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She pulled the strings of her gray hood tighter and crossed her arms over her chest as she walked on through the gloom. Small icy drops of rain spattered her face and clothing. It didnt matter, the hysteria she was feeling in this infintismal moment blocked out all reception of cold,pain, and fear. Only one thought registered in her panicked mind,she quikened her pace as it echoed alone in her mind with clarity. Freedom.

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I work as a crew member at mcdonalds,but this one is anything but ordinary….The big secret is…It’s just a cover. All of us that work there are…Gaurdians. We have powers,powers of the elements to be precise. I am a earth gardian..not the whole earth the element.I can manipulate dirt,cement,trees, anything like that.Oh and talk to sprites,thats important. Little pixies not the drink. Theres also wind,fire and water gaurdians. See in the back of the store we have a portal and a whole training acdemy and everything. I know it sounds really fantastic and unbelivable,I don’t really care if you believe me,secrecy is one of our biggest weapon against evil.Why am I telling you this? Well truth is,this is a warning. You’d never think that the people serving. you are also saving your lives on a daily basis. So maybe could we get a little more respect? I mean maybe some people would just spit in your food, but I might throw a peice of the planet at you

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He peered threw his monicle…a single hair,one finite clue. The crown jewels where gone. Nothing but shattered glass and a question remained. He pinced it with his tweezers and placed it in a plastic baggie.A new mystery,but this was only another in a long line for detective Mattews. The American P.I had been called in for a simple reason.He was the best.

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