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each time I knit back together, I find / numb fingers plucking at the stitches, / tearing little holes to let it all bleed out / again, I keep filling up – I need to overflow, / I’m not good at just going in and closing the fucking door.

» Posted By Ebony On 07.19.2019 @ 10:10 pm


a magnolia is a beautiful flower. my great grandmother plants them. I can’t imagine life without hearing how her flowers are doing. She’s such an inspirational woman.

» Posted By Ebony On 06.02.2016 @ 6:08 pm


I hate that word. It’s annoying because in reality, nothing is ever simple isn’t it? That’s life though, I guess…

» Posted By Ebony On 10.29.2015 @ 1:40 pm


I sat there feeling canned.
Canned inside, darkness all around
Preserving myself for whom? Or what….
This is my life, my temperament. I feel trapped, my freshness replaced by

» Posted By Ebony On 08.13.2015 @ 4:31 am


And they sat on the tired and burnt kingdom. She stared through tear stained eyes and reached out to her caretakers. Wondering why they had abandoned her. And they stared back saying nothing.

» Posted By Ebony On 04.20.2015 @ 8:52 am


They pulled down the projector and it all came to me at once. I fell to my knees and cried so many tears. I struggle to lift myself up and I took her hand. “Yes.” I answered. “I will marry you.”

» Posted By Ebony On 04.16.2015 @ 2:43 pm


He had the most handsome hands that I had ever seen. Because he’s always handled such beautiful things. From leaves to flowers, from roots to leaves.

» Posted By Ebony On 04.09.2015 @ 10:00 am


He was a parasite, and I never knew. He was my personal parasite and I love him so much. It wasn’t until he left had I realised the damage that came.

» Posted By Ebony On 04.01.2015 @ 3:00 pm


spelling it take charge of my life I see my trailer mistakes I’ve left behind and in Tucson defect tracking I had a man I let him take charge I figured I’m going to let this man be a man eventually he was in charge of my feelings and whether or not I smile all day.

» Posted By Ebony On 03.15.2015 @ 6:15 am


The wind howled against the sides of the building, the girls head pounding. She could feel herself changing, transforming, adapting. Her bones broke and put themselves back into place and she yelled out, her eyes switching to yellow as she transformed into the thing she despised.

» Posted By Ebony On 11.17.2014 @ 9:11 am


Dot. What is dot? Does it mean the end of something, or does it mean the beginning of something on a bigger scale. Dots can mean the future, dots can mean nothing.

» Posted By Ebony On 07.25.2013 @ 7:39 pm


Steady as She Goes, I love that song and every time I hear it I feel like a rock star. The kind with big hair walking down the street and tons of people turn, watch and stare.

» Posted By Ebony On 07.01.2013 @ 9:18 am


easy to comprehend. easier to do. easy easy eays lemon squeezy. STUPIDFY! remind me of harry potter but in amagical way

» Posted By Ebony On 05.08.2013 @ 4:33 pm


for something to sustain us, it is inevitable that we first have to find what it is that we must sustain. Are we sustaining hunger? Happiness? Are we trying to sustain our appetites? Well, the question is, sustainability is important to us as a human, as it is in human nature that we must sustain anything.

» Posted By Ebony On 09.04.2012 @ 6:12 pm


It was a foreign concept to her, a strange idea; she could love, but not be loved back. Never before had she been confronted with such an anomaly on the social practises she was so far aware of. Imagine! A man, a breathing, red-blooded man, who did not love her.

» Posted By Ebony On 08.13.2012 @ 3:03 am


i am taking of work tomorrow to take a mental health day and focus on me. i am so happy to relax and get some things accomplished that i am looking forward to. i want to plan my meals, exercise, and organize my house. i also want to sleep.

» Posted By ebony On 06.29.2012 @ 11:42 pm


stations are places stations,plane stations here people stop to get something or some one .there are train and bus stations and also police stations.yo

» Posted By ebony On 06.14.2011 @ 5:27 pm


i was walking down the street and my dog was embraced by the other dog. my dog is embraced by me . mackenzie got embraced by emilys in literacy my friend got embraced by her mum
my mum got embraced my friend got embeaced i got embraced ding ding got embraed
we went to the park and the dog embraced by his other dog

» Posted By ebony On 06.13.2011 @ 8:08 pm


i see the plaid pants…that don’t match the striped shirt or the polka dotted socks or the rainbow colored necklace. There is a yellow bow tie and a pink shoe and the other shoe…well it simply isn’t there. It’s nowhere to be found and this outfit is definitely rare.

» Posted By ebony On 06.05.2011 @ 12:51 pm


Home. Cooking dinner. 60’s wives with flammable hair. Cozy, fireplaces. Cuddles. Kids. Laughter.

Police. Anger, handcuffs, courts, jail. (Same word, 2 different applications)

» Posted By Ebony On 05.20.2011 @ 3:55 am


fly high so high up sky nest picture dad daughter wind up away string mouth people life grass air fire they love

» Posted By Ebony On 05.20.2010 @ 11:40 pm



» Posted By ebony On 10.09.2009 @ 5:02 am

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