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Loading loading loading, she sat impatiently tapping at the mouse, her posture eagerly tilted towards the flashing screen whilst her restless eyes scanned the page. She was gonna run out of time she thought, glancing briefly at her watch as the seconds were steadily eaten away before her sleep deprived eyes, she wasn’t going to make it.

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The drummer of my heart sitting, unnoticed quietly tapping the beat of my steady journey. My mundane life so still and shallow of the music that plays, I cry, I pray to become one of them. Their beat so fast and so lively the never ending tapping of the up beat drummer pacing themselves though a life of pure wonder. The desire to never stop comes from within their carefree drummer, they don’t care what we think, they don’t care that we judge. They are loud, ugly, odd and obnoxious – but in contrast to simple me, they are the world. I’m sure that’s what being alive feels like.

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Dawn rose from beneath the soundless city. The blanket of darkness was softly raised as the suns spindly fingers crept up over the industrial skyline.

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she was changing. there was no doubt. silvery grey slithers of hairs glinted from her dark ponytail, exposed and confident like she was wearing a sign reading ‘look at me! I’m growing old!’ Her face had fallen in places, and the skin under her red ringed eyes had sagged, replacing her pale, smooth skin complexion with a scattering of deep ridges stretching across her cheek bone and forming tiny crows feet just under her brow bone. she frowned, but only to indent her lines further. Continuing to rip at her veined and crumpled cheeks, she stared through narrow eyes at the frail old woman that stood before her youthful soul.

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The fragile sunlight framed his face with a warm peachy tone, softening his harsh features and enlightening his soul.

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i bathed fully clothed by the woods in the abandoned pool, the lingering algae clung to my slippery skin as a dived beneath the surface.

» Posted By Effie Peters On 10.10.2016 @ 10:16 am

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