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she stood on the edge waiting for the lift to start again. And he was mumbling some unconscious words under his breath, decked out like an office, radio emitting sounds of metallic trash cans and grinding rips, on the side, pictures of dead celebrities.

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It was a covert operation. The teenagers giggled as they anticipated their prank. The unknowing boy did what they expected and he was soon covered in pink goo. It would never be the same for the young boy.

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The tales were told to those that would listen. They were of a time very long ago, when the world was different. When people were different as well. They served to give guidance to anyone who sought it. There was lots to learn in those tales, and they were as relevant today as they were all those years ago.

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She had been sentenced for her actions. It was true that she deserved it, but it seems that the truth was unclear. She headed off to her final ten minutes on earth, wondering what waited for her on the other side.

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The person was startled by the sight. Never in his life had he seen something so grotesque. It inched closer to him, dragging it’s broken legs behind it. He glimpsed a look of its face and took a loud gasp at its shocking appearance.

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It was finally grasped. The idea, the notion…would it slip silently away into a forgotten memory? If only the thought would remain forever…if it could just be

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The place held a sense of sanctity to her. It had protected her from the bad and the unknown. As the walls fell apart, the sanctity had to be found from within.

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It would sweep by. Rushing so quickly that it was difficult to know where it was going. The toddler ran after it, then the man, then the dog. They all seemed silly, not quite knowing what they were going after.

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Interest in the project got less and less. How was she supposed to do it all with the children and what was happening to her marriage? Was she to throw it all away so that it could get it done? She pondered all of this before getting her sleep for the night. She decided she would make up her mind before she went in tomorrow.

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the walls were ancient. reminiscent of a past civilization that had long away died with not a trace left except for some art and the structure. it held deep meaning and revelation to search the walls for more clues.

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The teeth were crooked. Every time he tried to smile it looked like looking into a cave with jagged rocks. His smile was still the most beautiful thing she had ever seen. It was him and his jagged teeth til the end.

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It was raised in a dirty environment. Where horrible stenches got most attention.

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Are the biggest, and brightest things in the sky at the carnival. Balloons make my heart fly high, they pop in the high atmosphere and send rubber bands of light to the ground which then become fodder for poor fish and birds. I love to blow on them at parties and rub them on my head to stick to the wall and keep rubbing them on my sweater to make the little papers stick to them. The Red Balloon is one of my favorite movies to show students.

» Posted By ET On 04.27.2012 @ 2:33 pm


There are many things in life that are sacred. A lot look away and take it for granted. Little things and Big things. From the smile from someone you love to a place to lay yourself down on at the end of the day.

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the bulb blew and the room went completely dark.

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leggo my eggo is a waffle with a mustache

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The thief hid behind the clouds, not wanting to share its light to all that lay below. In hours, it would disappear again and hide, leaving darkness to all that lay below. Once out, the dogs would howl and the waters would shimmer, stealing the homes that would be covered without it’s light. Tonight the moon will return to steal, return to show the land, return to steal all that lays open under its watchful gaze.

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narcissism comes to mind people so big headed they have no idea that there are other people on earth. A bruised ego feels so crushing, like being an ant being stamped on. I don’t enjoy being around people who have big egos, they are all about themselves.

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Sports is what kept my baby boy alive. When no one was there, when his little sister was lost, when his dad abused, when his girl friend broke his heart, sports were his only friend and made him feel wanted. Sports was the savior for my baby boy’s life and the savior of my only love.

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my sink in my bathroom has a drain. this drain is quite annoying. it wont shut up and keep draining things. i mean, this thing is LOUD. water just collects and it refuses to do its job. this thing is so lazy. i might have to get the plumber to shut it up for me. This thing needs to get over itself

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I pour my life out on a table, and watch it spread over polished wood, drip drip drip down elaboratly carved legs, and pool around my feet. Admire it swirl in my mother’s best china, seep into napkins, slowly engulf the cutlery. And they tell me I will heal, so I take a seat and wait.

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There’s a tale of a man I once knew. A collector. He’d never been a silver spoon baby or a golden boy. In fact, the only thing he had to his name were a broken cello he left baking in the sun. He once told me even sidewalks are dangerous. Just one small step away from a busy road. One small step and you’re on the news. Yet still he stumbled up the shabby concrete towards my house, singing Christmas Carols like it wasn’t July. Looking at me through homeless eyes. Searching for a reason to care.

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you. in the head. you have a bid head. both figuratively and literally. i wish i could punch you in the heart so you could feel something. but your head is an easier target. oversized teeth. eyes. green (by name only). i think if i punched you, you’d deflate. a shell of what i’d imagined. and i’d be left with the memory of that big head.

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The plural of which are ‘deer’ not ‘deers’ as I learned when complaning to a friend about the spell check in open office. By the way, english is not my first language.

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bricks are covering my house and my heart and the way I look at you when you say brick I see red I see blood I taste cement and smell progress I could make this redder and redder if I wanted but I like it how it is.

» Posted By et On 09.10.2008 @ 4:56 pm


If you’re ever in doubt, don’t forge someone else’s signature on anything. Well, maybe if you’re sure what you’re writing is a piece of crap… But, generally speaking, be accountable for whatever you write. You should speak for yourself and be a responsible person. Don’t forge anything. Be you!!!

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i had to get permision to go to my boyfriends house weird the way parents need to know where you are I dont understand permission is so dumb you need it for everything. Isnt it just easier to do what you want where you want to

» Posted By ET On 10.17.2009 @ 10:44 am

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