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There is a cabinet lurking in the dark recesses of the upstairs hallway. Dust motes cling helplessly to the obscured glass windows, like limpets clutching a battered sea coast. A panoply of knick-knacks reside on the top shelf- a broken yo-yo, a sepia-tone photograph in black and white, a dusty music box that had lost its voice decades ago.

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i like jelly it wobbles on the plate and tastes like rasberries and summer time and ice cream. Jelly is like childhood, you can make it into shapes like bunnies. I wish I had a pool i could fill full of jelly and jump on.

» Posted By Eimear On 06.06.2012 @ 2:35 pm


Life is full of repetition. People are stuck to one idea and they’re own thoughts, and are not willing to accept the thoughts of others. Exams are mostly about repetition, being told to learn something and write it down, particularly the Irish Leaving Cert,

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keyring round personalized silver colorful house keys

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train, family, loss, going away, period pregnancy, goal,failed,sport goal,old ways

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gallerys are places. places to display the most wonderful things anyone can find. what if one day we aren’t able to find anything? or more likely what if one day they’re filled with so many wonderful things that no-one bothers paying attention to any of them?

» Posted By eimear On 08.09.2009 @ 3:16 pm


When i think of gentle, i think my mother, especially when i was a child, or how i remember her when she was around my younger brother when he was a baby. We take after each other, my mother and i, but i always got the feeling she was more gentle than me, and since then i cant ever remember meeting anyone who reminded me of the way she is. I guess thats because shes my mother and that many people feel the same about their parents, but i really feel i have a lot to learn from her, and i hope i can love my kids with the same gentle respect and care that she showed me and my siblings. I love you mom, and it goes to show what a profound effect your excellent mothering had on me, if your what came to mind when i saw the word gentle.

» Posted By Eimear On 10.29.2008 @ 5:49 am

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