ticking out a beat on his knee.
Fidgeting like a mad man.
Flickering eyes that can’t stop on anything.
“AGH!” he finally exploded, jumping to his feet, “I can’t take it anymore! Where is he? Is he okay?”
The nurse was still a bit shocked and took a moment to compose herself. “Who is the he that you are referring?”
“George Daeydrl. D-a-e-y-d-r-l.” said Nes quickly rushing over at the pained impatience she saw on his face.
“Oh. He’s in Room 402. Its–it’s just down that hallway.” she pointed.
Nes nodded, “Thank you.” and pulled James down the hallway with her.
He soon moved ahead and started pulling her along into almost a run.
“396. 398. 400. 40-” he stopped.
Nes looked up at him. “Well go on then.”
He continued to stare at the closed door.
She sighed and took hold of his hand. He started at the touch only slightly.
“Come on.” she murmured. “It’s okay to be nervous. But let’s go see him, okay? I’m sure it’ll back him feel much better.”
He nodded and she opened the door, entering first.
In the bed closest to them was an older man reading a book. They smiled politely and he back. The next bed had a white curtain pulled all around it.
“Ge-george?” she called, now a bit nervous herself. But she felt the hand in hers squeeze and Nes knew she needed to be the strong one. “George, sweetie, we’ve come to see you. But only if you feel ready.”
She heard rustling.
“Nes? Is that you?”
“Yes George, it’s me and James.”
“Come in!” his voice was cheery but weak and cracking.
She tentatively gripped the curtain, before pulling it to the side.
What lay before them was only a wisp of George.
He lay on the bed with casts on his arm and both legs and there were bandages wrapping their way up most of his body.
She took a little intake of breath, “Oh George.” she quickly tried to change the subject as James’ hand tightened even more. “—Oh George we’ve missed you!” She sat in the chair next to the bed and tried to reach out to touch him but her hand couldn’t find a good place to do so. He suddenly caught her hand in his unbroken one.
“I’ve missed you all too.”
Nes felt the prick of water in her eyes but tried to shake it away, “James has been going completely mad without you.”
“Can’t live without me, eh man?”
James tsked. “Can’t say that I could.” he walked closer. “How are you mate?”
“Been better, I s’pose.” he tried to manage a laugh but it ended in a grunt of pain.
“Do you need anything?”
“Some less crappy television wouldn’t go amiss. Honestly. Soaps and reality television. What is the world coming to.”
Nes couldn’t help but smile. He was going to be okay, it was going to be okay.
“We’re sorry we couldn’t get here earlier. But we knew it would be suspicious if we just showed up halfway around the globe.”
“How’s it cleaning up?”
James spoke up, “Well it’s definitely not just going to be shoved under the carpet. No matter what, we’re going to have conspiracy theorists up the yin yang. But the real trouble is if the government gets wind of us. You were technically found quite far from the site and the fact that you told them you couldn’t remember is going to help us a lot. I can’t believe you still had your wits about you.” His face became concerned.
“Yeah.” George mused, rubbing his thumb on Nes’ hand. “It all felt like a dream. I’m pretty sure my body went into shock. It tried to deal with the pain and just couldn’t. So it just blocked it out.”
James sat on the arm of the chair next to Nes.

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She was determined. Just….not determined enough to
actually do it. She lay with her forehead planted firmly on the
desk in front of her and legs splayed out on both sides of the
chair. “Whyyyyyy?” she moaned “I thought this class only had a few
short papers…..not one fifteen page one.” She lifted her forehead
a moment only to bring it crashing back down on the desk, hoping to
knock herself unconscious long enough that she wouldn’t have to
write this stupid paper. Maybe she could use her selective
withdrawal….but they only got three of those…and she’d been in
the class all semester long. UGH. Seriously. The only way to end
this was to write her paper. She sat suddenly at attention, hands
poised over the keyboard. She stared at the screen. She squinted at
it too. Then her hands suddenly headed towards the lettered
buttons! ajlfjdnxcmlgwb “NOPE.” she yelled loudly. Then squinted at
the screen some more. The cursor blinked in and out of existence.
It blinked in and out of time. In and out of spatial awareness. One
second there. The next gone. Blink, blink, blink. It was here and
now it wasn’t. Was it ever even there in the first place? That
beautiful little cursor blinking in and out of life. “Fucking
bastard.” She tilted the chair back on two legs. What if she could
find someone who would write the paper for her? That was a thriving
business, right? Hell if she got paid she would totally do it too.
Except she wouldn’t. Not ever. As she pondered the pros and cons of
a paper writing business the bitchy chair legs decided two wasn’t
enough. Plus the floor really missed her. “Shit.” No wait. Actually
this was good. Floor. Yes. Paper. No. Roommate walks in to find a
dead girl on the floor. Dead girls or girls in comas don’t write
papers. As she contemplated whether or not she could sufficiently
fake a coma her plan was foiled by an evil villain. “What the hell
are you doing on the floor?” “Contemplating comas. Double c’s.
Nice.” His eyebrows did their afternoon ‘crazy girl on the floor’
stretch. “Right. Paper?” “I’m also contemplating death.” “Okay
then. Well it’s only fifteen pages. Double space. So 7 and a 1/2
right? Notsobad.” Her head fell to the side. Then her eyes widened
in a good impression of a death stare. “Bad. Okay. Well I’m off.
Have fun you weirdo.” She nodded politely at the closed door and
then steepled her fingers. As she sat in the chair, while it lay on
the floor, her legs crossed, she stroked her beard in thoughtful
recall. “Coma. Yes. I think it’s very possible.”

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“This presenation is going to kill me. Professor do we really have to do this?”
He peered over his pipe, “If you thought that magic school was going to be any easier or less stupid than public school than you have another think coming.”
“I’m realizing that.” I grumbled, stalking off towards the library.

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There was a pageant during the fair.
Many of the girls from school had been talking about it for weeks.
Dieting, dresses, makeup; it had become the talk of the school.
As she wandered around the fair she came across it and saw the girls running too and fro trying to get ready.
“Girls, 15 minutes!” called one of the judges to squeals of panic.
Charlotte sighed and kept walking. There was nothing fun for her at the fair. Groups of people laughing happily seemed to surround her which only served to make her even sadder.
‘I wish I had friends.’ she thought, moping to herself.
Before she knew it she had walked to the edge of the fairgrounds. Charlotte looked around and saw that it was a cloudless night.
“I’ll go see the stars.” she said then rolled her eyes, “And now I’m talking to myself.”
She headed into the forest, looking for a tree to climb.
“Mmmm too thin…, no, no. Oh! There’s one!” She ran to a tree farther in, “The branches are a little high.” She stretched to reach them and pulled herself up to the first branch. But halfway up the branch she heard a great cracking of branches followed by a loud thump. Charlotte froze, half expecting to find herself on the ground.
“What was that?” she whispered and dropped back to the ground crouching.
It had come from her left and she crept slowly towards the now silent trees.
She pushed herself through the bushes and came out in a clearing.
‘Wow. This is really beautiful. You can see the stars.’ She looked at the sky in wonder and then turned her gaze to the ground. She gasped. There was a boy laying on the ground with his back to her.
She threw herself back into the bushes, scratching herself in the process, and then peeked through at the boy.
He had a tall, slender build and he was laying half curled up, sideways on the ground. She moved in the bushes to see more of him. ‘His hair…’ she thought. It was shockingly white and lay tousled, covering his ears. She was overcome by the urge to move closer but shook the idea from her brain and moved around the clearing to look at him from the front. He was so pale, paler than her. And he wasn’t wearing a shirt she realized suddenly. Her face grew pink as Charlotte continued to watch from the bushes. But it looked like he was hurt, there was a scrap on his side, most likely caused by his fall. And it looked like something had scratched his face but his hair got in her way.
She moved slowly out of the bushes staring at him intently. There was something about him that made her want to be closer. Want to help him. His face was long and thin with a nose to match, but with a softness to it. His lips were almost as pale as his skin and as Charlotte got closer she saw a thin stream of blood across his face. She knelt on the ground and brushed the hair away from his face. There was a thin cut next to his left eye which made the blood flow across his nose and over his lips. As the hair fell back onto his face she caught it and moved it away, entranced. Suddenly he stirred. She was pulled out of her trance and quickly moved back towards the bushes. A twig snapped beneath her boot and she froze, her eyes darting to his face, where two stormy gray eyes bored into her own.

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The sweat was dripping off of me as I struggled to hold onto his hand.
“James…” I gasped.
“Lenora. Let me go.”
“No! I won’t!”
But even as I said it he slipped further. Sweat mixed with tears, “I won’t let go of you!”
“You have to!” he yelled then got quieter, “Nora…I’ll be fine. It’s going to be okay. You have to take care of yourself. Get out of here.”
Everything went dark for a moment, I blinked wildly pushing away unconsiousness.
“Yes.” he replied calmly.

And let go.

My heart stopped and faster than ever before the blue took me, sweeping me up in the embrace and sheer power and destruction. I held nothing back, I let the blue take me. Why would I stop what would save him?
My body flew unbidden into the air where we shone. Together the blue and I-was there even an I anymore?-shone like a star.
We saw Philip watch our ascent and then we felt the fear begin to pour from him.
We relished it.
James rose above the cliff’s edge and we set him lightly on the ground before switching back to Philip.
“Philip.” said the layered voice, “You have messed with powers higher than yourself. We can feel the fear you emanate. Do you fear me?”
Philip took it in stride, “I fear nothing. And I believe that you’re not as mighty as you may pretend.”
We laughed and it seemed to crack the air, “You lie? To me? How pointless.”
We strode through the air and each step made the sky vibrate and ripple like a pond.
“Do you see how we walk small one? Even the very sky is afraid. And you are not? Every part of the world is made up of strings. Infinitesimally small strings. And every movement you make, every time you blink you move them. And I know.
So do not hide from me.”

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There was a lantern in the distance.
I squinted my eyes as it bobbed through the marshes.
Who else would be out here so late?
I followed it transfixed, sure that it must be him.
It must be James.
Who else? Who else would be here?
But as I went deeper and deeper into the marsh I saw more and more lanterns.
Which one was him? Where was he? I had to find him. I was so lost.
“James! JAMES!”
I fell to my knees on the ground sobbing.

And suddenly I felt a hand on my shoulder like a ghost.
I gasped and looked up.
There was no one there.
I sniffled and steeled myself. It was okay. There was never anyone there, but I knew he was there somewhere. And I knew he cared. That was enough to keep going.
I lifted myself out of the swamp and trudged along listening intently for any irregular sound.
Finally from the east I heard a faint sound. Or rather it was so faint that I almost didn’t hear it.
“A couple of miles.” I gritted my teeth. “Let’s do this.”
And she walked, by herself. All on her own. For all time. The girl who meant to only bring joy continued on her journey to continue.
For nothing else, but to continue.

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It was a beautiful spring day. And cherry blossoms fluttered down from tree branches. The sun shone down and made everything so-cozy. Like a warm blanket. The bright green grass tickled my legs and neck as I lay on the ground. Lovely, beautiful.
My eyes closed and I started to drift into sleep.
I shot up. There was no one around, just the trees and flowers.
I lay back down hesitantly and tried to sleep again.
“Ophelia…” My eyes opened and I looked above me. There was a young man leaning over with silver hair.
My eyes widened and I opened my mouth to scream. But I didn’t have a chance.
His lips closed over mine and I forgot to breath.
Almost immediately it was over and I took a deep, shaky breath.
“Who….are you?”
His image seemed to fade, “Someone important.”
I reached up as if to grab for him, “Where are you going?”
“Soon. I’ll find you soon. Don’t worry…..”
And he was gone.
I sat up and looked around.
My lips felt warm and they tingled from a kiss that could not have possibly been real.

All on a beautiful spring day.

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She’s a mystery.

Long curly brown hair bouncing behind her as she tapped up the steps.

“Who’s the new girl?” he asked leaning over to Jeffery.
“Hmm?” he looked around, “Oh! The girl on the steps? She’s an art prime, don’t know her name though. Brand new today.”
“Oh. Interesting.” He watched as she stopped at the top and began to rustle through her bag.
“Oh go talk to her if your so ‘interested’.” Jeffery gave me a push and a grin which propelled me to the steps.
Edmund leaped up them as she was putting her bag back on and walking away.
“Um excuse me?” She didn’t hear. “Excuse me? Are you the new girl?” Still nothing. He jogged a bit after her and was directly behind her. Edmund tapped her lightly on the shoulder and felt a sudden buzzing. She turned around and looked at him questioningly. Suddenly Edmund was nervous, “Um hello. I…um, I’m Edmund. I heard that, that you were new. So I thought you could use some help getting around school and…and stuff.” He finished with a nervous laugh.
She simply looked up with bright green eyes and a small smile. She pointed at herself.
“Uhyes! Yes, yes I meant you!”
She nodded and smiled wider, then reached out to his arm. He looked at her hand curiously as thin fingers wrapped around his arm. He turned to her questioning, when suddenly he heard a voice.
‘Hello, I’m Adagia.’
How beautiful. Light as air and soft with some twinkle to it.
But her mouth hadn’t moved, so it wasn’t the new girl.
“Did you hear that?” He looked around.
There was a lovely tinkling laugh. Like bells.
‘It was me.’
Edmund looked down at the smiling face there.
She nodded again, with an even larger smile.
“But how?’
‘I am…gifted with certain talents. And since I am unable to speak, I am instead able to communicate through thoughts and physical contact.’
“You-are unable-to speak?” He repeated slowly.
‘No.’ she said simply, ‘I am unable. I was born that way.’
“Oh….wait! You’re….gifted…as well?! I am too! I can…” he lowered his voice, “Well I can control the weather. What is your gift?”
‘Well my thought-speech and…oh no!’
The minute bell had just rung.
‘I have to go!’, she said quickly, ‘Can I meet you here after class? It’s nice to know someone…’
“Sure, I’ll meet you here!”
She let go of my arm and it felt empty. She waved and ran to class.
Adagia ran to class.
Adagia the mystery ran to class.
And Edmund was late.
Edmund was late…
because he watched her the whole way.

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I have no morality.
I do as wish.
Wish as I please.
And take what I want.
But apparently you can’t take some things.
Some things have to be given.
And for once I will have to work for something.
I will have to work for her love.

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I suppose.
I suppose I could love you.
I suppose I could stay.
I suppose that we could be.
I suppose that you could see.
I suppose that everything would stop and let us stay.
I suppose that no matter what I say….
I’ll love you anyway.

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The cliff crumbled a bit around my feet into the ocean.
I looked behind me fearfully. Then turned to the ocean in front.
I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. Then I fell forward.
Through the air. My hair flew above me. The wind flew past my ears.
Flying. I was flying How had I not hit the water et.
But no I would;t open my eyes.And I kept going.
And going. Finally my eye peeked open. The ocean was right bellow me and I was hurtling….alongside it.
Truly. Iw as flying. My eyes became wide with shock. No, no I….
I looked above me.
And there. On my back were two long huge white wings.
They flapped slwoly, stongly, seadily. Oh. Oh my god.

How did this Happen??!!
I was human. He had let me breathe underwater but…but what was this?
My eyes searched widely for a place to land. There a cliff face.

I flew over and landed wobbly on the edge.
I fell to my knees breathing heavily.
What was wrong with me, I had flown countless times before.
But never alone. Never under my own power.
my hand was shaking as I reached back towards the wings. I touched a feather and recoiled.
It was so soft.
I reached back again and this time followed the edges of the feather to where it met my back. There were two holes ripped into my shirt. And there growing out of my back were the edges of two wings. Two wings.
Oh my gods.
I had grown wings.

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She had a braid on either side of her head, the hair was loose and falling out. She painted furiously, eyes wild, overall shorts hanging by one strap.
She muttered to herself, words that made no sense together.
Numbers spread across all of the walls. An endless stream of seemingly random numbers. And she repeated the.
“74834550793725275554323154499272550382644707595975264906726457924569825289………” on and on.
There was nothing for it.
He took a deep breath and entered the room.
She didn’t hear him and continued to mumble.
“Pandora?” he called hesitantly.
Still her hand flew unfailingly across the wall.
He took another step and she flew around, braids flying.
Her eyes grew wider and wider as the vortex expanded.
Her head tilted and she stared deep into him.
“What are you doing, boy?” he voice layered into the voice of prophecy.
“I’m checking to see if you’re all right, Pandora.” he said slowly
“You know that I am not.” She stated.
“I mean that I was seeing if you…she…you have hurt yourself.”
“I have coped for many centuries on my own. Why would I need you now.”
He took a deep breath, “I’ve always been with you. We’ve never once been apart.”
She stared intensely at him.
He swallowed and continued, slowly getting closer to her, “I’ve always loved you. You’ve always loved me. You need me. I keep you sane. I keep you here. I keep you aware. I keep you…human.”
“You were not a human.”
“In the other sense of the word. Human in that….I give you emotions.” He put his arms around her and hugged her close.
She remained stiff. Then suddenly her arm twitched. Then it twitched again. Suddenly her whole body began to convulse. He sank to the ground holding her tightly against him.
He arms shook, her legs shook, her whole body shook, every fibre of her being shook intensely and he just held her, shushing quietly.
“It’s okay. It’s okay. It’s going to be over soon. Shhh. Don’t worry. I’m here. Don’t let it consume you, remember what’s here. Shhh.”
After what seemed like hours, her body began to slow. The vortex shrank entirely and was swallowed up by her iris.
“Are you okay?” he asked calmly, knowing what would come soon.
She nodded slightly, closed her eyes and stiffened.

A scream rent the air. It seemed as if the sky had been ripped open and the whole world was falling apart.
But then it stopped and there was nothing but a small, scared girl, crying silently and shivering in his arms.

“Thank you.” she whispered and leaned into him as if the closer she got, the less she would remember what she had Seen.

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I had always liked romantic things. It was something I had always wished for, dreamed of.
Romantic. It made me think of Valentine’s Day, a dad. A sunset. A picnic. That first kiss.

But no one ever talks about anything else.
Romantic is always romanticized.
What are you going to do?
I’m a romantic.

I wish sometimes for a boy to bring me flowers. To buy me chocolates. Tottake me on dates.

But I got something much better.

I got a boy who flew in through windows. Grabbed me up.
Took me away.
Told me what I could do.
And everyday I thank whatever entity there is, for the most incredible person I’ve ever met.

The most romantic person I’ve ever met stole away in the night.

And what can I say, I’m a romantic.

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Half of a whole.
We are one.
And if I ever forget that
then I will lose myself.
Half of a whole.
A whole being.
Made up of bits that together marry and become happy.
Two parts become whole.
Half and half equals one.
Here we go again.

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The playground is silent and empty. The recent rainstorm had left everything wet. I moved quietly through the park, weaving my way through the swings to the forest on the other side. I checked behind me and then hurried into the trees. After about five minutes I left the path to the left and headed deeper into the woods. I finally arrived at the tree stump, where I was supposed to wait. I checked my watch, I was on time. Looking slowly around I wondered where he was.
Suddenly something grabbed my arm, I turned quickly ready to fight. But the figure grabbed my other hand and the tightness in my chest released as I realized who it was.
“You scared me.”
“You came.” he said shocked.
“Of course I did.” I said looking up at him.
“But…but I’m leaving…for a long time. Probably forever. If your coming with me, we’ll be roughing it and…you’ll never see anyone again. You won’t be dancing anymore.”he looked at the ground.
I made him look at me in the eyes and smiled, “Your my best friend, my only friend. And you are who I want to be with.”
His eyes showed his happiness and he grabbed me tightly in a hug.
I giggled, “Come on. Let’s get out of this town.” I whispered.
My hand in his, we headed off into the forest.

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I was pressed for time that was certain.

But where was I going to go. Where could I run? Everything was open. There was no place to go.
I bit my nails as I fretted about my situation. Pulling my rucksack close I rushed into a train terminal and slipped into the darkness. I shut my eyes tightly and with a sucking noise I was gone. I was sucked back onto land someplace where snow was falling heavily. I looked around and saw a town not too far off and headed there.

First things first. I needed to find someplace to eat and sleep.

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I had to convince him that I was fine. There was no use in beating around the bush.
“No there’s nothing wrong with me!” I said smiling brightly, “I’m fine.”

I was not fine. I was sick, very sick. I swallowed a cough and kept washing dishing. He moved behind me and I scrubbed even more furiously. He took them slowly out of my hands.
“It’s okay, I’ve got it.” he took my place, “You go rest.”
“No really I’m fine!” I grabbed my coat and headed for the entrance, “I’ll go and get some of those berries I saw earlier.”
I left before he could finish and practically sprinted to the patch of trees where I had seen the berries. Leaning against the tree I tried to regain my breath. I was out of breath after such a quick run. Something was obviously wrong. I put my hand to my heart, it was beating so quickly.
Ignoring it I knelt on the ground. I might as well just actually pick somes berries. I tried to grab the first bunch, and grabbed nothing but air. Frowning, I tried again. And again missed. My head started to spin and suddenly I fell to the ground. But it wasn’t painful, I just felt limp. Around me the world spun and spun and spun and spun until suddenly blackness creeped in and I spun away into the darkness.
There was only darkness. I felt that I was sitting. But that was all I knew. It seemed like I was there for years. It seemed the loneliness would never end.

I woke up screaming, my face covered in sweat.
“Ophelia!” James scrambled over to me and held me to him. “It’s just a dream, just a dream. I promise. It’s okay.” He quietly shushed me and pulled me onto his lap.

I cried into his shoulder “It was so horrible. I can’t…I can’t turn into her….” I sobbed my voice cracking.
“Be who?” asked James
“Her….the blue girl…She…shes do horrible…..she doesn’t understand….I can’t be her!” I cried out.
James pulled me closer to him his arms enveloping me.

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“Happy Birthday.” he whispered in my ear and opened my door.
“HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!” shouts came from my now brightly lit bedroom.
I looked around in surprise. “You guys…how did you know it was my birthday?”
Theana smiled, “James told us!” She rushed forward with a vice-like hug. “Why didn’t you tell us! We need to know these things for advanced birthday gift shopping.”
I was startled, “Birthday gifts?!” Pulling out of the hug I shook my head, “Nonono. You really shouldn’t buy me anything.”
“Why not?” Theana asked looking at me saddened.
“Because I’m not allowed to accept gif…” I cut myself off. I wasn’t in the orphanage anymore. I could accept gifts if I wanted to. I looked up at them standing around looking at me curiously.
James nudged me a bit, ‘Go on.’ he thought, ‘You can do as you like now.’
I turned to him, tears welling up and threw my arms around him. ‘I want this.’ I thought. ‘Thank you.’
“I love you.”

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“What’s this?” she asked confused, holding up the pouch.
“This. Is something incredibly important. “You can fit whatever you need into it. it’s something you need to keep with you at all times. Keep everything that’s necessary for you to immediately live in it. You never know when we’ll be attacked and you’ll need to run. So keep it with you.”
“What should I put in it?”
“Money, phone, notebook, pens, camera, ID’s, and your ring. Those are the things you need. Oh and your runes I suppose.”
“Hmmm that’s sad.” she mused.
He turned to her again, “Sad?”
“Well the idea that if I needed to, I could simply run away with this tiny bag.”

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“I’m average.” she said softly. “There’s nothing special about me.”
She averted her eyes to her feet. “I said I’m not special like you….”
He grabbed her arms, “What the hell are you talking about?! SPECIAL? Are you serious? We’re not special! We just work hard! YOU’RE the special one. You learned everything we learned but in a fourth less the time!” He pushed her chin up to meet his eyes, “You’re beautiful and special and incredible and…” he hesitated biting his lip, “And…and I love you.” Her eyes grew wide and he leaned in and kissed her gently on the lips. Her eyes closed as she reveled in the feeling. He pulled her close and they fell into the kiss and it felt……like they had always been waiting for this moment. Sooner than she wanted he pulled away. He looked down at her and gave her a sheepish grin. She just stared up at him, astonished.
“Well….?” he asked hopefully.
“I…..of course I love you, you idiot!” she threw herself into his arms and they spun around laughing happily.

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“Now who’s with me!” he roared, punching his fist in the air. The rest of the crowd howled along with him. He looked at the people below him with a look of pride-full accomplishment. Then he caught sight of her in the crowd. The one girl staring at up at him stoically. His smile faltered for a moment as she stared at him a second longer then turned on her heel and disappeared.

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I hovered slightly above the ground and followed. She didn’t even look behind her. I floated slowly behind her as she walked into her room. Her bag dropped to the floor and she fell onto her bed face first, groaning. I looked at her curiously. She was so odd. Then she turned onto her side and curled into a ball. And I looked at her with softer eyes, she was so beautiful. Her hair lay around her face in long dark brown curls and her grass green eyes stared off into space. Her skin was so pale that the freckles sprinkling her face stood out even more. I moved closer to her as she continued to look off into the distance. I kneeled down at the edge of the bed and watched her face. Suddenly her eyes flicked towards me. She was looking me directly in the eyes. I fell backwards and she continued to watch me. Did she see me? How could she see me?! I was still invisible, right? I checked around me. Yep, definitely invisible.
She was still staring at me. I began to panic, she had just caught me staring at her intently. Just as I was about to say something, she looked away. Maybe she hadn’t seen me…I watched her with wide eyes. Her body twisted and she turned away from me. She was so…intriguing. I didn’t want to leave the room, her green eyes were burned into my vision. I knew that I would watch her all night long and follow her to school and watch some more. And I knew that I would stand by her constantly. Watching, like a guardian. And for some reason I knew that I, Sam, the ghost who’d been dead for almost fifty years, was in love with a living girl who I’d known for less than a week.

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Her tone was clipped, “You have nothing to care about here. You will have no possessions, no family. I am all you have.”
She swiveled to look at the orphans closely, “And you will behave or be severely punished. The rules are posted in every room and hallway. It’s impossible to not know.” She stared at them each closely. “And you will not ever escape. So don’t even worry about those consequences.”
Ms. Laveta spun on her heel, “There is no talking without permission, no eating large portions, no complaining, no dragging your feet, no humming, no singing, no annoying noises, you will do your work quickly and well.” She turned her back, “Now off to sleep at once.”

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“My existence is relative.” she said slowly. “As long as there is a universe then I will live. I live through everything. Although I don’t get to see everything like the Doctor does.” she looked over at him and smiled lightly. “But I’ve seen many things. And I am much older than our silly Doctor here.” she nudged him playfully.
“Wait.” said Donna backing up, “Doctor how old are you?”
His eyes got a bit wide, “Ahh 945.”
“Right. Course you are.” She turned to Pandora, “Then….how old are you?”
“Well you see….I’m…”she stalled a bit.
“How. Old. Are. You?” Donna asked seriously.
The Doctor opened his mouth to speak and Pan shushed him smiling. “It’s okay.” She turned to Donna, “Well if you’re correct about the year, then I’m approximately….ten billion years old.” she stared up at Donna with quiet eyes.
And Donna stared back. “Are you joking? Are you trying to mess around with me? That’s it yeah? Mess with the new girl. Well I’m not having it! How old are you really? Tell me!” Donna started breathing heavily.
The Doctor touched Donna lightly on the shoulder, “She’s being serious. As soon as there were intelligent beings she was alive. She is always alive, always here to fix what goes wrong and help those who need it. Pandora will be here forever.”
Pandora was silent through the exchange while watching the Doctor. When he finished she stood and walked to Donna.
“I am old. So very old. Old beyond most beliefs. But this is what I am. I am a time lord, I am a human. I am a being created by the unknown power that governs everything. I know things before they happen in my timeline. And I know when changes have been made to the current line. My life is long, the visions are painful, and I become lonely as everyone else I know dies out. But I remember everything. Everything that I have ever experienced is stored in my mind. I cannot forget. Ever. I’ve learned that now. Because I wanted to forget. So badly I wanted to just forget that what I considered my home was gone forever, that the person I loved was dead…..” she took a deep breath then smiled up at Donna, “I was weak. I had been holding in the pain for too long and had to let it out. My mind couldn’t deal with it and so created a brand new world for me to be happy and normal in. I became lost in my own mind, unable to escape. I didn’t even know that I was there.” Pandora looked at Pandora sharply. “I am the one true Oracle. I know the truth of the past and foretell of the future. I am forever. And I am Pandora.”

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