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On a cold morning, warmed by the dawn barging through the window, I counted the small sun-spots across her nose, her cheeks, her forehead. There were seventeen freckles spattered across her nose and too many to count on the rest of her face before she began to shift awake. That was alright – I could count them tomorrow morning.

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I like jumping you float in the air for a long thats if you great hangtime if not its time to get better at it because it can be fun! First, do squats everyday it gives you strong muscles in your legs. Second, practice jumping everyday.

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She barely remembered anything aside from her body lifting from the seat before she woke with dirt in her mouth. Even though she had eyed the spikes from far ahead, the tires blew with a roughness she couldn’t overcome. The car twisted. Her neck pushed to the side. It went dark. It was dark when she woke, stars hung ominously in the sky and silence stretched for miles.

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how I feel sometimes. most of my friends have moved away. only a few within driving distance.
I have being deserted by my mother. She should be the one taking care of me, not the other way around. i sometimes feel like life is passing me by.

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heat, bright, life sustaining, brilliant, warming, necessary. I love the sunlight on my face and the way it makes a glow around people and on faces

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radius, ulna
all the bones in my body broke when you said all the words I cannot recall

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I’m so effing thirsty. I wanted one of those milk teas from Japan today. Couldn’t get it. Fucking hell. Wasting a lot of seconds here cause I got nothing else left to write. Gonna smoke a bowl now.

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Unanswered questions. They will always be there. They should always be there. No need to worry. That’s their use. In their nature. they take you somewhere without knowing in advance where, without there being a need to know, without caring, at the end, about their answer.

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at the bottom of the bottle are all of the secrets that have been billowing and blossoming inside my body. better not empty it all

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you’re a standup guy
but i guess you’re not mine
i should just let you go
it wouldn’t be fair
to hold on
you’re so far away
i can’t reach you
so maybe
i should just
give up.

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The mirror reflected refracted light back into my eyes, and as I twisted my hair over my shoulder I could spot an eery figure crouched over my couch. They seemed to be looking over my shoulder, and I fought the urge to look back to the position in which they sat. The vacant stare of their eyes helped remind me that they weren’t real; that it was just an illusion sentenced upon me by their death.

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I looked at the mirror, with my eyes eerily reflected back at me. The redness within them still burned through, and I could feel a sharp pain ache near the back. The bastard of a witch would get their due, but first I had a job to finish.

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With enough willpower, Cal knows that he’d break Vesta out from the hands of his father. His heart lurched at the thought of the man who’d raised him, showered him with fake love and attention for nineteen years, and how he had been too blind to notice the fallacy he’d been forced to believe.

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When I was five, I broke my brother’s toy car and he wasn’t kidding when he said he’d kill me. I nearly drowned in a pool of mustard.

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So many people say, “Oh, you really deserve this wonderful thing that has come into your life.” And I often reply, “I am not sure I deserve this, but I am certainly grateful and happy about it.” Wonder if there is a better reply?

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Medical attention is one of the million things people in Light Sector take for granted. In the Dark Sector, it is a miracle to find a willing hand to treat the sick.

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When I was younger, I used to think that Pluto was some kind of holiday island. So were Venus, Jupiter and Mars. But Pluto had been the most intriguing one.

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Now that he mentions it, I remember. The sky, dark and grey, grumbling loudly, lightning and thunder shaking the peaceful town.

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The icy rink stretched on for miles. Vespa clenched her fists as she tried to calm herself down. She could feel the heat and flare threatening to leave her nostrils. Breathe in, breathe out very slowly. Carefully. Don’t lose control, she told herself, you must not melt this kingdom too.

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She was bound to the tightrope of life, forced to balance the weight of the world by her own two feet. One wrong move and everything crashes down.

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The corridor was pitch black and she couldn’t see even her own hands. The tangy smell tickled her nose.

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A wise Elder once told me, “You can not pre-write your life.” Are our lives scripted or do we call all the shots? Who knows and does it really make any difference? We only can live each moment as it comes.

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Stolen. How many days, months, years were stolen by abuse? The days of the occurrence and the years to adjust- to digest- to let go of blame,

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if this were my day i’d live overseas
like a foreign object
in the grand pacific gyre
to find the beach
and be home

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He had an enormous collection of black suits. Nobody knew exactly why he did, but rumors said he was Death, coming over to funerals uninvited.

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The mismatched socks weren’t the most noticeable thing about her. Her hair was dyed into an eccentric neon green and her clothes… Don’t even get me started on her clothes.

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The plants have talked to me ever since I could remember. I can hear the plants and I can make them hear me. The plants are like my family, the truest friends I have ever had.

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My father was a jury. I’m not even sure what a jury is. I do think it’s some kind of judge, right?

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your love is a corrosive substance
its venom drips into my heart
leaving holes and devouring my skin
your love is a dangerous toxic
its poison now flows through my veins
and i’m trapped in this dead body

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The buzzing in my ear won’t stop. It’s been years now, and you might think I’d have gotten used to it, but I haven’t. Every morning, I wake up with a strange tingling sound. And it’s bothering me.

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